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Don’t Identify With Anything

Don´t even identify with ‘I’. See if you can find what I is. And the one who is searching to find the I, can that one be found? The enquiry undresses you from the layers that we have put around our being to make us appear presentable, acceptable, plausible. Have some courage, throw everything into […]

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Let Me Belong Only To You

The one who surrenders and lets go, the one who is a servant of the universe, without arrogance, this one, is taken care of by life itself. The sun takes care of him, the rain takes care of him, the wind takes care of him, the earth takes care of him, the travelers take care […]

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The Sage’s Mind Is Dead And Fully Alive

Every sentence is a door going back into the same room. A room you never leave, except by imagination. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja  

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Blessed Are You

You need the ego to transcend the ego and it is its role to bite you, so you don´t go to sleep. Going to sleep means going back into the person. As long as you identify with your mind, it seems as the ego is an enemy to the ego but as soon as you […]

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Pure Perfect Being

“You want to be the perfection but how would you know it was perfect if you didn’t taste imperfection? How would you know anything if you don’t know the opposite? All this bitter sweat ups and downs and toughness gives you spiritual grit and maturity. Allow what is being shared to guide the attention and […]

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Spiritual Nutella

In this conversation, Mooji answers some uncommon questions, such as: ‘Is there such a thing as a healthy ego? I know we are ultimately One, but in what way are we different – beyond the body? Does duality go beyond the physical world? Where do memories stay? Is there a memory of the Self? Do […]

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A Life Called Wise

This is a talk that happened in Monte Sahaja one evening, after watching a talent show on TV. Sri Mooji points out to us how watching TV can be one of many great ways of facing the cultural conditioning that is still being held in the beingness. He also reminds us that failure and crashing […]

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Dancing on the Surface of Formlessness

‘You come to that place which can feel to be infinite and yet it can feel to be tiny as an atom. It is too sweet to discover this cause; you have no where to go but everwhere! What I am prevades everything; absolutely, timelessly effortlessly. At a certain point, nothing can infringe upon or […]

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You Are The Light Of God

It is not enough to study, to understand spiritual scriptures and to accumulate knowledge. You need to be ready to die for it because it is worth every moment. The supreme wants you to taste the majesty of your own transcending. You are the light of God, the very soul of the Universe. A Spontaneous […]

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You Must Be The Answer

Behind every perception or experience, something says ‘I’. I perceive this, I experience this, I understand this. What is this I? Can the I who perceives and understands, can it be understood, can it be perceived? Does it have a shape or a quality, is it a man or a woman, does it have a […]

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