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Beloved Sangha,
We are looking for a sound engineer with professional experience in live events to help in the upcoming Monte Sahaja and Zmar retreats. If this is you, and you can be available during this period, please send an email to The Monte Sahaja retreats are being held from late August until late September and the Zmar retreat will be in mid October.
With full love,
Mooji Sangha AV team
For more seva opportunities click here.
There are new opportunities for those who feel the call to serve as part of a team at Monte Sahaja. For more information please click here.
Guided meditationNEW

Guruji's parting words, London July 2016 NEW
From all that has been shared today, I won't even ask that you intentionally try to remember anything.
It is better that you just allow the space of being to be without putting anything in it. Nothing new, nothing old.
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Dear Ones,

We are happy to share with you photos from Feira Alternativa with Sri Mooji from 9 & 10 July 2016.

In loving service,
Mooji Photo team

Dear Ones,
Mooji Baba has been invited by and the World Yoga Festival to share Satsang in the UK this July. In a special collaboration, these 6 days of Satsang will be broadcast live by Conscious 2 so all may benefit from Mooji’s presence, wisdom, and direct, loving guidance.
As in person attendees bring forward their doubts, questions and testimonies, these online Satsangs with Mooji Baba are an auspicious opportunity to come into the direct recognition of our true nature as effortless Being—pure awareness itself.

Schedule of Conscious 2 Live broadcasts (London Time)
18 July, 7 - 9pm — also broadcast free on and Mooji Facebook Page
23 – 24 July, 10:30am and 3:00pm

World Yoga Festival
29 July, 11am - 1:30pm
30 – 31 July, 10am - 12:30pm
For more information about participating in these Satsangs online, please visit Conscious 2.
Mooji Sangha
Sunday Satsang at Monte SahajaNEW

Confirmed dates for 2016:
14 August, 2016
2 October, 2016
9 October, 2016
30 October, 2016 (subject to change)
We are very happy to announce that Sri Mooji will share Sunday Satsang at Monte Sahaja at 3pm (15:00) Portugal time on:
14 August, 2016
2 October, 2016
9 October, 2016
30 October, 2016 (subject to change)
Everyone is welcome to arrive at Monte Sahaja from 2pm onwards.
Sunday Satsang is broadcast live on and you can also enjoy the audio-only stream on
For more details about attending Sunday Satsang please visit
We look forward to being with you in Satsang in Portugal and online via the live broadcasts on
Om Shanti
Guru Purnima
19 July 2016

