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Learn To Say Thank You
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

For a human being appreciation is a very powerful thing, because it is part of the way in which the consciousness refines itself and becomes more humble, more pliable and more receptive. At first you may not think that you have anything to say thank you for but as you start you will slowly begin to feel an immense gratitude for even the sense of being, for life, for existence. Thank you is the greatest mantra.

Recorded 7th of August, 2013
Music: You, Artist: Krishnabai
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This Is Auspiciousnes
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You are already living in a state of grace because you have an attraction for Truth, for the Ultimate. This is not merely a conceptual attraction but a living attraction that comes from inside and that is going to burn everything that is not you. This is auspiciousness.

Recorded 30th of December, 2013
Music: Shivaratri Cafe
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You Are Very Well Without You
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London

When the power of Grace is felt, the person with its problems and its desires is not there. That ´s why everything feels so perfect; that´s why you feel so happy and peaceful. You are very well without you.

Recorded 20th of November, 2013
Music: Everything Is Passing, Artist: Omkara
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All Of This Is In The Eyes Of The Beloved
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

By being in this bliss of love and experiencing your own formless Self, it is like a sword is being removed, a thorn is taken out. Because now, you only see the eyes of the beloved one, nothing else you see.

Recorded 1st of October, 2013
Music: I Am Of The Nature Of Truth, Artist: Kali Ma
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Let Me Belong Only To You
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The one who surrenders and lets go, the one who is a servant of the universe, without arrogance, this one, is taken care of by life itself. The sun takes care of him, the rain takes care of him, the wind takes care of him, the earth takes care of him, the travelers take care of him - everything takes care of him.
Everything takes care of You.
God takes care of everything.
The real beauty is when you come to see that this is so.

Recorded 17th of May, 2014
Music: Guru Dev, Artist: Krishnabai
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The Great Dance
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

This beautiful talk happened in the temple at Monte Sahaja. Sri Mooji is pointing out that there is nothing wrong with experiencing; it is fine to enjoy your life. As you become more mature inwardly, you will start more and more to feel the joy arising from yourself and your own being.
In fact all the time you are enjoying your being, but you don't know it. You think it is a certain thing that gives you pleasure, but you are enjoying your being reflected through this thing.

Recorded 4th of August, 2014
Music: Samadhi, Song: My Home
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Don´t Be Complacent
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Don’t miss your chance for freedom. Don’t be complacent. There has to be some vigilance not to buy into the distractions of the mind.

Recorded 16th of May, 2014
I am of the Nature of Truth, Artist: Kali Ma
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Uninterrupted Joy
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Everything that is brought to you through the senses or the mind is bound by time. All experiences belong to time and time will devour everything – except what you really are – it cannot reach that. You have to find that which time cannot touch. This is the ultimate discovery in this universe.

Recorded 29th of April, 2014
Music: Lokah Samastah, Artist: Brahmi
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A Life Called Wise
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

This is a talk that happened in Monte Sahaja one evening, after watching a talent show on TV.
Sri Mooji points out to us how watching TV can be one of many great ways of facing the cultural conditioning that is still being held in the beingness. He also reminds us that failure and crashing in life can be very powerful. When our plans crash, something becomes clear and there is no longer space for the play of any imagined projections.

“For a Sadhaka - someone who is searching for the Truth and who has traveled inside towards that discovery - everything becomes a mirror.” - Moojiji

Recorded 12th of October, 2013
Music: Shower Of Grace, Artist: Omkara
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Identity With The God Self
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The physical notion of life - biological functioning and personality, is the most shallow part of our experience, and yet so much of our focus is there.
Satsang introduces us to our cosmic unity, our identity with the God Self. Then the fear is going. Fear is for the person, not for the Self.

Recorded 14th of May, 2014
Music: Heaven Is My Home, Artist: Soham
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Into Thy Hands I Commit My Spirit
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

While the physical body is here and the vital force, some activity will be going on, some duality will be playing out. It is very important that these things come and take you out of your projected state. We still have a relationship with our mind, with our sense of identity, with how we want things to be and how we want to be perceived.
The stain of identity is one of the last ones to be removed. In Satsang this stain is dissolving, like ice in a glass of warm water.

Recorded 6th of December, 2012
Music: The Unborn, Artist: Omkara
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The Joy Of Not Knowing
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

This is the opportunity to gaze inside your own being and to feel where you are really looking from. We don’t know for how long we have been looking from the position of person hood. The breakthrough is when you begin to realise and recognise that the person you have been taken yourself to be itself is phenomenal. Why? - Because it is also perceivable, that there is awareness of this. This is the essence of satsang.

