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The Movie of Life
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The real self neither doubts nor believes. But the dynamic self, the child of the pure self, must grow in trust, appreciation, humility, and love. That's what somehow, in the game, converts that very limited state into the all-possible.

Recorded 29th November, 2013
Music: Song of Freedom, Artist: Krishnabai
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Lord, Give Me the Life That Is You
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

To really follow a master’s teachings, you have to do that as a devotee. You have to do that as one who really feels that the only thing of value in this life is Truth. Everything, every single thing, one day will be gone. Why not give it now, and be rich in God?

Recorded 18th July, 2014
Music: The Lord Is Here, Artist: Shivali and Soham
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The World Works Beautifully Without 'You'
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Forget the notion of relationship or any other concept, and just move from emptiness, just come from emptiness. You are fine! I think we struggle a lot with the roles that we play through concepts, and thinking ‘this is how things should be.’ If you are free of this concept of how things should be, you will find such tremendous flexibility and openness and joy. It’s like you cannot be captured, you cannot be oppressed. You are having the best relationship, because somehow there is no pressure in you. If you don’t have a sense of how things should be, strictly, then there’s space for the whole world to fit in you.

Recorded 17th August, 2014
Music: Song of Freedom, Artist: Krishnabai
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One Good Chop Will Bring This Tree Down
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Mooji Sangha Bhavan

As you remain as neutral awareness, there is a feeling of refinement and maturing, against a backdrop of unchanging awareness. Things that used to have power drop away as you stabilise in the state of presence, joy and peace.

We must see through the tendency to identify with the mind. Trust the changes that are happening through satsang, don’t identify with the mind’s beliefs and concerns. Your power returns to you as you remember your one-ness.

Recorded 29th July, 2014
Music: Infinite Dance, Artist: Omkara
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You Are Always Here
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Nobody beats you but you. The mind has no power to distract you without your cooperation. It doesn't have the power, it doesn't have the desire. Your mind cannot take you away. It’s just that you believe that and then it feels like it’s true. But there is something that remains completely untouched.

Recorded 13th October, 2014
Music: Be One With This, Artist: Soham
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Everything Is In Its Right Place
A Guided Meditation recorded at Mooji Sangha Bhavan

Om. The peace of God is with you. The light of pure awareness is with you. The joy of being is you. Om.

Recorded 29th July, 2014
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The One Who Is Waiting For God Is God Himself
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You want to use your mind to go beyond your mind. But you are already beyond your mind. When you believe in your identity, you have to go back to the mind again, and the mind can only bring confusion. The mind keeps putting conditions, like maybe I need to do this first, do that first. But there is nothing you have to do to be yourself, because it is already there. What are you going to do for something that’s already there? Can you make a King a King? He is already King. You only have to recognize ‘but that is the King!’ Ah, OK! Then everything comes spontaneously.

Recorded 8th September, 2014
Music: Jai Gauri Shankara, Arist: Shree
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A Blessed Fire
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

This fire is a blessed fire
It burns only what you are not
~ Sri Mooji

Recorded 22nd November, 2014
Music: Ma Durga, Artist: Mooji Sangha Choir
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Nothing Happens To You Ever
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The person is always late because its tendency is to keep linking to the past. It does not adapt to the freshness of now. Whenever you look into the mirror it never shows you a face of the past. The consciousness is just like that, it is always fresh.

Recorded 29th December, 2014
Music: Amazing Grace/ Shower Of Grace, Artist: Omkara, Janya, Kat
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Love Is The Climate Of Your Presence
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The consciousness in this form has tremendous capacity. We can function on so many different levels but when it begins to function on a level where love, joy, peace and wisdom are the climate of your presence, then you are in the realm of God.

Recorded 11th August, 2014
Music: Love Is, Artist: Soham
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