Guru Purnima is an immensely beautiful and powerful holy day. It is the day of celebrating and honouring the Guru, the Truth, the dispeller of darkness so that the light of the Self is revealed. It is a day that devotees and followers of Truth can celebrate the auspiciousness of the Master, and that to have met the Master and to disappear in Him is the greatest fortune and blessing one could be bestowed.
In 2014, in Monte Sahaja, Mooji Baba spoke about the significance and true meaning of Guru Purnima, and no greater or truer words to explain this day can be said. They are as alive this moment as when they were spoken, and it is our privilege to be able to share these words on this blessed day.
Monte Sahaja Online Retreats with Mooji Baba
First Retreat ~ 24th Aug - 3rd Sept 2016
Second Retreat ~ 14th - 24th Sept 2016
Beloved Ones,
We are very happy to announce that both Silent Retreats with Mooji Baba being held at Monte Sahaja will be broadcast live on Participating in a Silent Retreat with Mooji Baba online is a powerful and profound way to fully immerse yourself in Satsang with the living presence of the Master. For Mooji Baba there is no distance, no difference between the ones joining from home and the ones physically present.
If you feel called in the heart to immerse yourself in 10 days of silence and self-inquiry, you can either join from home or find out if there is a Sangha Group participating near you at
You can register now for a special early bird rate of £95 per retreat:
Early bird rate 1 st Online Retreat: until 31st July.
Early bird rate 2 nd Online Retreat: until 15th August.
After these dates, the price will be £130.
For more details and registration, please visit here.
With Love,
Mooji Retreats Team
We are happy to announce that Mooji Baba will be sharing satsang at different locations in Europe this summer. Below you will find a schedule of the newly confirmed dates.
July 9 - 10 Lisbon, Portugal
July 18 London, UK
July 23 - 24 London, UK
July 29 - 31 Reading, UK
August 3 - 4 Orvieto, Italy
August 24 - September 3 Monte Sahaja, Portugal
September 14 - 24 Monte Sahaja, Portugal
October 19 - 26 Zmar, Portugal
July 12   
Mooji Baba encourages as many people as possible to sign the petition to save the current road and the old trees around Arunachala.
Click here for more information
Om Sri Arunachala Shiva Om
July 12   
About the Aarti ceremony before Satsang
Aarti comes from the Sanskrit word ārātrika आरात्रिक – which means the holy light that removes darkness. It’s a beautiful way of showing respect to Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Poonjaji and our beloved Master, Mooji Baba. This is our offering of gratitude for the sages who have brought these pointings to our hearts.
Our great Master is a rare one who brings together Jnana yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga. This aarti we offer is a beautiful expression of devotion, of Bhakti yoga. It carries the pure vibration of divinity, love and gratitude.
So don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the words properly, an open heart is all that’s needed. Feel free to join in. If you are watching via broadcast, you can find a link to the original Sanskrit words and their English translation on the Live Satsang page.
July 12   
We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated via the Amazon Wishlist over the past few years. It has been so beautiful to receive these items given with such love – all of your support continues to be an important part of building and maintaining Monte Sahaja, as well as supporting the live broadcasts and making Mooji Baba’s pointings so accessible worldwide!
Now that Monte Sahaja has grown, some restructuring has come into place, and for now the best way to support Sahaja and the sharing of Mooji Baba’s teachings, is to make a monetary donation, choosing one of the options presented on our donate page.
We are deeply grateful for your contributions and continued support! If you have any questions regarding donations, please write to us at .
With love and gratitude,
July 11   

ॐ Mooji Baba's Blessing ॐ

Lisbon, Portugal, July 2016

May all whose heart long for this peace, this joy, for lasting freedom or to truly meet God, come to the complete realization of the Self, be timelessly happy and become liberated beings.
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Portugese translation:

ॐ Bênçãos de Moojibaba ॐ
em Lisboa, Julho de 2016

Que todos aqueles cujos corações anseiam por esta paz, esta alegria, pela liberdade duradoura ou por verdadeiramente encontrarem Deus venham à realização completa do Ser, sejam intemporalmente felizes e se tornem em seres libertos.
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July 7  

Dear Ones,

We are happy to share with you photos from Sunday Satsang with Sri Mooji from 3 July 2016.

In loving service,
Mooji Photo team

June 23   Photos from Zmar 2016


All of the photographs from the May 2016 Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar in Portugal are now available to view online.

In loving service,
Mooji Photo team

June 14   World Yoga Festival, Reading, UK

29 - 31 July, 2016

Dear Ones,

Mooji Baba wil be sharing Satsang at the World Yoga Festival in Reading, UK

Registration information on the World Yoga Festival website at

4 June   New Video:
To Walk Blind Is to Really See

In this beautiful spontaneous Satsang, Sri Mooji says "A miracle is only a miracle in the appreciation of it, in the seeing of it. So sometimes we have to lose things to find their value again. If your life was always full of beautiful things, you would have no appreciation. You have to taste pain, and the sense of separateness and grief, loss, all these things help us to grow internally and see your own life again with fresh eyes. Maybe one day you come to see life with the eyes of God."

3 June  
Two Day Satsang Intensive with Mooji
London, UK

July 23 — 24, 2016
Info and registration at

19th May 2016  


Here Satvi and Vasudeva share their experiences of being with Vidya in the last few days before she dropped her physical form.

24 May   New Video:
The Answer That Kills Every Question ~
An excerpt from the ongoing Zmar Retreat

In this beautiful Satsang excerpt, Sri Mooji takes us once again into the heart of self-inquiry: “Can the perceiver be perceived?”