Recorded 23rd of May, 2014
Music: River of Light
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Only Here I Want To Be
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London

In this beautiful talk Mooji explains the workings of the mind and the power of being empty

Recorded 11th of November, 2013
Music: Inwards, Artist: Soham
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Why Should You Be So Special
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Why should you be special? Why should life favor you particularly? You don’t realize that you can be beautifully happy being nothing at all. Why do you want to be better than everybody else? Why don’t you just enjoy?

Recorded 12th of October, 2013
Music: Artist: Samadhi, Song: The Deep Blue
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God Is Love
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Prayer is not some kind of poetry or art; it is the most beautiful contemplation. There is nothing you can say that could offend God. The love of God is so great, it gives you the freedom to be nothing. Only the one who has met God has the confidence and the joy to be nothing.

Recorded 12th of May, 2014
Music: Beloved Father, Artist: Shivali
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The Holiness Of Being
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

We are cherishing memories and ideas about life that were not even real at that time. Don´t hold on to what is past. There might be some sadness or pain but some pain has to be felt to grow and outgrow old limitations. Bear this for the moment, it will pass. Be grateful that grace has picked you up and allow yourself to be emptied out. This is what this life is for.

Recorded 26th of April, 2014
Music: Kissed From Within, Artist: Jyoti
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The Living Sadhana
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Rishikesh

Nothing stops you from finding the Truth. But if you think it does, it will feel like it. Don’t waste too much time cleaning your little issues and problems, focus on the Self. Stay as the Self and if the Self wishes to clean the dynamic expression, it will do it, you don’t have to worry for that.

Recorded 11th of March, 2014
Music: Gayatri Mantra, Artist: Krishnabai
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Without Awareness There Is Nothing At All
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Self-Enquiry cannot just be a mental, dry understanding. It has to have the fragrance of the Self and the energetic presence of the miraculous. Then it will do its work and set you free from the limitations of your imagined identity.

Recorded 9th of February, 2014
Music: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, Artist: Monica
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Everything Is Fine
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Velho

It does not matter what is going to happen, just know inside and trust that everything is fine. You don´t need to know how to, you only have to trust. Be and follow the advice you are given.

Recorded 22nd of August, 2013
Music: Instrumental
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Win Yourself Back
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In Satsang you have the chance, the invitation to stop identifying. Your I Am is the most precious thing in the world. Don’t give it to anything, don’t combine it with anything. Keep it pure and un-associated and be in the living dynamic remembrance of that. Being one with it, you overcome everything, you transcend the mind. There is nothing more valuable, beyond value even, priceless, than the sense of I Am.

Recorded 9th of February, 2014
Music: Sri Lord Shiva, Artist: Shivali
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Dont Close Your Mind
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

To know anything apart from your self is a limitation. You venerate objective knowledge; know so many things about so many subjects.
But do you know the knower? Who is the knower of these things? When you are empty, you can be nothing, and when you are nothing you begin to taste the immensity of the divine. What is this life for? What is this body for? The highest purpose of this life is to taste, to meet and to be the immensity of the divine. That's what this life is for.

Recorded 8th of February, 2014
Music: Until I Am, Artist Shivali and Soham
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Trust And Remain The Child On The Lap Of God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

When you discover the Here which is beyond geography and the Now which is beyond time, then you are reintroduced to your own freedom. You become so empty that you can accommodate the presence of God.

Recorded 27th of August, 2013
Music: Song of freedom, Artist: Krishnabai
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Stop Identifying With And Defending What Does Not Serve Truth
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Why is it that after all this spirituality, so few people seem to be waking up?
It's because at the bottom line, you're still defending your person!
We must give up this lazy part of ourselves, to find the power to confront what is unjust, to stop perpetuating the dark side by making excuses. Something in us resists salvation; be willing to tackle yourself, to stop identifying with and defending what doesn't serve truth.

Recorded 8th of February, 2014
Music: Sita Ram, Artist: Krishnabai
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Come To The Ultimate Place
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Go to the birthplace of duality. This is your final place, the ultimate place. When you confirm yourself as the pure, unattached witness, nothing can trouble you, nothing can overwhelm you.

