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Cut the Umbilical Cord to Identity
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

“If you cut the umbilical cord to this psychological identity, it cannot live!

Who is really suffering this? See if you can identify without using imagination, is there really something suffering this? Let your power stay only in the witness and see.

When you beat it, you see it is nothing. You feel—‘If I can beat you here, I can beat all of you, actually.’ If you can beat one of these forces, something comes in your heart—I can beat all of them. It’s very beautiful…”

Recorded 27th July, 2014
Music: Pathless Path, Artist: Omkara
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You Are This Life
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You, the consciousness, the soul of God, you have to wake up from this dream that you are this person, who is a mind built person, having his own mind projections about life, and missing life, being blind to the real life, that it is you, you are this life. You are this life. There isn’t someone else more this life than you. You are this life. You have to swallow that.

Recorded 6th May, 2015
Music: Hare Ram, Artist: Shivali
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Who's Sight Is Enough To Replace All Stories
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Once you put the name on it as ‘I’, something from you stepped inside that space and said, ‘Yeah this is me.’ But at the same time it is watched. So which is the stronger watching? The one that puts on the ‘I’ and then begins to move in the world? Or that which is observing, who doesn’t have a story but whose sight is enough to replace all stories… Which one are you, if any, or both? What would you be?

Recorded 14th October, 2015
Music: Open, Artist: Soham
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Go Before 'I'
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

"I am not committed to any concept, not relying on any concept at all. How is it possible? Not even the concept of 'I'. Before the concept of 'I,' how can time come? Time came after I came. So if 'I' cause you trouble, you must go before 'I' come. Then why would you talk about time?"

Recorded 26th August, 2014
Music: Nataraaja, Artist: Mooji & Sangha
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Leave It All to God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You can’t always be a caterpillar. When it’s time to emerge in the butterfly, we feel the power of Grace and the power of the Holy Presence. There comes a time when step has to be taken, but it’s God who makes this step also.

Recorded 3rd February, 2015
Music: Everything Is Shiva, Artist: Omkara
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Live in the Oxygen of the Spirit
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

"You want to use the mind to know who you are and you cannot know through this the mind.
It’s not a kind of knowing like that - like you and you knowing the Self.
You are the Self.
To know is to be."

Recorded 13th December, 2014
Music: Gayatri Mantra, Arist: Krishnabai
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Path Into the Heart's Intuitiveness
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

“There is this pull, this longing that you may not understand. You have an intuition that’s a pull towards something, that at a deeper level you need to go where this longing is taking you. But you cannot know what that exactly is. The mind wants to know ‘where am I going’, ‘who am I going to meet’, ‘how am I going to do this’ - it wants to prepare. But the intuitive Heart functioning in the seeker doesn't need to know in that way. The impulse is enough. It is the impulse of Love, of Life. It doesn't know what Life is going to bring, just the impulse to be, to live.”

Recorded 13th December, 2014
Music: Heart of Fire, Artist: Omkara
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Be in the Height of Your Being
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

When you know your stories are untrue, they have already lost their power. You naturally move from personhood to the state of presence, and you begin to lose interest in the stories of others, as well. When other beings find that you are not interested in taking on their illusions, they have to come back to themselves.

"Everything is freed up again, when your mind cannot hold a grip, cannot grip anything. That’s the power of staying in the presence."

Recorded 10th December, 2014
Music: Shree Lord Shiva, Artist: Shivali
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Truth Is Not Affected By Person
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In authentic seeing, very quickly questions drop away. It is not a matter of getting somewhere, but of clarifying your seeing. Nothingness is not ‘something else,’ it is here, now. Is that which perceives ‘the person’ caught in the bubble of personhood? The Self does not stand to gain or lose anything, and so it is totally free.

Recorded 31st July, 2014
Music: Sita Ram by Ben Ciel, Arist: Krishnabai
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The Movie of Life
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The real self neither doubts nor believes. But the dynamic self, the child of the pure self, must grow in trust, appreciation, humility, and love. That's what somehow, in the game, converts that very limited state into the all-possible.

Recorded 29th November, 2013
Music: Song of Freedom, Artist: Krishnabai
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