23 May   New Video:
Love Your Self to Death ~
An excerpt from the ongoing Zmar Retreat

"You can only evaluate or assess one state when you're coming out of it into another one. As soon as you begin to taste the inner freedom, then you start to see your bondage. And it creates a kind of war, because one part wants to go to full freedom, and the other part is still holding on to past and imagination. This struggle happens... but love wins."

13 May   Photos with Mooji Baba of Open Satsang in Rishikesh, India: 3rd and 4th weeks NEW


We are happy to share Photos with Mooji Baba from the 3rd and 4th weeks of Open Satsang in Rishikesh, India.
Week 3, Week 4

We would also like to let you know that all of the photos of the Darshan Line, Photos with Mooji from Rishikesh week 5 and the Varanasi Satsangs will be posted soon.

In loving service,
Mooji Photo team

12 May   New Video:
Walk with Mooji Baba ~
One Power Governs All Things

"What is the point, if there is a point? Just to be in awe of this tremendous principle. It is life itself, but life in its form is continuously changing. But in its formlessness is so pure...

Many years ago I remember saying there is no tree inside a tree, no cloud spirit inside a cloud. No horse inside a horse, there’s no man inside a man. All these forms, consciousness and the life force is dancing. It’s consciousness, but who can see consciousness? Like the wind, you can feel it but nobody sees it..."

9 May   Sahaja Express NEW

Recently, we have been approached by many beings, particularly those following Mooji Baba on Facebook and YouTube, asking for more information about Sahaja Express.

Sahaja Express arose with the sole intention to share the freshest and most direct guidance with those seekers who are more spiritually mature and who are following Mooji Baba’s pointings deeply in the heart. The material usually comes from spontaneous satsangs and is therefore often more informal, intimate, unedited and raw in nature, but immensely powerful. Initially, information about Sahaja Express was shared only with those who had participated in retreats with Mooji Baba and with those who had spent time with the Master at Monte Sahaja and received his direct guidance.

We did not publicise this subscription service further than this as we did not want to create an impression that we were advertising a commercial product. However, as there have been increasing numbers of people inquiring about this service, we are now opening the opportunity for all to subscribe to Sahaja Express. Information can be found on

9 May   New Video:
You Are the One — Be With Him Like This

"Relationship means to keep two. So for a while the One is playing as two and having this relationship with itself, but it is not the ultimate Truth. The ultimate Truth is that it re-absorbs this idea of itself and it is One, you are the One, you are the One!

But this is the most difficult thing to absorb and disappear into. The lesser disappears into the greater.

If the lesser disappears into the greater, is anything lost?"

8 May   New Video:
Master Pointing #2:
It's Nothing Nothing Nothing!

Your Mantra from Sri Mooji today: It’s Nothing Nothing Nothing!

This is something that is not a practice. It’s a nothing practice that gives you nothing and leaves you as everything – empty, joyful, complete. This is my offering to you today. Namaste. Enjoy a little.

This video is also available on Mooji.TV.

4 May   Photos of Satsang with Sri Mooji
in Delhi, India 2016

We are very happy to be able to share the photos of Satsang with Sri Mooji in Delhi, India. Sunday, 10th April 2016.
In loving service,
Mooji Photo Team

3 May   Zmar Translations - Interpreters
EN: During the silent retreat at Zmar from May 18-25 2016, we will provide live satsang translation into Portuguese, Spanish and Italian for the participants in the satsang hall as well as the online viewers.
Further information to follow. Read more

PT: Durante o retiro de Zmar de 18 a 25 de Maio de 2016, vamos oferecer traduções ao vivo de satsangs para português, tanto para os participantes presentes na sala como também para aqueles participando online.
Mais informações em breve. Leia mais

IT: Durante il ritiro che si svolge a Zmar dal 18 al 25 maggio 2016, tradurremo in diretta il satsang in italiano. Il servizio è rivolto sia ai partecipanti presenti in sala, sia a coloro che seguono il ritiro tramite Internet.
Forniremo presto ulteriori informazioni. Leggi di più

ES: Ofreceremos traducción en directo del satsang en español durante el retiro en Zmar del 18 al 25 de Mayo del 2016, tanto para los participantes en la sala como para la transmisión en directo.
En breve proporcionaremos más información. Leer más
Om Shanti

2 May   New Audio Podcast

Let Your Mind Always Be Pure and Empty
A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Varanasi

"Don’t treat this as an experience and give it to time, or it will pass. Treat it as the fragrance of the experiencer and it will keep on growing inside you. It will never leave you.