Recorded 8th of August, 2013
Music: Shankara Karunakara, Artist: Mooji Sangha Choir
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The Heart Of The Bhakta
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in St. Petersburg

Some people have a very powerful relationship with God built on devotion. This path of Bhakti, can by some be looked upon as duality, but this duality removes separateness and is full of humility. It opens the heart and is beyond merely human love.
Jnana - the path of wisdom and self- inquiry, in combination with Bhakti, are like the two wings of the same bird. Both wings are needed for the bird to fly.

Recorded 27th of October, 2013
Music: Your Embrace, Artist: Shivali
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Look With The Eyes Of God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Portugal

In this spontaneous talk, which was recorded in a taxi on the way to the airport, after the car broke down, Mooji reminds us to not immediately think the worst when something unexpected, apparently bad happens but to see God´s presence and love in it. Everything is part of the bigger picture, of your destiny if you like to see it this way. Don´t complain, say thank you to God, ‘Thank you, your eyes are greater than mine.’

Recorded 14th of January, 2014
Music: Open, Artist: Soham
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Don´t Waste Any Time
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

There is still a lot of superficial judgement in people, spiritually prejudiced judgement and very often we just want to display that we are spiritual. You have to remain true to your own Being and be open. Any thought can appear in your mind, even terrible ones because no thought belongs to you until you make it yours. Allow all thoughts to come but don’t engage with them. And find out who is the one that suffers the impact of thoughts.

Recorded 18th of November, 2013
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Evolving In The Spirit Of Consciousness
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

There is no period or age of the human life that could be better spent than in the spirit of God. The best childhood is the childhood spent being educated in the Holy Spirit. The best adult life is the one growing and evolving inside the spirit of consciousness. The greatest old age is the one lived in the spirit of God. Every part of a person´s life, right from childhood until the very last breath is best lived aware of God, aware of Truth.

Recorded 20th of August, 2013
Music: A Rose from Your Garden Artist: Samadhi
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Truth Is Beyond Notions
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London

For the wise one, everything that happens has a thank you message in it. In the beginning, you might only be able to be grateful in retrospection but one day you will find yourself saying thank you even while it is hurting. This is using life wisely.

Recorded 11th of November, 2013
Music: This Love Is God, Artist: Omkara
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Your Real Life Is Not A Story
A Skype Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Someone who seems to be heavily involved in family issues asks Mooji for guidance on how to remedy her present situation. The conversation begins with report after report of what is going wrong in her life and the lives around her, and of stories of trying to cope with daily life. Mooji points out that her present identity is shaping what she is experiencing and guides the attention back to awareness. Awareness is completely independent of the struggling mind and does not have a story. Can you go to the place where there is no story? By the end of the conversation, there is a recognition of this place of emptiness that does not belong to a person, and also a realization that greatest 'action' to take is to remain as the Self, not to waste any energy putting out fires.

Recorded 22nd of September, 2013
Music: Be One With This; Artist: Soham; Album: Kissed from Within
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What Is One Life When Compared With Infinity
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You are deathless – I want to show you how to discover this in your Heart completly. The Enquiry is helping to reveal it in a way that cannot be refuted. We are the Inexhoustible, the Unending, the Beginningless, the Timeless, the Unstainable, the Indivisible, the Immutable One, the Pure Beeing. It cannot leave because It never came - It just Is. Know this beyond any doubt.


Recorded 24th of July, 2013
Music: Heaven Is My Home, Artist: Soham
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Find That Which Is Beyond Time
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in St.Petersburg

Everything in life, everything that we can see with the senses, belongs to time. Is there anything that is not time? While you have time, try to find what is beyond time.
You have to be true now. Don´t plan to be true in the future because Truth does not know any future. When we drop all concepts of past and future, there is only now but this now is not in time, it is not even eternal, it is timeless.

Recorded 24th of October, 2013
Music: Kissed From Within, Artist: Jyoti
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In The Acid Of Life I See God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London

Is spirituality only for people who have everything else in life, who have a comfortable and cosy life, or also for people who go through a lot of suffering, who experience wars and great destruction?
Life cannot be without suffering, it cannot be without pain and jealousy because all of this helps human beings to mature and to find Truth. Without it we are very weak and shallow. Many times material abundance leads to internal weakness and selfishness while real hardship can open up the hearts of people and shines as compassion and strength.
Going through suffering and pain is of great benefit for our spiritual growth. It cuts the trivial mind with its pettiness and fantasies and brings us back into the present. Sometimes we don´t recognise great blessings because we have a different belief of what a good life should be like. Terrible experiences in life often set us on fire, and this fire will burn what is valueless and untrue.

