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The True Position – Part 2: Grace Reveals It In You

The second part begins with this same questioner asking if he must “do something” now that he has seen. Mooji explains, The one who sees… somehow you have to keep saying “Yes” to your seeing, because the eyes of the mind want to go back to sleep again, to sleep in desire and identity and […]

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Only the Infinite Can See the Infinite

There is only the One and there is nothing that exists that can stand up in front of the One, not even you. Just follow my words and naturally, if there is an openness and humility present, you will come to the place where you know spontaneously. Humility opens the doors for grace very well […]

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The Power Of The Self

It takes only one instant of clear seeing for the illusion to disappear; in the moment you recognise: You are! There is nothing you have to fix, nothing to heal, nothing to remember. You don´t have to defeat your mind, you only have to know yourself. Knowing yourself is the holy way of bringing your […]

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The Joy Of Not Knowing

This is the opportunity to gaze inside your own being and to feel where you are really looking from. We don’t know for how long we have been looking from the position of person hood. The breakthrough is when you begin to realise and recognise that the person you have been taken yourself to be […]

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The Invisible One

In this beautiful talk that happened just before leaving for the day, Sri Mooji reminds us that nowhere in the world of forms, we can find eternal satisfaction because the world of forms is the world of changes. To find the unchanging one must go to the formless. He invites us to contemplate whether the […]

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Drink Yourself In

Don’t be so keen to share your discoveries with people. Through your enthusiasm for describing the silence you have found, you can become noisy. It’s like writing a 300 page book on Silence. Just imbibe, Drink yourself in. Don’t give someone else a straw to drink you. Just be in That. A spontaneous Satsang recorded […]

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God’s Dream

Your true position is that of the ultimate seeing which is free of attachment and free of need. If you can confirm this in yourself, that state is already called the Buddha consciousness. Let our minds be baptised in that wisdom. If not yet in wisdom, at least in the yes-ness of the Heart that […]

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Shower Of Grace

The life of Truth is truly beautiful, peaceful, happy, free, light, open, holy, kind… And yet there is such resistance against it. This is the paradox: Man seeks all these things but he wants to find it through his mind, through his projections… The opportunity to find it as himself scares him and makes him […]

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White Fire

When you start to inquire into your true nature, the vasanas (strong tendencies of the mind) can’t hide. It is as if they are living in a glass house. They will come, but the good news is that you have all the artillery, all the power, to transcend them. Step truly into the fire and […]

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Everything is a Blessing

Everything is blessing, even the curses are blessings, for the One whose eyes are bright enough to see Them. I don’t know anything more profound than That. That does not have any distance. That has no otherness, no separateness, it is not a person, It simply Is. Knowing That, the world and the manifest worlds […]

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