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At His Feet

When your mind and your reasoning doesn’t belong to you anymore, you don’t become dead. You are dead of ego but fully alive as what Is. The ultimate expression of love is when you can’t find the other – even the most loved one. Behind and beyond the finding – you are there. In this […]

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Don’t Know Anything At All

Don’t be afraid of not knowing. It is only the idea of knowing nothing that brings fear. We carry and hold on to a lot of concepts, a lot of mental garbage. We want to be free but we want to be free with our garbage. We want to preserve our identity at all cost […]

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Today Is A Good Day To Realise The Self

Never feel that today is not a good enough day to awaken to the Truth. If you make plans for realising the Self in the next 6 months it will take you at least 6 months. What you are is always here, it can never not be here. The experience may be that you are […]

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Truth Is Beyond Notions

For the wise one, everything that happens has a thank you message in it. In the beginning, you might only be able to be grateful in retrospection but one day you will find yourself saying thank you even while it is hurting. This is using life wisely. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London

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Lose Your Mind in God

“In true seeing, life becomes empty but full in the sense that nothing is missing. It is like being a mustard seed. Inside the mustard seed, everything is complete. It is not doing anything. The energy inside it is existence itself. What a wonderful privilege to have the freedom to surrender everything. Nothing stops you.” […]

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Solve It As Consciousness

“You can use Satsang for your relationship but I advise you to use your relationship for Satsang.” ~ Mooji If you solve your challenges as consciousness you are out of the trap, if you solve them as a person it will last only until the next problem. For a while the mind is everybody´s guru […]

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As What Are You Here?

In this spontaneous Satsang, Mooji guides us to enquire into who is the one that is giving so much attention to the mind. Stop and question who is listening to the mind and look who observes all of this. It is immediately assumed that it is ‘I’, ‘me’ who is doing this. But see if […]

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A Fundamental Insight

In this illuminating and multifaceted Satsang, Mooji covers many subjects prompted by questions from the listeners who are gathered around. Mooji begins by asking everyone, “What is boredom?” After some insightful responses to this question, Mooji then speaks about ‘unsuccessful inquiry’ versus ‘a place where the inquiry never fails’, the play of personality, confusion and […]

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Welcome to Satsang

At the opening of the Silent Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India, Mooji talks about the opportunity of Satsang. He says, “The emphasis here is not on teaching and learning, but on discovery, direct recognition, direct experience.” Opening Talk from the 2009 Silent Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India

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Stop Identifying With And Defending What Does Not Serve Truth

Why is it that after all this spirituality, so few people seem to be waking up? It’s because at the bottom line, you’re still defending your person! We must give up this lazy part of ourselves, to find the power to confront what is unjust, to stop perpetuating the dark side by making excuses. Something […]

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