Recorded 4th of November, 2013
Music: Be One With This, Artist: Soham, Album: Kissed From Within
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The Sky Of Your Own Being
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

All experiences are emerging from within the Joy of Being. Even anxiousness, tiredness, pain - everything becomes bearable because it is arising and seen from this place.
Like all clouds are a movement against the background of the vast sky, all experiences arise on the sky of your own being. Everything is passing and has a beginning and an end, only the sky is unmoving, endless and untouched.

Recorded 11th of June, 2013
Music: Take me all the way Home, Artist: Omkara
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Fall Fully Apart
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You have be struck by lightening and fall fully apart. You must have this much courage for freedom. Something much more then cleverness is required, something much more profound than intellectual understanding. There is no time to plan for this. You must be ready to offer yourself up for whatever it will be it will be a small price to pay for Self-Discovery.

Recorded 13th of June, 2013
Music: Take Me All The Way Home, Artist: Omkara
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Shower Of Grace
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

The life of Truth is truly beautiful, peaceful, happy, free, light, open, holy, kind...
And yet there is such resistance against it. This is the paradox: Man seeks all these things but he wants to find it through his mind, through his projections... The opportunity to find it as himself scares him and makes him want to run away.
Don´t give much credence to the one, that wants to run. This one is the very one that needs to move out of the picture.
You must have the courage to stand up and fight for yourself.

Recorded 13th of August, 2013
Music: Shower Of Grace, Artist: Omkara
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The Answer Is In The Question
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

What exist does not know it exists. It has to create a knower of its existence. Without the dynamic consciousness the Absolute cannot be known. But the knower of the Absolute does not exist absolutely. This kind of knowledge can only take you into space and leave you as space. Don’t ask arbitrary and domestic questions. You must find the question that is going to put an end to you.

Recorded 29th of August, 2013
Music: Until Only I Am, Artist: Shivali and Soham
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To Define Yourself Is To Confine Yourself
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Zmar

Like the child cannot understand what the pregnancy of the mother feels like, the idea you have of yourself cannot evaluate or perceive the Absolute. And yet you are the Absolute. But at the moment because of identity it feels like the Absolute is your highest attainment, and one day you will get there. But this is just a concept that you have chosen rather than seeing the concept less Self.

Recorded 19th of September, 2013
Music: Sri Lord Shiva, Artist: Shivali
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As What Are You Here?
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In this spontaneous Satsang, Mooji guides us to enquire into who is the one that is giving so much attention to the mind. Stop and question who is listening to the mind and look who observes all of this. It is immediately assumed that it is ‘I’, ‘me’ who is doing this. But see if what you call ‘I’ is truly here and not just a thought. The enquiry is very swift and precise in exposing the myths of what we assume to be true. When ‘I’ arises inside, clarify who this ‘I’ is, as what are you here? Look, even if you don´t know how, the looking in itself has a power.

Recorded 6th of June, 2013
Music: Hare Krishna, Artist: Omkara
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You Are the Awareness - Dont Overlook This!
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

To the witness of the thing that is playing, we pay no attention. We have a strong desire to have some particular outcome happen, like these feelings should stop, they should become beautiful, I should be happy again, etc. No one introduces you to these things; it is not felt to be important even. If you look in the direction of the events that are happening, then you'll panic. Be the witness; when this is heard, immediately your inner climate changes. If you go again to the mind, the vibrations are strong. Be the witness of it. Immediately, there are results. Right in the eye of the storm of your experience, you begin to discover the still witness of it. You are the awareness, don’t overlook this!

Recorded 1st of August, 2013
Music: Instrumental; Artist: Soham and Omkara
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Don’t Miss Your Chance
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Don’t miss your grace! Don’t miss this opportunity of falling completely inside your own ocean. Don’t miss this opportunity of not trying to control the world or your feelings or other people or what they think. But be completely empty. Start right now - you can do it.
Throw away all your thoughts and let this be your final night.

- Mooji

Recorded 16th of August, 2013
Music: Artist Ariel (Beginning), Artist: Omkara, Song: Om Bhagavan (End)
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Giggle Of The Universe
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

We are infinitely broader than all answers can be, but the minute you hold on to something, you start to protect it. Therefore when I say: You have to be the cow that jumped over the moon, you have to jump over the mind.

