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The Answer Is in the Question

What exist does not know it exists. It has to create a knower of its existence. Without the dynamic consciousness the Absolute cannot be known. But the knower of the Absolute does not exist absolutely. This kind of knowledge can only take you into space and leave you as space. Don’t ask arbitrary and domestic […]

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This Is Auspiciousness

You are already living in a state of grace because you have an attraction for Truth, for the Ultimate. This is not merely a conceptual attraction but a living attraction that comes from inside and that is going to burn everything that is not you. This is auspiciousness. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja […]

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Look With The Eyes Of God

In this spontaneous talk, which was recorded in a taxi on the way to the airport, after the car broke down, Mooji reminds us to not immediately think the worst when something unexpected, apparently bad happens but to see God´s presence and love in it. Everything is part of the bigger picture, of your destiny […]

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Cleaning Your Inner Space

When you have recognised your true nature, the person can be left in its very superficial role. The reflex and surface interactions can appear to be personal but they don´t carry any smell. Everything becomes clean if your I is consciousness. A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja in Portugal

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Don’t Miss The Cave Of The Heart

In this beautiful talk Mooji speaks about the importance of questioning the ‘I’ and of overcoming all resistance to enquiry, and the importance of actually employing the enquiry if for no other reason than because your teacher tells you to do so. If you keep looking you will find that you are always in the […]

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Let These Questions Undo You

The power of Satsang is to remove you — to remove the you which is unstable; the idea of Self… to move it out of the seat of Being. The beauty of this Satsang is in the questions that very strongly point us back to our own Self. Does the knower of the body have […]

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Learn To Say Thank You

For a human being appreciation is a very powerful thing, because it is part of the way in which the consciousness refines itself and becomes more humble, more pliable and more receptive. At first you may not think that you have anything to say thank you for but as you start you will slowly begin […]

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Advaita and Neo-Advaita Pros and Cons

Mooji points out the pros and cons of two paths: Neo-Advaita and traditional Advaita. Neo-Advaita says, “There is nothing to do and nothing to practice because you are already This.” Mooji says that this is true when you realize the Self, but not before. In Neo-Advaita, the intellectual understanding is taken to be the realization […]

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The Author Of Existence

‘Be in the spirit of Truth and any words you speak are in alignment with that spirit.’ ~ Mooji Asked about the importance of spiritual education and training for children, Mooji reminds us that the human being is an expression of consciousness and not the controller of consciousness. If the incentive for change is not […]

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Only Here I Want To Be

In this beautiful talk Mooji explains the workings of the mind and the power of being empty A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London  

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