It is you who are great, it is your being that is great. The experience is only to confirm that."

Music: Guru Mata Pita by Radha

This audio podcast is also available on Mooji.TV.

30 Apr   Skype Satsang Recordings: Israel
Freedom Is Your Highest Joy

Skype Satsang with Israel recorded on Wednesday, 27th of April, 2016.

29 Apr   Photos of Mooji Baba visiting Lucknow
In loving service,
Mooji Photo Team

23 Apr   Charities Support:
Ramana's Garden Children's Home
"25 years ago Papaji named our project here on the banks of Ganga, Ramana's Garden. He said Ramana's children will flower there, and by his grace so they have."
You can find more information about this charity and ways of supporting it on the Charities page.

16 Apr   New Video:
Mooji Baba returns to the home
of his Master Papaji

Sri Mooji returns to the home of his Master, Sri Poonjaji (Papaji) for the first time since 1997. This video is a rare and very moving account of these few days in Lucknow where he visits the Master's home and Satsang Bhavan, and includes some stories from Sri Mooji's time there in 1993 and 1997.


It was in August of 1997 that Sri Mooji had returned to London, one month before the Master left the body. Now, with the passing of some nineteen years, he was to stand outside the gates of the Master’s house once again. The smell of rose garlands set a mood of quiet anticipation as the last members of the visiting group arrived. The visit was a beautifully moving occasion as Mooji Baba entered Papaji’s home in Indira Nagar, Lucknow. Approximately, twenty five members of Mooji Sangha accompanied him for darshan.

15 Apr   Satsang with Sri Mooji, London, UK
July 18, 2016

Read more on website.

Govinda Rainer Binder
26th April 1938 – 26th March 2016
Our beloved Sangha brother, Govinda left his body
at around midnight
on Saturday 26th March, Alentejo, Portugal
We Love You Govinda
Sri Mooji Baba spoke these words
as he made Ganga Puja for Govinda at
Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi, India on 3 April, 2016:
We make this dedication today to celebrate
the blessed life of our beloved Govinda:
our brother, our son, our father, our beloved,
who transcended the body in Sao Martinho Das Amoreiras, Alentejo, Portugal a few days ago.
We love and honour you, dear Govinda.
I embrace you inside my heart and present you before the Supreme Lord of the Universe,
blessed be your soul in all its experiences hereafter.
I am with you, you are with me, we are with you, you are with us,
as one in Paramatman.
O, infinite existence—we love you timelessly.
We welcome your spirit, your loving presence inside our hearts
and our lives.
We light this flame in honour of your name in the presence
of the Almighty God.
Let it be so.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Om Namah Shivaya
Hara, Hara, Hara, Mahadev!

Sunday, 3rd April 2016

31 Mar   Rishikesh, India 2016 5th Week Photos


We are happy to share all of the photos from the fifth week of Open Satsang with Sri Mooji in Rishikesh, India.
We would also like to let you know that all of the photos from the Darshan line and other photos with Sri Mooji will be posted soon after the Satsang season.

In loving service,
Mooji Photo Team

PARTING WORDS from MOOJIBABA It is said that 2600 years ago, there was one man who having come to the discovery of the timeless within himself forgot his person and became a light in this world. 2600 years later, new Buddhists are emerging and following these ancient teachings and experiencing for themselves what he discovered.
2000 years ago, another man also found the Light and himself became the light of this world. To this very day, many people are immersing themselves in this Christ-light to find the living truth within themselves. And there are many other examples.
And we know in these times, the lives of Sri Ramana Maharshi or Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj or Papaji, they pointed out the truth in the most direct way, an ancient wisdom that had also sprouted here in India but remained dormant until the great sage Adi Shankara revived interest in the path of Advaita—the non-dual path to Self-realisation. These great masters continue to shine the light and grace of this perfect understanding, and many many beings have thus come into the light for themselves.

