London – Silent Intensive with Sri Mooji – November 2014

Silent Intensive with Sri Mooji in London
7th to 11th November, 2014

Retreat with Mooji

“Don't worry about anything at all.
You are not here by accident, but by the will of the Supreme Self.
This present form is just a costume for a while.
But the one who is behind the costume,
this one is timeless, wise, joyous and whole.
You must know this.
As you discover this you will spontaneously trust this
and so be free from all worries and all sorrows.

This world is so full of love.
And your heart, your being is so full of love, so full of peace.
You don't have to go to some place else to find peace.
It is right where you are.
Satsang helps you to recognise this.
~ Mooji

Silent Intensive

Sri Mooji introduces Satsang as the most effective aid for the recognition of the timeless Truth which is our true reality. His presence, guidance and words encourage, challenge and never fail to illuminate.

At times humorous, at times tender, occasionally sharp and always loving, the master responds to the questioners as they speak of fear, suffering, confusion, relationships, spiritual practice and how to live their lives in wisdom and peace.

It is Sri Mooji's unsparing and non-dual pointing to Truth, through the method of self-inquiry, which forms the essence of these Satsangs. His words act like an unsparing sword that cuts through the mind's misconceptions and delusions and leaves you fully naked as your pure Self.

Satsang is not a place to please your mind. It will dethrone the mind and set your Heart free. All are welcome to step into this fire of self-discovery. The master encourages all sincere seekers: "This fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not".

During, before and after the Satsang sessions we will move in an atmosphere of silence.

Om Shanti


  • Mooji highly appreciates your questions concerning truth. He encourages everyone to follow the prompting of the heart and present whatever is burning within during satsang. He will not receive questions afterwards. You may also submit your thoughts or questions by letter.
  • Please honour and respect the silence before, during and after the satsang. Keep your interactions with others to a minimum, so to be immersed fully in the satsang. Take all necessary interactions outside the building.
  • All satsangs are recorded and can be ordered in the Sangha Shop. Those wishing to have a copy of any session can visit the shop in the hall, after Satsang.
  • Switch off your mobiles phones or tablets completely during Satsang. Even a muted phone can interfere with the sound.
  • Do not take photos or videos inside the Satsang Hall. We have designated photographers and will post photos on the website.


Address: York Hall, 5 Old Ford Rd, London, E2 9PJ, United Kingdom

Description: Situated in the heart of London, York Hall is a spacious venue located in a convenient setting and very easy to get to.

Parking space is limited in this area.

There are plenty of cafes around the venue.

York Hall, Bethnal Green, London
York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

Getting there (directions to the Satsang Hall)

Directions to the Satsang Hall: Directions to the Satsang Venue can be found on the map below or here

Flying to London: The closest airport from the Satsang Venue is Stansted. You can catch a fast train from Stansted Airport to Liverpool street, which is one station away from Bethnal Green. For more information on transportation from the airport, please visit

Don't be discouraged if you have to fly to Gatwick or Heathrow. These 2 airports are very well connected to London central all day and night.

London underground service closes shortly after midnight and starts to run again at 5:30am. Buses are available in the night.

If you arrive in the night or if you prefer to be picked up by a mini-cab, try to call 'ABBEY CARS'. When calling them from outside of the country, dial the international area code (011 from North America or 00 for all other countries) then 44 2077 333 333. When calling within the UK, dial 02077 333 333.

Public Transportation: The Satsang venue is located within a 1 minute walk from Bethnal Green Underground Station.

To travel to the venue from your accommodation, you can plan your journey online at

We recommend using an Oyster card when using Public Transportation to save on the cost of travel. You can purchase an Oyster card from any Underground or Overground Train Station cashier. A small refundable deposit will be required for each Oyster card purchase, but this deposit will be refunded in full once you return the card.

Please note that buses do not accept cash as a form of payment.

A Facebook page has been created for participants to communicate with each other about sharing accommodation and transport. You can find this page here:


The program begins Friday 7th November at 18.00.
The program ends Tuesday 11th November at 17.00.

In the early evening of 11th November there will be a Satsong Concert.

Entering York Hall for Satsang

In order to enter York Hall, where the Satsangs will be held, you will be required to show a wristband. You will receive your wristband when you check in at the Hall. To ease the flow for the distribution of these wristbands, we have special opening hours during which you can check in and collect your wristband:

Thursday, 6th November    17.00 - 20.00 (5pm - 8pm)
Friday, 7th November    09.00 - 13.00 (9am - 1pm) and
16.00 - 17.45 (4pm - 5:45pm)

Note that if you have not already registered for the Intensive, you will be able to do so during these hours.

