Satsang Intensive with Sri Mooji

York Hall, London
13 — 17 November, 2015

If you wish to be happy, no one can stop you.
Similarly, if you wish to be free, no one can stop you.
In fact the universe encourages and supports your freedom.
Why? Because to be happy and free
is your natural state.
~ Mooji

Satsang Intensive

Sri Mooji introduces Satsang as the most effective aid for the recognition of the timeless Truth which is our true reality. His presence, guidance and words encourage, challenge and never fail to illuminate.

At times humorous, at times tender, occasionally sharp and always loving, the Master responds to the questioners as they speak of fear, suffering, confusion, relationships, spiritual practice and how to live their lives in wisdom and peace.

Sri Mooji's clear and non-dual pointing to Truth forms the essence of these Satsangs. Through the method of self-inquiry, Mooji guides us into the recognition of who we simply are. His words act like an unsparing sword that cuts through the mind's misconceptions and delusions.

Satsang is not a place to please your mind. It will dethrone the mind and set your Heart free. You are welcome to step into this fire of self-discovery. The Master encourages all sincere seekers, This fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not.

Take the attitude: I must be free today.
This desire will burn every other desire.
Enter within, through the door of your own being
and close the door behind you.
Here, where there is neither one nor two;
where is freedom or bondage?
~ Mooji


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