18 Mar   Charities Support: Terre des Hommes Core Trust (orphanage)
TDH CORE is a Child Welfare Organization working for the rescue and rehabilitation of children in distress, orphaned, abandoned, mentally or physically challenged or HIV/AIDS infected.
You can find more information about this charity and ways of supporting it on the Charities page.

15 Mar   Master Pointing Series:
The Snake and the Rope

On his morning walk, Sri Mooji shares the example of the snake and the rope: a powerful metaphor for the unreality of ego when the fullness of Truth is seen.

1 Mar   Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji:
The Space of What Is

Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji
Recorded on January 12th, 2016

17 Feb   Mooji Answers closed for now

Dear Ones,

Sri Mooji is offering five weeks of Open Satsang in Rishikesh, India.
Because of this written questions to Mooji Answers are not being accepted at this time.

We highly recommend you join the live broadcasts that will happen five days each week during the India season at,
as often the question burning in your heart is also in the hearts of others and you will find there is no need for you to ask directly.

Thank you
Om Shanti

13 Feb   New Video:
Welcome Beloved Sri Mooji ~ Rishikesh, India 2016

A welcoming of our beloved Master at the beginning of the 2016 Rishikesh satsang season.

Sri Mooji Baba Pranati by Sajohn, performed by Sri Kara
Guru Paduka Stotram performed by Sri Kara

10 Feb   New Video:

Sri Mooji will be sharing Satsang at Swatatranand Ashram in Rishikesh, India from 17th February to 20th March 2016. The Satsangs are Free and Open to all, and will also be broadcast live on

20 Jan   Please do not send gifts to Sri Mooji

Sri Mooji receives many gifts from beings all over the world. Though he deeply appreciates all the loving kindness he receives, unfortunately his living space is too small to hold all the beautiful gifts and he finds he has to give many things away. So, he asks at this time, please do not send him any personal gifts.

However, if you still feel, even after reading this, that you would really like to give something to him, you can send a contribution towards buying the trees that he so dearly enjoys planting at Monte Sahaja.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mooji team

If you would like to contribute towards buying the trees you can do so on this page

14 Jan   Sam Garrett

Sam Garrett Sam Garrett is here. You are about to meet him through his music. It is pure Soul music that emanates directly from the inner soul of Being. Here is a pure voice singing pure words — lyrics that pour out from the very womb of life.

Sam Garrett’s gift is a voice that can sing the sweetest Reggae then shift to deliver the most heart touching Bhajan. Many of you have already had a taste of this when Sam shared his form of Sat-songs featuring the beautiful voice of NyOh at the recent Satsang Intensive in London with Mooji. Like Mooji, a universal love pours out from Sam’s heart and this love is infecting more and more people around the globe. Perhaps this joy may soon touch your heart too.

Sam currently has two CDs available:
Namaste and Be Easy.
A new album called Grace is due for release this March 2016.

To find out more about Sam Garret’s music, visit
Sam’s music is available to download on iTunes.

10 Jan   New Article
"What is the meaning of life?"

Sri Mooji was asked 'What is the meaning of life?' by the online magazine Excellence Reporter.

'This is perhaps one of the most seemingly profound questions within the human kingdom. Yet at closer scrutiny it is revealed as one of the most elusive in as far as coming to any one satisfactory answer.'

The rest of Sri Mooji's answer can be found here: (pdf version).

25 Dec 2015   Merry Christmas from Sri Mooji and Monte Sahaja

Seasons greetings from Sri Mooji and all at Monte Sahaja
25th December 2015

25 Dec 2015   Christmas Blessing from Sri Mooji
The very significance of Christmas is this Christ Consciousness,
the Christ-light, which is the real light of the world.
The light of consciousness,
the light of the Self in its purest dynamic expression,
is what we call the Christ
that manifested in the human form called Jesus so many years ago,
but the source and origin of this light
is timelessly unchangeable.

