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Trust and Remain the Child on the Lap of God

When you discover the Here which is beyond geography and the Now which is beyond time, then you are reintroduced to your own freedom. You become so empty that you can accommodate the presence of God. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja

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The Holiness of Being

We are cherishing memories and ideas about life that were not even real at that time. Don´t hold on to what is past. There might be some sadness or pain but some pain has to be felt to grow and outgrow old limitations. Bear this for the moment, it will pass. Be grateful that grace […]

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Meet God

Now is the perfect time to meet God. It doesn’t take time to meet that which you can never separate from – Your own Self. In this talk Mooji invites you into a powerful investigation of Truth. Instead of getting pulled into tendencies of identifying with the egoic mind, inquire into your thoughts and habits. […]

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The Living Sadhana

Nothing stops you from finding the Truth. But if you think it does, it will feel like it. Don’t waste too much time cleaning your little issues and problems, focus on the Self. Stay as the Self and if the Self wishes to clean the dynamic expression, it will do it, you don’t have to […]

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Don’t Be Complacent

Don’t miss your chance for freedom. Don’t be complacent. There has to be some vigilance not to buy into the distractions of the mind. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja  

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The Timeless Source

In this talk Mooji guide us, as always, in the most direct way to the final recognition of our true nature. Once one realize in the heart that ‘I am not the one looking towards the source, but I am the one looking at the sense of myself searching for the source’, the journey is […]

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Dont Close Your Mind

To know anything apart from your self is a limitation. You venerate objective knowledge; know so many things about so many subjects. But do you know the knower? Who is the knower of these things? When you are empty, you can be nothing, and when you are nothing you begin to taste the immensity of […]

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You Can Only BE Truth

You have to appreciate and embrace and swallow these instructions so they become you. Don’t keep it in the head only and say: ‘Yes I agree’. You cannot agree with Truth, you cannot even believe in Truth, you can only Be Truth. A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja in Portugal

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Nobody Can Disappoint God

In this talk Mooji shares his views about commitment in intimate relationships, faithfulness and love. Is it possible to keep your word? How can anyone make the promise, “I will love you forever”? At the most it can be a declaration of the love that you feel right now. Many people don’t have the spiritual […]

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You Are the Awareness – Dont Overlook This!

To the witness of the thing that is playing, we pay no attention. We have a strong desire to have some particular outcome happen, like these feelings should stop, they should become beautiful, I should be happy again, etc. No one introduces you to these things; it is not felt to be important even. If […]

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