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Podcast: Message In A Banana

During the One Sangha Gathering, a being comes to the microphone to share her fear of having no money and Moojibaba shares his own experience, which is followed by a powerful pointing of how to trust life. “Whatever way it turns out, it will be fine. So long as you are dedicated in your heart […]

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Podcast: You Break This Spell By Looking

In this potent and rich Satsang, Moojibaba guides us again and again through the powerful steps of self-inquiry, which leaves one empty of identity and confirms our true place as that which is unmoving. “Try to identify the one who is afraid. Use the energy of the fear and look at ‘Who is the one […]

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Podcast: The Door To Your Awakening Is Already Open

In this wonderful 30 Minute Podcast recorded during a Silent Retreat at Zmar, Moojibaba explores freedom – a great new way for mankind: Moojibaba explains what freedom is and why as a species we have not really moved so powerfully towards this goal of joy and unity as one family of humanity. Here, Moojibaba touches […]

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Podcast: Anything in Life Can Become Your Teacher

In this interaction, one being reveals to Moojibaba that he had been experiencing his life as being very difficult. After reading a quote of Ramana Maharishi, hung on a wall in Monte Sahaja, his perspective of his life changed. Moojibaba reminds us that the words of the sages are “powerful hints for the one who […]

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Podcast: An Invitation to Freedom

Moojibaba presents a powerful yet simple exercise — An Invitation to Freedom. This distilled and direct guidance takes us directly into the recognition of our timeless Being. The Invitation is the very heart and essence of Satsangs with Mooji, having arisen spontaneously in Mooji after many years of guiding seekers of Truth. This guided seeing […]

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Podcast: “Help Me See the World the Way You See It”

‘Guruji, please help me to see the world the way you see it, with your eyes.’ From this earnest request of a devotee unfolds a beautiful Satsang where Sri Moojibaba reminds us how we love to be empty, how we love when the mind is not full of strategies, projection and desires. Life is taking […]

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Podcast: Step Inside the Fire of Grace

“Whatever is not of the kingdom of God inside, of freedom, offer it up to the light — take it, let it burn. Be so empty and don’t take it personally, just let it burn out. What a joy behind this. That’s where you are trying to be, where you can be left alone and […]

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Podcast: Compelled to Change

“Some things come for you to look at them and to deny them. The easy way is that something in us wants to go along with that thing and that’s a pointer in itself. You have a propensity toward a certain thing – that is the seed that is inside you, an energetic seed that […]

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Podcast: Blessed Are We That We Are of His Kingdom

“I am presenting God here, not as a person, but as a field of Truth. When you genuinely are open and searching, then you see the glory of God very quickly, because your heart is in the right place. Every part of life comes from God. If, in the heart of tragedy, we can embrace […]

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Podcast: We Are Not Good, We are Perfect

A beautiful and intimate encounter takes places where Mooji Baba looks with one being into the nature of relationships, that which comes and goes, and that which is perfect and unchanged. “Actually we are not good , we are perfect. But we are not living life conscious of our perfection, we are living life identified […]

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