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Blessed Are You
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Zmar

You need the ego to transcend the ego and it is its role to bite you, so you don´t go to sleep. Going to sleep means going back into the person. As long as you identify with your mind, it seems as the ego is an enemy to the ego but as soon as you realise that you are consciousness, the ego will cease being your enemy and dissolve at your feet.
Don’t let go of this understanding.
Blessed we are for receiving this guidance.

Recorded 29th of September, 2014
Music: My Love, Artist: Kali Ma
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The Invisible One
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In this beautiful talk that happened just before leaving for the day, Sri Mooji reminds us that nowhere in the world of forms, we can find eternal satisfaction because the world of forms is the world of changes. To find the unchanging one must go to the formless. He invites us to contemplate whether the one who is receiving this advice is with form or without form.

”When you determine whether it is with form or without form, it will tell you whether you are near to your answer or you are your answer. If it is without form then right there you have found your lord. If it is with form, then your search continues.”
Sri Mooji

Recorded 10th of January, 2015
Music: Salutations To Thee, Artist: Shivali
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Fall Back Into The Lap Of God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In a way, even the gods are seasonal; there are gods that have been worshipped at a certain time and that have been replaced by other gods because even the gods belong to the realm of names and forms. But no one can grasp the Supreme for it is beyond time.

Recorded 24th of May, 2014
Music: Shree Lord Shiva, Artist: Shivali
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Kissed From Within
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

There has to be something in life that makes you throw everything away for it, something that gives you the incentive and the motive to leave behind your history.

Recorded 16th of April, 2014
Music: Kissed from Within, Artist: Jyoti
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The Sage’s Mind Is Dead And Fully Alive
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Every sentence is a door going back into the same room. A room you never leave, except by imagination.

Recorded 28th of May, 2013
Music: This Love is God, Artist: Omkara
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You Are The Light Of God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

It is not enough to study, to understand spiritual scriptures and to accumulate knowledge. You need to be ready to die for it because it is worth every moment. The supreme wants you to taste the majesty of your own transcending. You are the light of God, the very soul of the Universe.

Recorded 27th of July, 2013
Music: Shower Of Grace, Artist: Omkara
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Beyond the Phenomenal World is God Space
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

After watching a movie in which the main character of the movie was given the ability to use the full capacity of his brain, a contemplation is inspired and Sri Mooji begins to speak about phenomenality and nominality. In this particular movie, all of the energy is directed towards gaining things and experiences in which the ego imagines to be valuable -- all phenomenal. Sri Mooji says that why it can seem to be difficult to recognise the nominal, which is our Self, is because so much of our energy throughout life is directed towards the mind and senses and what is perceived or experienced through them. Through contemplation and reflection, gradually a space opens up and the nominal can be recognised. "The most direct way to find out who you are is to look in a mirror -- but you have to look in the right mirror. If you look in a mirror and you don't understand how to interpret, you don't understand what you are seeing, because you don't understand who you are -- the one who is looking in the mirror. Then, what you will see is only a phenomenal reflection. The truest reflection is a reflection of your own Being."

Recorded 20th of November, 2014
Music: Song to Freedom, Artist: Krishnabai
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All Your Experience Is Happening In Totality
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Rishikesh

The whole universe is one living being and all the streams of apparent opposites are within the one totality. Awareness is not in conflict with the manifest world - it is the womb of the manifest world. As soon as your attention is turned inwards and resting inside the heart of the source itself, the doors begin to open, bringing you into the sacred space of the kingdom of God.

Recorded 25th of February, 2014
Music: Mahadeva Shambo, Artist: Omkara
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Passing Clouds
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The best use of the mind is not to try to work things out; better just keep the mind in a state of silence, neutrality, emptiness. You don´t have to work things out, just understand your true place and things will work themselves out.
The choice really is that you can experience your existence and even the heavenly realms from a personal perspective or impersonally. If you choose only the paradigm of a person, your view will always be limited, always be changeful.
There will come a time when very deep and very intense emotions, feelings and thoughts can come and you still see them as phenomena, you can see that they are just like clouds passing.

Recorded 3rd of August, 2014
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Learn To Say Thank You
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

For a human being appreciation is a very powerful thing, because it is part of the way in which the consciousness refines itself and becomes more humble, more pliable and more receptive. At first you may not think that you have anything to say thank you for but as you start you will slowly begin to feel an immense gratitude for even the sense of being, for life, for existence. Thank you is the greatest mantra.

Recorded 7th of August, 2013
Music: You, Artist: Krishnabai
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