Friday, 7th November

16.00   Doors Open
18.00 - 20.00  Satsang

Saturday, 8th November

09.00 - 10.00   Doors Open
10.00 - 12.00  Satsang Session 1
16.00 - 18.00  Satsang Session 2

Sunday, 9th November

09.00 - 10.00   Doors Open
10.00 - 12.00  Satsang Session 1
16.00 - 18.00  Satsang Session 2

Monday, 10th November

09.00 - 10.00   Doors Open
10.00 - 12.00  Satsang Session 1
16.00 - 18.00  Satsang Session 2

Tuesday, 11th November

08.15 - 09.00   Doors Open
09.00 - 11.00  Satsang Session 1
14.00 - 16.00  Satsang Session 2
19.30 - 21.00  Satsong Concert


The price of the Silent Intensive is £225.

Participation in the Silent Intensive is for the entire period, there is no possibility to book for a day or session only.

Be aware that the Satsong Concert entrance is by donation.

Satsang Recordings

All of the satsang sessions will be recorded. The recordings will be available in video and audio format in the online shop a few weeks after the Silent Intensive.

Satsong Concert

The Mooji Dana Team is pleased to offer an opportunity for Intensive participants, their friends and family, and everyone who feels drawn to come, to have Satsang in the form of music and praises to the Supreme - Bhajans!

Bhajans are devotional songs that repeat the different names of the Divine and evoke in us the various aspects of the One Supreme Being — our true source and timeless essence. Chanting the holy names merges the mind in the limitless Heart, thus allowing love and gratitude to flow naturally. We invite everyone to sing and dance with us this evening with full heart and joy.

Mooji Dana, as we feel it, is the essential oneness of giving and receiving. The team exists to create opportunities for all to get involved and join in the activities around Satsang. It is synonymous with Seva (selfless service).

There will be a live broadcast of the Satsong Concert, free and open to all.
To join, simply tune in at broadcast time to the Live Satsang page on the website.
Click here to view world times for this Satsong Concert.

For those of you who cannot watch the broadcast live, we will provide a link to the recorded Satsang some time after the broadcast is finished, on the Live Satsang page.

We invite you to donate freely from your heart, whether you are joining the Intensive physically in London or watching from home, or if you are drawn to support Satsang with Sri Mooji. It is due to the generosity of the International Sangha that we have been able to share Sri Mooji's pointings with so many hearts around the world. Thank you!

To make a donation online click here, or if you are coming to the Satsong Concert, you can donate through the donation box when we collect your ticket.

Date: Tuesday, 11th November 2014
Time: 7:30pm until 9:00pm London time
(Doors open at 6:30pm)
Venue: York Hall (Satsang Intensive Hall)
Price: By donation
Collection Point: Concert Information Desk at the venue
​Ticket collection: For Intensive participants:
6-11th November at the Intensiv​e
(May also collect tickets for family and friends)

For all others not attending the Intensive:
11th November from 4:00pm onwards​

Register online

Online Registration is closed now but it will be possible to register for this Intensive on 6th and 7th of November at York Hall. More details here.

You can also join this Intensive Online from home.

After you have successfully registered and paid, you will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email contains a link to your digital, personal ticket and also contains a link to a release form.

You can either print this digital ticket and bring it along or store it in your smart phone. The release form needs to be printed out, read fully and signed for agreement. Please, bring your signed release form to the Intensive.

If you cannot find your confirmation email, you may write to

The tickets for this event are non-transferable and cannot be passed on or resold to be used by another person.

Bring your ticket

Please be aware that you need a wristband to enter the Satsang Hall during the event. To obtain this wristband you have to check-in at the venue in London for which you have to bring the following documents:

  • Ticket: with barcode
  • Release form: printed and signed
  • Official ID: Acceptable forms of ID are Passport, Driving License, Government Identity Card

Your ticket can be printed or stored in your smart phone, the release form needs to be printed and signed.

Due to the large volume of attendees for this event, we need to highlight the importance of you coming to register for the event and to collect your wristband at the earliest opportunity. To assist with this, we are able to offer check-in on Thursday 6th November also. We highly recommend those who are in London during this time, to collect their wristbands.

Please see Entering York Hall for Satsang section for details.

Terms & Conditions