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23 Apr   NEW Shivaratri Cafe's new album
'This Night We Will Not Sleep' is here!

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

The music of Shivaratri Cafe will touch you. In fact, it will enter the solar plexus of your Being and caress your soul. Dark, deep and mystical like Lord Shiva Himself, Shivaratri Cafe is real soul-music

19 Apr   NEW New Video Satsang Group in Stockholm

There is a video Satsang group forming in Stockholm, Sweden. The first meeting will be Sunday, 27th April (more...).

16 Apr   NEW Silent Retreat at Zmar Broadcast

We are happy to announce that the silent retreat at Zmar will be broadcast live via the internet. You can join this retreat and watch from home, provided you have a computer, a stable internet connection, and you have purchased a ticket.

This is a wonderful way to be in Satsang with Mooji from your own home.

More information about joining the silent retreat from home can be found on the Broadcast page.

16 Apr   NEW Opportunities at Monte Sahaja:
Call for Professionals

There are opportunities to join the Audio / Video Team and the Carpentry and Construction Team at Monte Sahaja.

More information can be found on the Karma Yoga Opportunities page.

14 Apr   Confirm this Over and Over Until
It's Over!

Just before leaving Rishikesh, Mooji encourages everyone to take advantage of his upcoming resting period by fully digesting and assimilating in the Heart what he has been pointing to.

3 Apr   Schedule News

After the intense and beautiful Satsang season in Rishikesh, India, Mooji will be taking a long rest. There will be no activities at Monte Sahaja - no Sunday Satsangs and no broadcasts - for the time being.

Mooji says, "Keep quiet. Contemplate what you have heard inside your heart during these Satsangs in Rishikesh. Find, confirm and affirm my pointings inside your heart and in so doing, make them your own experience."

Mooji invites you to "Recognise the unmoving and formless ground of being and merge with it as your own reality. Cease giving attention to both the fleeting and stale impressions of the psychologically conditioned mind. Swallow, digest and assimilate the living food of truth that has been offered in such abundance.

The light of pure Awareness shines in you as the 'I Am Presence' itself. Be one with it until it also becomes a phenomenon observed inside the greater Awareness, the Unborn and Absolute Self. I am with you all the way."

Om Shanti

3 Apr   7-Day Retreat at Zmar - Fully Booked

The Zmar retreat in May is fully booked. Should any spaces open, we will post a message on this page. Thank you, Om Shanti.


 More information here.

1 Apr  

Dear Ones,

The Mooji Shop team is looking for volunteers based in London to help us with fulfilling online shop order requests. This is a part time permanent position, which requires 10-20 hours of full power dedication per week.

More details can be found on the seva page.

In loving service
The Satsangshop Team

30 Mar   Direct Disciples of Sri Mooji

Mooji has asked some of his closest devotees to share their insights and Realisation with seekers. We have a new page on the web site where you can learn more about these devotees.

2 Mar   Volunteers for Satsang Reviews

The Satsang Shop is seeking people to write reviews during this satsang season in Rishikesh, India.

Reviewers do not have to be in Rishikesh to volunteer for this position.

More information about satsang reviews and other ways to help you can find on the seva page.

Thank you


23 Apr   NEW Shivaratri Cafe's new album
'This Night We Will Not Sleep' is here!

Shivaratri Cafe is a young band of talented musicians from Rishikesh, North India. They spend many of their evenings performing heart-opening devotional music in various cafes and restaurants along the banks of the holy River Ganga. With their classical style of Bhajan music they draw a small but regular crowd of international followers.

Sri Mooji and some of his Sangha first heard the group playing one night in February 2013, at the 'Freedom Cafe', a restaurant the Master often visited in Lakshman Jhula. Everyone sat listening and enjoying the Bhajans for hours. They were deeply touched by the beautiful, mystical atmosphere created by the music and also by the divine voice of Amit, the lead singer. From that night, Shivaratri Cafe made a heart connection with Sri Mooji and the Sangha and have since given a number of concerts in the hall where the Master shares Satsang while in Rishikesh. These concerts were also broadcast worldwide through the internet.

Shivaratri Cafe recorded their first album, 'This Night We Will Not Sleep', in April, 2014. The CD also includes two fusion songs from Soham and Omkara, who are musicians with Mooji Sangha. Sri Mooji has blessed the music of Shivaratri Cafe, and says that it carries the fragrance and energy of Lord Shiva Himself.

19 Apr   NEW Video Satsang Group in Stockholm 
There is a video Satsang group forming in Stockholm, Sweden. This group will come together to watch videos of Satsang with Mooji.

To get started we meet in the home of Lisa Sjödin on Sunday, April 27th at 4pm. Afterwards, there will be tea and snacks. Raaj from Monte Sahaja will be joining us. All are most welcome! Please contact Lisa at before April 23rd to sign up and receive location information.

Information about other groups can be found on the Video Satsangs page. 
30 Mar   5th Week Satsang in Rishikesh photos are now online
Photos from the 5th Week of Satsang in Rishikesh, India 2014 are now online. You can find them on the Albums page.
17 Feb Professional Consultants 
We are looking for professional consultants in various areas which have formed to support Satsang with Mooji. We would love to hear from you if you have expertise in any of the following:
  • UK law
  • Software development & data base
  • UK Charities

Please email for further information.

26 Jan   Mooji Sangha Bhavan
Today, Mooji held Satsang at the Mooji Sangha Bhavan, the "sister land" of Monte Sahaja, in Portugal. You can read more about Mooji Sangha Bhavan, and see the video from Satsang here.
7 Jan   Spirit Enlightened Film Festival
For the second year, Mooji has been asked to participate in the Spirit Enlightened film festival. This festival is sponsored by an organization known as Culture Unplugged. They describe the festival as "a philanthropic offering to uplift our collective consciousness. We all share the dream of a more compassionate humanity and hope for global cultural harmony - an interconnected world. We all, together with you unite here to participate in the conscious evolution of humanity by witnessing our present existence through cinema and contemplating the current need that is in the process of crafting our future."

On Mooji's page at the festival, you can watch 11 full-length Satsang videos.

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