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5 Mar   NEW India Schedule Updates

  • There will be no Satsang on Friday, 6th March due to the Holi festival
  • There will be additional Satsang with Russian translation on Sunday, 8th March at 15:30

Please check the Schedule section on the India information page for latest updates.

27 Feb   Photos from India, 1st Week

Beautiful photos of the first week in India Rishikesh 2015 are now online on this album's page.

24 Feb   New Video

You can find more videos on the Videos page.

20 Feb   New Mooji Classics Videos

There are five new Mooji Classics videos on Videos page.

16 Feb   Mooji TV
Mooji TV
We are honoured to announce the launch of Mooji TV – the new official home for all Mooji Satsangs shared online. This new website has been created for everyone to easily find and benefit from Mooji's profound pointings to Truth.
Mooji TV offers access to hundreds of free video and audio Satsang recordings, including those with subtitles in many languages. This is now the place to watch all live broadcasts – including the free broadcast of the upcoming five weeks of Satsang with Mooji in Rishikesh, India, from 18 February – 22 March, 2015.
Mooji TV is also the home of Sahaja Express, the new subscription service offering intimate and informal satsangs recorded wherever Mooji feels to speak as he moves through each day.
We hope you enjoy this new way of being in Satsang with Mooji.
In loving service,
Mooji.TV Team

Someone has been impersonating Sri Mooji using a Facebook account. Innocent people have already had contact with this person and then found that he is an imposter. He has used Sri Mooji's name in order to gain the trust of these people and has subsequently behaved rudely and inappropriately.

Please know that Sri Mooji does not have a personal Facebook account and will never contact anyone directly in this way. Always remain vigilant in your online activity and interactions.

More information about the official Mooji websites and Facebook pages will be posted shortly.

27 Jan  
Mooji Satsang Shop Volunteer Opportunities

Dear One,
The Mooji Satsang Shop team is looking for volunteers based in London for the online shop.

Time requirements: Minimum of 10 hours of heartfelt dedication per week.
Tasks: Posting orders, Stock tracking, and others.
Your profile: Good English language and computer skills essential, previous retail and customer service experience beneficial (training will be provided).

If you feel the Heart call, please apply by contacting us at
We look forward to hearing from you.
In loving service,
Mooji Satsang Shop team

19 Jan   Zmar Silent Retreat in May

We are happy to announce that Sri Mooji will be sharing a 7-day Silent Retreat at Zmar in Portugal from 20th to 27th May 2015.

As we are unable to provide more information at this time we thank you for not sending any queries. Please see the News and Schedule pages for updates and more information in early March.

13 Jan   Mooji Spontaneous Satsangs – Sahaja Express
Sahaja Express
We are honoured to announce the launch of Sahaja Express — a new video subscription service offering intimate and informal satsangs to those who long to be close to Mooji but are unable to be physically present.
Sahaja Express offers a rare opportunity to come into the intimate environment of discipleship and immerse oneself in the energy-field inside the heart of an ashram. These talks are not for the faint-hearted, for here Mooji pulls no punches as he speaks with mature seekers of Truth about the finer points of self-realisation and dissolves all remaining delusion.
For more information and pricing for this new subscription service please visit
1 Jan  

Happy New Year.
Happy Now Here.
Only one wish worth making:
Let no more time be invested in the dream of personal identity.
Confirm: all appearances, including the 'I'-thought, are illusory and impermanent by nature.
Recognise: this observation occurs to and in the timeless Self.
Know: I am the timeless Self.

Om Namah Sivaya
Holy Spirit Ki Jai

22 Dec   Mechanics & Maintenance

There is an opportunity to join the Mechanics & Maintenance Team at Monte Sahaja. For more information about this Karma Yoga position click here.

16 Dec   Bam Bhole Bhajans CD lyrics

The lyrics for the new Bam Bhole Bhajans CD are now online on the Lyrics page.

This is a compilation of full-hearted Bhajans from Mooji Sangha, recorded live at Monte Sahaja, as well as from Lisbon, Rishikesh and a Zmar retreat.

This CD is also available in the online shop.

8 Dec   Opportunity to Join the Land Care
Team at Monte Sahaja

There is an opportunity to join the Land Care Team during the winter months at Monte Sahaja. This team is responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including planting and taking care of trees and plants, etc.

