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Welcome to Satsang

At the opening of the Silent Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India, Mooji talks about the opportunity of Satsang. He says, “The emphasis here is not on teaching and learning, but on discovery, direct recognition, direct experience.” Opening Talk from the 2009 Silent Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India

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Stop Identifying With And Defending What Does Not Serve Truth

Why is it that after all this spirituality, so few people seem to be waking up? It’s because at the bottom line, you’re still defending your person! We must give up this lazy part of ourselves, to find the power to confront what is unjust, to stop perpetuating the dark side by making excuses. Something […]

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The Most Essential Discovery

“The purpose of the inquiry is to be clear about the identity of yourself.” A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Mooji’s home

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In The Acid Of Life I See God

Is spirituality only for people who have everything else in life, who have a comfortable and cosy life, or also for people who go through a lot of suffering, who experience wars and great destruction? Life cannot be without suffering, it cannot be without pain and jealousy because all of this helps human beings to […]

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Listen With The Ears Of Consciousness

Remember that you are living in already answered prayers. Many things that you are experiencing now, a while ago you have longed for them. And when you attained them, after a while, they lost their glitter and their shine. All things, after a while lose their shine because there is not really a shine in […]

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Don’t Miss Your Chance

Don’t miss your grace! Don’t miss this opportunity of falling completely inside your own ocean. Don’t miss this opportunity of not trying to control the world or your feelings or other people or what they think. But be completely empty. Start right now – you can do it. Throw away all your thoughts and let […]

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A Sweet Remembering

By giving attention and importance to our thoughts, we actually believe them into existence and then suffer their impact on us. All our life we are trying so hard to change and improve something which does not even exist. But something inside is totally untouched… and a sweet remembering washes this entire struggle away. This […]

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Take Big Steps and Trust

This is a spontaneous Satsang which occurred shortly after the Monte Sahaja Sunday Satsang. Mooji speaks about the resistance and mind-attacks that can often come after one has had an opening or a breakthrough in their own seeing. When these mind-attacks happen, many people run away because they feel it is a painful experience, but […]

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Don´t Waste Any Time

There is still a lot of superficial judgement in people, spiritually prejudiced judgement and very often we just want to display that we are spiritual. You have to remain true to your own Being and be open. Any thought can appear in your mind, even terrible ones because no thought belongs to you until you […]

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What Is Always Is

Mooji touches on very subtle points of the inquiry and speaks about That which simply Is. What Is always Is, whether there are doubts or not. When someone says that sometimes they are aware of this Is-ness and sometimes not aware of It, Mooji asks: Which is greater? The apparent ‘Is-ness’, or the ‘me’ that […]

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