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We Are the Ever Perfect

“[Awareness] is the most perfect, because it’s untouchable. There’s no effort in it, there’s no separation in it, there’s no unity in it, there’s no Satsang in it, there’s no Master in it, there’s no disciple in it, there’s no scripture in it, there’s no time, there’s no duration, there’s no enlightenment in it; it […]

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Identity With The God Self

The physical notion of life – biological functioning and personality, is the most shallow part of our experience, and yet so much of our focus is there. Satsang introduces us to our cosmic unity, our identity with the God Self. Then the fear is going. Fear is for the person, not for the Self. A […]

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A Call for Self-Focusing

One man comes to Mooji with a strong determination to know the Truth. He has been experiencing a melting away of the ego, which is being replaced with a feeling of presence. But there are moments, he says, when he feels very uncomfortable when the mind brings up the ‘person’. Mooji says to use the […]

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Why Should You Be So Special

Why should you be special? Why should life favor you particularly? You don’t realize that you can be beautifully happy being nothing at all. Why do you want to be better than everybody else? Why don’t you just enjoy? A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja  

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The Power of God – Part 2

This talk divided in two parts. It is an exploration into current scientific paradigms in relation to desires, ego and ultimate freedom. Mooji’s points us from his own experience to the Truth of who we are. Very few human beings give the universe a chance to show what it is without personal wants and desires. […]

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Everything is Grace

“We can have a leprosy — a mental leprosy — and you don’t have to go and take all these medicines for it. Just the Grace — the touch of the Supreme, of the God, or even the Guru’s Grace removes that leprosy.” A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Mooji’s home

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Eternal Perfection

This is a powerful and poignant talk in which Mooji so clearly reflects — through his words and presence — that unchanging awareness that we are. He explains that the reason why awareness seems to be ‘hidden’ from itself is because it started to go out — it started to proceed and identify with its […]

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‘Here’ is Your True Heart

This talk begins with one seeker sharing his insight that all beings have the same heart, the same core. Mooji responds by saying that you can only ‘see’ that from the core itself. You cannot be looking ‘at’ the core; if you were, with what identity would you be looking? It is more of an […]

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You Who?!

“Never give up” is a catch-phrase often heard but rarely questioned among spiritual seekers. What does it really mean? Never give up what? One questioner feels she should never give up her search for the real truth, but on the other hand, she feels she has to give up or else she will always be […]

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The Meal of the Absolute

“One of the highest expressions of the being — one of the highest joys of the being — is in contemplating itself beyond the dualistic representations and finding that there is only the space of the being, and yet there is no fear of the apparent becoming. It’s the play; it’s the joy; it’s the […]

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