6 Dec 2015   White Fire – Ebook Now Available

Dear Ones,
It is our great joy to announce the release of the ebook of White Fire — a collection of some 800 sayings which encapsulate and compress Mooji's essential spiritual teachings into pill form.
We received many requests this year for the White Fire ebook and to celebrate its arrival we are offering a special price until 12 December.
Mooji’s other ebooks, Before I Am and Writing on Water , are also reduced this week and all are available from Amazon, iBooks and
If you feel in your heart to spread the word or to leave a book review please do so. Book reviews can be found here. Many thanks for all your heart-felt appreciation and support for Mooji’s beautiful books.
In loving service,
Mooji Media Publications

1 Dec 2015   Arunachala Animal Sanctuary
Several years ago, Sri Mooji visited the Arunachala Animal Sancturary in Tiruvannamalai and was deeply touched by the heart work that is taking place in service to the rescued animals brought to the centre almost on a daily basis. The team's intense compassion, skill and loving care offered to the various animals was breath taking. Sri Mooji felt compelled to support the ongoing work of this remarkable centre.

24 Nov 2015   New Video:
London Intensive Sangha Groups Slideshow

Satsang Intensive held via broadcast by Mooji Sangha Groups all around the world.

20 Nov 2015   Now is the Time to Go Inside and Be Quiet
Monte Sahaja is closed until Spring 2016
Dear Sangha,
After a beautiful and rich season of satsangs and retreats, Monte Sahaja is closed until Spring 2016. Sri Mooji is engaged with the re-structuring and organisation of Monte Sahaja and there will be no Sunday Satsang or visits to Monte Sahaja until we re-open.

20 Nov 2015   Recording of the
Live Satsang with Sri Mooji

Recording of the special online broadcast of Satsang with Mooji hosted by Conscious 2 is now available.

13 Nov 2015   Mooji Sangha groups
Dear One,
We are happy to let you know that apart from the list we have already posted, four new sangha groups are hosting the Online Satsang Intensive with Sri Mooji, 13 — 17 November, 2015 via live internet broadcast:
Berlin-Germany, Moscow-Russia, Oaxaca-Mexico, and Tallinn-Estonia.
We are sharing the complete list here:
If you see there is a Sangha in your city and you would like to join them, you can send an email and express your wish to be in this Silent Retreat together.
Much Love,

International Sangha team

5 Nov 2015   A New Documentary about Sri Mooji
Space of Freedom (2015)
The documentary movie about Satsang with Sri Mooji in Rishikesh.
What is satsang? What is happiness? What is freedom? Is there anything unchanging? What is the role of the Guru in the search for Truth? These are some of the questions that documentary “Space of Freedom” addresses with the help of Sri Mooji and other interviewed seekers.
The documentary was filmed in Winter 2015 in Rishikesh, India during the five weeks of Open Satsang with Sri Mooji. It contains the unbeatable wisdom of the Master, beautiful imagery and heart-touching music.

4 Nov 2015  
Beloved Sangha,
We would like to let you know that the website will close on Monday, 9th November 2015.
The same services that are found on this website are already focused and cared for on the Facebook official profile and Mooji Sangha group pages. So, for the latest photos, news, quotes and more please visit these pages:
Public Profile:
Mooji Sangha group:
With deep gratitude and love to all those who have contributed to this site and kept it going for so long.
Om Shanti,
International Sangha team

22 Oct 2015   Sunday Satsang photos: 18th October

Photos from 18th October Sunday Satsang are now online on the Photos with Mooji website ॐ.

19 Oct 2015   New Mooji Classics videos

Five new videos are now available in Mooji Classics channel on Youtube:

  • "You are Freedom" - Mooji in Brixton
  • "This - I am not" - Brixton, March 2008, Part 1
  • "The Intuition prior to Name" - Brixton, March 2008, Part 2
  • "Effortless Existence" - Brixton, March 2008, Part 3
  • "The Snake and the Rope" - Brixton, March 2008, Part 4

15 Oct 2015   Seva opportunity:
Mooji Design Team

The Mooji Design and Website team are looking for a Web Designer with a strong background in website usability, who feels they would like to participate in the Karma Yoga program at Monte Sahaja, and is available to come in early December.

