About Retreats with Mooji

Retreat with Mooji  

"You don't need a lot of knowledge. You only need to know your true position and have the attitude of integrity towards truth." ~ Mooji 

Retreat with Mooji is an opportunity to take up his compelling invitation to recognise and awaken to our inner reality as Eternal Being. In Satsang and in the Silent Inquiry sittings we are gently guided into the recognition of the pure and timeless awareness we already are. These sessions are conducted in a supportive and loving space.

We will eat, sleep and move in silence in an environment free from the usual demands, pressures and distractions of social interacting. It is not an aim or search for peace, but a chance to discover and experience the inherent silence, beauty and completeness of the Reality we are.

During the Retreat there will also be contemplative leisure time to rest or to go for walks in the beautiful surrounding area.