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The Self is the Easiest

The inner harmony is natural and doesn’t have to be maintained by human being, it simply is. When it is discovered, this harmony is spontaneously informing every aspect of your impression. You are not doing anything and one sees how exquisite and simple existence is. A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Monte Sahaja

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Go Home To Yourself

Prompted by questions from those who have gathered around, Mooji touches on many concepts here – the ego, the three gunas, the three states, and also tells some stories from the times of Jesus as well as the unorthodox Lama named Drukpa Kunley. Mooji then moves the attention back to the subject – the one […]

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Cosmic Logic

You cannot travel to your real place because actually you are already there. The journey is complete if you remove this misunderstanding. The heart is our real Being. A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Tiruvannamalai, India

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Podcast: You Are the Untouched Essence

In speaking about the inquiry with one friend, Mooji encourages him to keep looking and looking (inquiring) until the mind gets established in real understanding. If looking just happens once and one sees that one is not any image, object, or person that is suffering, it may not be enough to establish one’s mind in […]

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The Fever of the Self

This a contemplation on freedom. If you would have the freedom to do what you want, to say whatever you want to anybody, to be completely fearless, would that be the true freedom? Or is there anything higher? Perhaps the sense of a personal entity making choices in life seemingly eclipses the real freedom. It […]

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Uninterrupted Joy

Everything that is brought to you through the senses or the mind is bound by time. All experiences belong to time and time will devour everything – except what you really are – it cannot reach that. You have to find that which time cannot touch. This is the ultimate discovery in this universe. A […]

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This Is You

That undisturbed silence, that space within which all things occur, that is Bhagavan. Bhagavan is the unmoving silence and space. That thing which remains unaffected, unalterable, before, during and after all movements in Consciousness — even when Consciousness goes out, It remains unaffected. It alone knows Itself, and no imagination is required. Even the mind […]

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RECOGNISING THE UNMISSABLE-Self is Revealed – Part 3: The Joy of Satsang

During Mooji’s recent appearance on the Never-Not-Here show with Richard Miller, one caller declared his deep wish to be in the presence of Mooji. “I will take the first train tomorrow, if Mooji allows,” he said. Mooji, touched by his sense of urgency, openness and sincerity sent word to him to come immediately. Within a […]

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Concentration Means ‘Not Touching Any Thought’

When one devotee presents the question, “Am I concentrating, or in the direct experience of my Self?” Mooji explains to him the purpose of concentration: That the one who is concentrating merges into what is being concentrated on. Furthermore, concentration is actually an aspect of self-inquiry — it means to not touch any thought. Mooji […]

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The Most Powerful Option

Don’t plan any goodness, just be true in the moment. Whatever you feel you should or you want to do in this world, first find that space inside you which is still and unaffected. We always have an option and the most powerful option is to remain quiet and be nothing. Drop inside yourself and […]

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