The whole human thing does not work – it has never worked. It only works when it connects up with the God power, with the heart – then it becomes something beautiful. Otherwise we are like an unstruck match. Sitting in a box in a damp house. But once lit, once struck, it can burn a whole forest.

Recorded 24th of April, 2013
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Bottomline Be Empty
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

If you follow Mooji’s guidance to stay as the Self, all other instructions and practices fall flat, they are not needed. This inwardly directed attention brings you to emptiness, to the pure recognition of your natural state. Find that emptiness within your self and be one with that - without the mind or beyond what the mind has to say about it. Just be empty. Now, what can be greater than that?

Recorded 5th of June, 2013
Music: Everything Is Shiva, Artist: Omkara
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Now Is The Perfect Time To Meet God
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Now is the perfect time to meet God.

It doesn’t take time to meet that which you can never separate from – Your own Self.

In this talk Mooji invites you into a powerful investigation of Truth.
Instead of getting pulled into tendencies of identifying with the egoic mind, inquire into your thoughts and habits. Change focus and perceive from a truer space – from and as consciousness.

Recorded 18th of July, 2013
Music: Shiva Shambo
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You Must Be The Answer
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Behind every perception or experience, something says ‘I’. I perceive this, I experience this, I understand this. What is this I? Can the I who perceives and understands, can it be understood, can it be perceived? Does it have a shape or a quality, is it a man or a woman, does it have a religion, does it have a standpoint?
Can the I that sees everything be an object?

When you come to this part of the enquiry your answer cannot be philosophical, it cannot be mental, it must turn now into experience.
You and your answer have to be one.

Recorded 21st of July, 2013
Music: I Am Of The Nature Of Truth, Artist: Kalima
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A Sweet Remembering
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

By giving attention and importance to our thoughts, we actually believe them into existence and then suffer their impact on us. All our life we are trying so hard to change and improve something which does not even exist. But something inside is totally untouched… and a sweet remembering washes this entire struggle away. This is really the beauty of Self-remembering — you are reminded of what you already know, of what you already are.

Recorded 6th of June, 2013
Song : Shri Ram, Artist: Mooji Sangha Choir
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This Is You
A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja on Guru Purnima day

That undisturbed silence, that space within which all things occur, that is Bhagavan.
Bhagavan is the unmoving silence and space. That thing which remains unaffected, unalterable, before, during and after all movements in Consciousness — even when Consciousness goes out, It remains unaffected.
It alone knows Itself, and no imagination is required.
Even the mind that strives to know It is perceived in It, and still It remains unaffected. It itself cannot be called Grace.
No words, no synonyms, no descriptions, no image, no idea, no experience can affect It.
It is this that I refer to as the Self.
It is the only thing that is unchanging. Everything else is changing.

Recorded 22nd of July, 2013
Music: Om Bhagavan, sung by Omkara
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Everything is a Blessing
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Everything is blessing, even the curses are blessings, for the One whose eyes are bright enough to see Them.

I don’t know anything more profound than That. That does not have any distance. That has no otherness, no separateness, it is not a person, It simply Is. Knowing That, the world and the manifest worlds are observed to be just functioning, which includes this body as well... so great is this power…it takes care of everything, even when it appears not to. Nothing can hide from It. Nothing manifest can hide from It, nothing unmanifest can hide from It, nor exist apart from It. If you begin to contemplate in this kind of way, you will bend your knees in front of something you cannot see….so don’t try and work it out, just collapse right There and be done with it… Let That One pick you up.

Recorded 4th of June, 2013
Music: Nataraaja, Artist: Samadhi, Omkara, Brahmi
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At His Feet
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

When your mind and your reasoning doesn't belong to you anymore, you don't become dead. You are dead of ego but fully alive as what Is.

The ultimate expression of love is when you can’t find the other - even the most loved one.

Behind and beyond the finding - you are there.

In this love you take away death from me because if this death happens then I am in you, so I am living - as you.

This is probably how you save the whole world.

~ Mooji

Recorded 28th of May, 2013
Music: Artist: Soham, Song: Just be the Witness
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Listen With The Ears Of Consciousness
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Remember that you are living in already answered prayers. Many things that you are experiencing now, a while ago you have longed for them. And when you attained them, after a while, they lost their glitter and their shine. All things, after a while lose their shine because there is not really a shine in them, the shine is coming out of you.

Listen to the voiceless Self. There is an understanding that is taking place when you listen with the ears of consciousness. Listen acutely to that one that has no voice and somehow you find yourself in the presence of God. When you find yourself in the presence of God, let there not be two there.

