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In the Lap of God

Recorded at the intensive in Krakow, Poland, August 2011 After recognizing the Truth of who you are, the old way of thinking will try to come in and create doubt in you, the beingness. At a stage of awakening you will have your 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness; forces will come and […]

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Let This Be the Last Meal

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Portugal “Whatever food you eat, you’re going to be hungry again.” In response to these words from Mooji, a determined seeker says, “Then let this be the last meal.” Letting this be the last meal means to accept that you are just here – no longer running after meals (desires) […]

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The Natural State

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Portugal The potential of being human is to discover that state within oneself which is beyond effort, which cannot be maintained or sustained. No effort is required for being. Once that realization has occurred, one sees that oneself is not the moving part, not emotion, not time, not space, not […]

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You Must Disappear

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Portugal When you speak from the mind, from the past, you already know what you are going to say. It’s dead! It’s not even alive for you, so how do you expect it to be alive for other beings? You have to come fresh, from that place. The mind is […]

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We Are Here to Hatch

A spontaneous talk recorded in Portugal Mooji says that you cannot change your personality in a flash but you can realize the Self in a flash. It is not that the conditioning has to leave, but that the identity has to be exposed. Don’t try to change yourself – that is to put your power […]

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Just Keep On Seeing

Spontaneous talk recorded in Portugal “If the whole world is holding on to you and you are not holding on to anything, then you are free. Let everything come and hold you, but you are not holding anything. That’s how you leave the mind.” Perhaps this thing that we call enlightenment is too easy, too […]

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The Mirror Path

A spontaneous talk recorded in Portugal. This talk begins with questions about transcending conditioning, balancing spirituality and worldly life, and working hard for ‘things’. As Mooji addresses each of these questions, he reminds us that the human being is designed to fail in order to succeed; the inability to balance our lives can be a […]

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