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Bottomline Be Empty

If you follow Mooji’s guidance to stay as the Self, all other instructions and practices fall flat, they are not needed. This inwardly directed attention brings you to emptiness, to the pure recognition of your natural state. Find that emptiness within your self and be one with that – without the mind or beyond what […]

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To Know This Is To Be This

If you are listening from the position of the person you are not going to get it. Freedom is not for the person, it is from the person. Don’t even try to find yourself because the place from which you are accustomed to looking is itself creating separation and confusion. Stay as the timelessness beyond […]

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A Door Into Your Own Self

Can the Absolute be seen phenomenally? In this Spontaneous Satsang, one seeker reports to Mooji that through the inquiry, he can see what he is not, but cannot see what he is. Mooji explains that realizing the Self is like a non-phenomenal recognition – recognizing something which is not a phenomenon. Asking the question, “Who […]

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Jump Into This Fire

What is Knowledge? It is not words and concepts but energetic resonance that is knowledge. When you feel you don’t know anything at all – that is knowledge. To not know anything, you are just left as Being. If you put the attention on the consciousness, it is compelled to open its flower. If your […]

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A Changing Over of Power – Part 2

In this second part, Mooji speaks about his own experience and the subsequent awakening through inquiry: the burning off of identification, the tendencies of mind, the power of attachment and ultimately, the letting go of all concepts. Finally, he points to the joy of recognizing and transcending the play of mind in the light of […]

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The Song of the Angels

One of the questions that is being put to Mooji is: How do you perceive yourself while watching yourself on video or in photos? Mooji gives an explanation of his experience; he says, “I am there in this but I am also beyond it so I’m able to watch the movements taking place. Actually, I […]

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The ‘Deeper’ is the Depth of Subtlety

The power of the universe is in thought. You think something is a big deal and it becomes a big deal. Mostly we are invested in the ‘buzz’ of the dynamic manifestation in life, and not aware of that place which is completely untouched and uncorrupted, original to any happening. There are some beings that […]

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An Acquired Taste

“Truth has to become an acquired taste. This is the whole game and the movement of spirituality: a gradual turning of the head back towards the Heart, recognizing and honoring the Truth of our self. What I call true self-respect is this.” ~ Mooji A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Portugal

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The Modern Gate is ‘Yes’

When Mooji is asked, ‘How did you do it’? He says, “I didn’t do it actually. ‘It’ did me.” They say, “But if you didn’t do it, how are you asking other people to do it?” Mooji says, “The same One who did me is inside here trying to do you, but you’re saying, ‘No […]

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You ARE That Peace!

“You are the peace that remains before, during, and after the occurrence of any apparent event.” A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Mooji’s home

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