For more information please contact

13 Oct 2015   Loving Salutations to Our Great Master
Sri Poonjaji

When our attention is turned inwardly
and doesn’t rest on any form, any thought
any object, any emotion…
You’ll find our master right there.
For this reason I say, Papaji Is

Today we call everyone around the world
who has had the privilege
of meeting Papaji in form and in the Heart.
We are here because of Him.
We are as we are because of Him.
He has always reminded,
"Don’t give so much importance to the form.
I am the formless."
Om Sri Satguru Papaji Ki Jay!

12 Oct 2015   Seva opportunity with
Mooji Media Publications

Dear ones,

We are exploring the possibility of making Sri Mooji’s books more widely available and are looking for beings who are experienced in book distribution or who have some knowledge, information or connections in this field.
Any level of knowledge or experience is appreciated.
While this is needed mainly for English speaking countries, others are also good.

If you feel to be of service in this way, please send a brief introduction about yourself and your related experience to

In loving service,
Mooji Media Publications

8 Oct 2015   Seva opportunity in the AV team

Sri Mooji's AV team is looking forward to meet beings with professional experience in broadcast and live streaming.
If you have solid experience in this area please contact
Thank you.

4 Oct 2015   Wall calendar for 2016
In the Timeless
Now available in the online shop:

11 Aug 2015   The Mala of God — New Book by Mooji
Dear Ones,
We are delighted to announce the release of The Mala of God – a book of prayers, blessings and drawings by Mooji.
The Mala of God is a spiritual gift, an expression of the grace-filled heart brimming with prayer, devotion, love and gratitude to the Supreme, yet it is imbued with the unsparing clarity and power of non-dual wisdom. With profound simplicity, Mooji unveils the intimate mystical ways of the praying heart and directly introduces the Formless to those yearning to discover their true nature and unity with the Awareness God-Self. Even one prayer fully absorbed is enough to set your heart free in the infinity of Being.
You are invited to read more about the power of true prayer and to download a preview here.
The Mala of God is available from

In loving service,
Mooji Media Publications
9 Aug 2015   Sri Mooji's beautiful Blessing
on the 8th of August 2015, final day
of the Silent Retreat in Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Om Namah Shivaya Om.
Om Sri Arunachala Shiva.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya Om.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Poonjaji Om.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Christ.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Krishna.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Buddha.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Anandamayi Ma.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
Om Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramsuratkumar.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Bankei.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ram.
Om shanti, shanti, shanti, om.

Continue reading

27 Oct 2014   Calling for Experienced Help in the Following Areas

We are currently calling for people with experience in the areas mentioned below, to volunteer with us in support of Satsang with Mooji. This work will take the form of Seva from home.

If you wish to offer your time and expertise, and have experience in any of the areas below, please email your details to us.

If you would like to join our transcribing team to make transcripts of Mooji's Satsangs, are a native English speaker and feel comfortable with typing, please email Ellen at .

We are looking for volunteers to help translate Mooji's videos. If any of the following are your native language, you have strong English skills, and you are comfortable using computers, we would love to hear from you. If you have prior experience in translation, please include this in your message.

Catalan, Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Slovakian, Turkish

We are also looking for experienced English editors/proofreaders with good IT skills. Please email to volunteer.

Computing & programming
If you are an experienced programmer in software design and database creation, please email

UK law
Please email to

UK charities
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7 May 2014   Mooji Media Publications is looking for people with ebook design experience

We are currently inviting volunteers who have experience in designing and creating ebooks to join the Mooji Media Publications team. We require help in creating high quality epub and mobi files which offer the reader of the ebook the same beautiful text and images combinations as found in the print versions of Mooji’s books.

If you are interested, please email us at with a cover letter with information regarding your experience in the field. We thank you for your application.

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