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“I have no other reason to be Here
than to be in service to the recognition
of your own Self as the Heart of existence!”
                                      ~ Mooji

Satsang Intensive with Mooji in London
Friday 15 November to Monday 18 November 2013

About the Intensive

Mooji shows us how natural, simple and accessible truth is. He is an embodiment of truth and he knows and shows us we are that also. He clearly points out how misconceptions, believed in, hide our intuitive recognition of the One universal Self, our true Being.

He guides us in a simple and direct way, back to our Heart-Self. All are welcome to step into this fire of Self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.

Intensive Details

  • The program begins Friday 15th November at 18.00 (check-in begins at 16.00).
  • The program ends Monday 18th November at 16.30.
  • The cost for the intensive is 140 GBP.
  • You must attend the entire event.
  • Registration closes on midnight of Monday 11th November (London time) or when tickets are sold out.
  • There is no possibility to book for a day or session only.


Battersea Arts Centre
Lavender Hill
London SW11 5TN

Intensive Schedule (Tentative)

The satsang intensive is fully-booked, however a handful of tickets are available for purchase at the door. You may come to the door at your own risk.
Doors open at 4pm (15th of November).

Alternatively, you may join the retreat from Home.
More information on this page.

Friday, 15th November

16.00    Doors Open
18.00 - 20.00   Satsang

Saturday, 16th November

10.00    Doors Open
11.00 - 13.00   Satsang Session 1
16.00 - 18.00   Satsang Session 2

Sunday, 17th November

10.00    Doors Open
11.00 - 13.00   Satsang Session 1
16.00 - 18.00   Satsang Session 2

Monday, 18th November

09.30    Doors Open
10.30 - 12.30   Satsang Session 1
14.30 - 16.30   Satsang Session 2


Cost and Attendance

The Satsang Intensive is full; online registration is closed.

  • Participation in the intensive is for the entire weekend. There is no possibility to book for a day or session only.
  • You may register yourself plus one other participant.
  • By admission, you agree that your image and voice may be recorded for the sharing of satsang via the Internet and other media.
  • The cost of the entire intensive is 140.00 GBP.  
  • By registering, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Release Agreement.


Please contact for general inquiries.
For questions regarding registration, please contact .

If you need help by telephone, please call Niraja:
+044 20 3289 3969.
Note that this is a number in Portugal.

About the Venue

Battersea Arts Centre (BAC Hall) is a lovely and charming old building but from our experience we did notice that on a very cold day the heating system is not powerful enough to make the room very warm. November is usually not so cold in London, yet we would like to suggest, as we are going to be seated for many hours, to have a shawl or a small blanket with you in case we encounter a very chilly weekend.

Battersea Arts Centre
Battersea Arts Centre, London  

Directions to the Satsang Hall:

Flying into London
If you are wondering which airport to fly into, choose Gatwick Airport, 30 minutes by train from terminal to Clapham Junction Station, the nearest station to the Battersea Arts Centre. (Southern Railways service toward Victoria Station; this service doesn't run after midnight and starts again very early morning).

If you arrive in the night or if you prefer to be picked up by a mini-cab, try to call 'ABBEY CARS' at +44 (0) 2077 333 333. They offer a very good price from Gatwick to Clapham, £ 45, and it can be very convenient if you are sharing the journey. The price from Stansted to Clapham is £ 71. Book in advance and provide your name, flight no. and contact no.

Anyhow, don't be discouraged if you have to fly to Stansted or Heathrow. These 2 airports are very well connected to London central all day and night.

London underground service closes shortly after midnight and starts to run again at 5:30am. Buses are available in the night. 


  • When you register online, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a ticket for the event. Please print your ticket and bring it with you on Friday. For more information about printing your ticket please see the Printing Your Ticket section below.
  • Please enter the venue from doors on the Town Hall Road side of the building. See map below (click for larger image).
    map of venue

Printing Your Ticket

Please print your ticket and bring it with you on Friday.

A link to your ticket can be found in the confirmation email that you received when you registered online. To find your confirmation email, search your mailbox for the words "Battersea Arts Centre" as the confirmation email with the link to print tickets contains these words.

If you cannot find your confirmation email, you may write to and we will re-send you the link (but please first try to find the link in your mailbox or spambox).

Refund Policy

A refund of the ticket price for the Satsang Intensive with Mooji will be given only in the unlikely event that the event is cancelled. However, you may transfer your ticket to someone else, through your own arrangement (see "Transferring Your Ticket" below).

Transferring Your Ticket

We set up a web page for ticket transfers - you can post news of your ticket on this Meetup page. You must be a member of Meetup to post a notice, but it is easy and free to join. Instructions for joining Meetup are here.

It is your responsibility to find someone if you wish to transfer your ticket; we do not get involved in ticket transfers. You must have a ticket to attend, so make arrangements with your transfer partner to get a copy of their ticket. We will check the ticket against our list when you register.

Additional Information for This Intensive:

  • Parking space is limited in this area.
  • There are plenty of cafes around the venue. A map will be available at the entrance for your orientation.
  • Please print your ticket and bring it with you on Friday. A link to your ticket can be found in the confirmation email that you received when you registered. If you cannot find your confirmation email, please write to and we will re-send you the link.
  • This is a non-residential satsang intensive.  If you are coming into the area from out of town, please make your own arrangements for lodging; to assist you, we have compiled this list of places to stay in the area.
  • All relevant and up-to-date information regarding satsang is available on the news and schedule page.


Participants are also asked to observe the following guidelines:

  • Mooji highly appreciates your questions concerning truth. He encourages everyone to follow the prompting of the heart and present whatever is burning within during satsang. He will not receive questions afterwards. You may also submit your thoughts or questions by letter.
  • Please remember to switch off mobile phones.
  • All satsangs are recorded and can be ordered in the Sangha Shop. Those wishing to have a copy of any session can visit the shop in the hall, after Satsang.

Om shanti

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