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All is the Creation of My Father

‘Why are thing as they are? I can only say that there seems to be a profound wisdom, a great beauty, a wisdom that no human being can transcend. I am nothing at all. I am delightfully nothing, timelessly nothing, joyfully nothing, exquisitely nothing and yet none of ‘this’ can be without me. ‘ ~ […]

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The Living Movie

The roles in daily life are constantly changing depending on who we relate to, but something is here that is beyond any role or concept. There is an awareness which is not the body which is there always – like space. This world is a movie-making of the Absolute. It is a living movie played […]

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Beyond the Phenomenal World Is God Space

After watching a movie in which the main character of the movie was given the ability to use the full capacity of his brain, a contemplation is inspired and Sri Mooji begins to speak about phenomenality and nominality. In this particular movie, all of the energy is directed towards gaining things and experiences in which […]

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The Bite of the Satsang Lion

‘Being dropkicked by God, you don’t know anything at all. You are just a mess. It is the best that’s going to happen to you because you cannot contain yourself and at the same time be free. Don’t curse God for this burning; thank God for this burning, because what it takes from you it […]

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Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is part of an Audio CD called “A Guided Meditation with Mooji: Nothing Here But You”. It is featured on YouTube in a two-part series: Guided Meditation Part 1 and Guided Meditation Part 2. Recorded in Port Chester, NY, September 2009

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The Answer Is in the Question

What exist does not know it exists. It has to create a knower of its existence. Without the dynamic consciousness the Absolute cannot be known. But the knower of the Absolute does not exist absolutely. This kind of knowledge can only take you into space and leave you as space. Don’t ask arbitrary and domestic […]

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This Is Auspiciousness

You are already living in a state of grace because you have an attraction for Truth, for the Ultimate. This is not merely a conceptual attraction but a living attraction that comes from inside and that is going to burn everything that is not you. This is auspiciousness. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja […]

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Look With The Eyes Of God

In this spontaneous talk, which was recorded in a taxi on the way to the airport, after the car broke down, Mooji reminds us to not immediately think the worst when something unexpected, apparently bad happens but to see God´s presence and love in it. Everything is part of the bigger picture, of your destiny […]

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Cleaning Your Inner Space

When you have recognised your true nature, the person can be left in its very superficial role. The reflex and surface interactions can appear to be personal but they don´t carry any smell. Everything becomes clean if your I is consciousness. A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja in Portugal

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Don’t Miss The Cave Of The Heart

In this beautiful talk Mooji speaks about the importance of questioning the ‘I’ and of overcoming all resistance to enquiry, and the importance of actually employing the enquiry if for no other reason than because your teacher tells you to do so. If you keep looking you will find that you are always in the […]

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