Welcome to Satsang: Live Satsang with Mooji

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Please Note: You may need to press the "play" icon or press the refresh button on this web page to connect to the live broadcast.

Mooji is very happy to be sharing Satsang with you in this way.

Om Shanti

About Live Satsang with Mooji:
Through the magic of the internet, Mooji shares Satsang with us via the Internet. From anywhere in the world, tune to this page at broadcast time and watch and listen to Satsang with Mooji live. 

Check this page for broadcast times, or check the schedule page.

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Having trouble viewing?
The screen shows a video only when a broadcast is in progress. For some browsers, the Satsang will begin playing immediately when the broadcast begins; for others, such as Internet Explorer, the video picture will change, but you will have to click on the "play" triangle to start the broadcast.

If you are having trouble viewing the broadcast, try a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome, update your flash player, and/or make sure ad blockers are turned off.

If broadcast is in progress and you cannot see the video, check on the streaming video host site for possible firewall issues on your computer.