Recorded 27th of April, 2013
Music: Take Me All The Way Home, Artist: Omkara, Album: Sahaja SatSongs
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Struck by Lightening
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

These words provoke and inspire something inside us that is primal and ancient - older than ancient - before ‘how-to-do’. This is not a how-to-do place. Sometimes if you’re lucky, life throws you something that you don’t know how to do. Is being empty something you can do? How do you shake off this old partner, the ego, who robs you at every turn, even while you’re sleeping? How do you give up going to this mind that gives you empty promises? How do you do it? Maybe for once, you get thrown to the sharks so-to-speak, and something gets produced out of that.

Recorded 2nd of May, 2013
Music: Inwards, Artist: Soham; Album: Into the Deep Blue
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Today Is A Good Day To Realise The Self
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Never feel that today is not a good enough day to awaken to the Truth. If you make plans for realising the Self in the next 6 months it will take you at least 6 months.

What you are is always here, it can never not be here. The experience may be that you are growing into emptiness, growing from something into nothingness, into emptiness. And this illusion of growth takes you to where you have always been.

We don't value emptiness until we perceive from there - then it is priceless. Throw everything into this emptiness. Not to get anything in return - just do it. Give your heart and your mind to the Self and don't worry about anything.

Recorded 4th of May, 2013
Music: Song To Freedom, Artist: Krishnabai, Album: Sahaja SatSongs
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A Dead Man's Night Out
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

You want to have a nice mind, a spiritual mind. You want you and your mind to walk to heaven together. Well, it might not happen. You might have to leave him. You are going to come to this place where it doesn't matter what the mind says.

Until we know that the mind is what you take it to be, it seems to have an independent power. To say: forget about everything, for me is pure love. Drop it. Can you? You'll immediately find love. This love is not a sentimental love ... this love is pregnant with wisdom.

Be dead ... but fully alive. Such a wonderful opportunity to forget about yourself.

~ Mooji

Recorded 27th of May, 2013
Music: Boroom Baach, Sufi tradititional sung by Soham and Mooji Sangha Choir
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Don't Miss The Cave Of The Heart
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In this beautiful talk Mooji speaks about the importance of questioning the 'I' and of overcoming all resistance to enquiry, and the importance of actually employing the enquiry if for no other reason than because your teacher tells you to do so.

If you keep looking you will find that you are always in the same position, which is the ultimate position. The truth is always here but you are too complex and too distracted to see it. So you will have to walk all over the universe to come back to find it right under your nose. This is the paradox of existence. It is always you, it has always been you but you think it is something else. It is you but it is not the you that you would like to be or that you think you are, it is the true You.

Recorded 19th of April, 2013
Music: Om Namah Shivaya, Artist: Omkara
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Don't Know Anything At All
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

Don't be afraid of not knowing. It is only the idea of knowing nothing that brings fear. We carry and hold on to a lot of concepts, a lot of mental garbage. We want to be free but we want to be free with our garbage. We want to preserve our identity at all cost because we believe identity to be what we are. And we are afraid that to find the Truth means to lose our existence, to lose consciousness. But you are only going to lose your non-existence, your un-truth. This is the most auspicious and most beautiful discovery. When you understand your true nature then this entire dream is undone.

Recorded 17th of January, 2013
Music: I Am the Nature of Truth, Artist: Kali Ma, Album: Into The Deep Blue
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The Timeless Source
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

In this talk Mooji guide us, as always, in the most direct way to the final recognition of our true nature. Once one realize in the heart that 'I am not the one looking towards the source, but I am the one looking at the sense of myself searching for the source', the journey is over.

The seeker is born, and it is in time, but its source is not born.

Recorded 31st of December, 2012
Music: Espiritu De Dios, artists: Omkara, Samadhi, Satyadevi, Nataraaj
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The Power of God - Part 1
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London

This talk divided in two parts. It is an exploration into current scientific paradigms in relation to desires, ego and ultimate freedom.

Mooji's points us from his own experience to the Truth of who we are. Very few human beings give the universe a chance to show what it is without personal wants and desires. Very few human beings come to a place where they are not in a position anymore to be demanding, wanting and needing but more co-operating with what life expresses naturally inside themselves; they understand that desires are actually fool's gold.

Recorded 12th of April, 2013
Music: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya by Soham & Monika
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The Power of God - Part 2

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