For more details please see the Karma Yoga Opportunities page.

14 Nov   New Book by Mooji — White Fire
Mooji Media Publications is delighted to announce the long-awaited release of Mooji’s new book:
White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji
White Fire is a collection of Mooji's essential spiritual teachings compressed into pill form. These pointings, when swallowed, are like divine grenades that wipe out suffering and delusion thus revealing one's true nature as perfect and timeless being.
Fire burns everything leaving only ashes.
But there is a fire so fierce
it burns even ashes — White Fire.
Burn me like this, O White Fire, Grace of God,
until nothing remains but You.
27 Oct   Calling for Experienced Help in the Following Areas

We are currently calling for people with experience in the areas mentioned below, to volunteer with us in support of Satsang with Mooji. This work will take the form of Seva from home.

If you wish to offer your time and expertise, and have experience in any of the areas below, please email your details to us.

If you would like to join our transcribing team to make transcripts of Mooji's Satsangs, are a native English speaker and feel comfortable with typing, please email Rishi at .

We are looking for volunteers to help translate Mooji's videos. If any of the following are your native language, you have strong English skills, and you are comfortable using computers, we would love to hear from you. If you have prior experience in translation, please include this in your message.

Catalan, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Turkish

We are also looking for experienced English editors/proofreaders with good IT skills. Please email to volunteer.

Computing & programming
If you are an experienced programmer in software design and database creation, please email

UK law
Please email to

UK charities
Please email to

More details on the Seva page.

28 Jun   New Satsang Video Group in London,
at Sri Mooji's Satsang Bhavan

Dear Ones,
We are happy to announce that we will be holding regular video groups with Sri Mooji in Brixton, London. These Satsangs will be held at Sri Mooji's UK residence. This was the first place in which Satsang was held!

Our next video group meeting will be Sunday 29th of June 2014 at 2:45pm Lisbon time, for the live satsang with Sri Mooji through broadcast.

This video group is free and open to all.

If you wish to join us, please feel free to write to , for further information.

Sri Mooji embraces you in the Heart.

In loving service,
London Sangha Team

20 Jun   A Message to the Whole World:
Don't Worry About Anything at All

Know that whatever happens in life, the final point:
Everything's fine, all is fine.

18 Jun  

One dear Sangha friend has created a beautiful video channel with quotes of Sri Mooji, with deep love and gratitude for our beloved Master.


20 May   For you Beloved Mooji _/|\_

One of our dear Sangha friends, Lucia Lagana, created a beautiful video out of the deep Love and Gratitude she feels in her Heart for our beloved Master.

7 May   Mooji Media Publications is looking for people with ebook design experience

We are currently inviting volunteers who have experience in designing and creating ebooks to join the Mooji Media Publications team. We require help in creating high quality epub and mobi files which offer the reader of the ebook the same beautiful text and images combinations as found in the print versions of Mooji’s books.

If you are interested, please email us at with a cover letter with information regarding your experience in the field. We thank you for your application.


23 Apr   Shivaratri Cafe's new album
'This Night We Will Not Sleep' is out now!

Shivaratri Cafe is a young band of talented musicians from Rishikesh, North India. They spend many of their evenings performing heart-opening devotional music in various cafes and restaurants along the banks of the holy River Ganga. With their classical style of Bhajan music they draw a small but regular crowd of international followers.

Sri Mooji and some of his Sangha first heard the group playing one night in February 2013, at the 'Freedom Cafe', a restaurant the Master often visited in Lakshman Jhula. Everyone sat listening and enjoying the Bhajans for hours. They were deeply touched by the beautiful, mystical atmosphere created by the music and also by the divine voice of Amit, the lead singer. From that night, Shivaratri Cafe made a heart connection with Sri Mooji and the Sangha and have since given a number of concerts in the hall where the Master shares Satsang while in Rishikesh. These concerts were also broadcast worldwide through the internet.

Shivaratri Cafe recorded their first album, 'This Night We Will Not Sleep', in April, 2014. The CD also includes two fusion songs from Soham and Omkara, who are musicians with Mooji Sangha. Sri Mooji has blessed the music of Shivaratri Cafe, and says that it carries the fragrance and energy of Lord Shiva Himself.

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