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Everything is Grace

“We can have a leprosy — a mental leprosy — and you don’t have to go and take all these medicines for it. Just the Grace — the touch of the Supreme, of the God, or even the Guru’s Grace removes that leprosy.” A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Mooji’s home

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Eternal Perfection

This is a powerful and poignant talk in which Mooji so clearly reflects — through his words and presence — that unchanging awareness that we are. He explains that the reason why awareness seems to be ‘hidden’ from itself is because it started to go out — it started to proceed and identify with its […]

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‘Here’ is Your True Heart

This talk begins with one seeker sharing his insight that all beings have the same heart, the same core. Mooji responds by saying that you can only ‘see’ that from the core itself. You cannot be looking ‘at’ the core; if you were, with what identity would you be looking? It is more of an […]

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You Who?!

“Never give up” is a catch-phrase often heard but rarely questioned among spiritual seekers. What does it really mean? Never give up what? One questioner feels she should never give up her search for the real truth, but on the other hand, she feels she has to give up or else she will always be […]

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The Meal of the Absolute

“One of the highest expressions of the being — one of the highest joys of the being — is in contemplating itself beyond the dualistic representations and finding that there is only the space of the being, and yet there is no fear of the apparent becoming. It’s the play; it’s the joy; it’s the […]

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Behind the Retina Itself

“Recognise that the universe is not managed by human beings, but by the supreme Being. Just as nature is innocent, we return again to innocence. Never feel that the Self is far away, actually there is no distance.” ~ Mooji A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja in Portugal

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The True Position – Part 1: The True Position

A questioner begins by asking Mooji for a practice or method to purify, as he has heard that purification is needed before seeing can happen. To understand, does one need to purify oneself? Mooji responds saying, “You need to understand the true position of really what you are. This is totally possible. It is possible […]

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Find That Which Is Beyond Time

Everything in life, everything that we can see with the senses, belongs to time. Is there anything that is not time? While you have time, try to find what is beyond time. You have to be true now. Don´t plan to be true in the future because Truth does not know any future. When we […]

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Drown in Your Own Ocean

We speak about a problem we’re having, and we want to talk about how we can stop the problem, but the one who is having the problem and who is able to stop the problem is part of the problem. Many remedies are offered in the world because we want to keep this ‘I’ feeling […]

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Outside of the Box

It is not enough to just be in the mood of exercise and practice. Sometimes one has to be still and quiet and get accustomed to turn the attention inward, immersing the mind in heart energy and to know that difference. There is no doubt in the Self, there is not even conviction in the […]

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