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Podcast: You Cannot Find What is Perfect, You Can Only Drop What is Imperfect

In this short podcast Sri Mooji talks about self-inquiry and the importance of listening and really understanding. He points out the difference between a clever mind and true wisdom, and uses a beautiful story about the Buddha to illustrate this point. “You cannot find what is perfect, you can only drop what is imperfect, this […]

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Podcast: This Question Must Quench Your Thirst

Joy and peace may come. This is the perfume of the Self. These are not to be rejected. Sometimes though even the most fragrant flower has no smell. The perfume is also perceived, the fact that it is perceived means it is another phenomenon, it is not stable, it can come and go. Enjoy but […]

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Podcast: You Are Already Smelling Victory

Moojibaba has a short spontaneous talk with a small group at Monte Sahaja in which there is French translation. He looks with one being who is seeking truth and finding fear come up while doing self inquiry. He points that all these things coming up, like fear, doubt or the sense of ‘not getting it’ […]

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Podcast: It’s Your Time to Wake Up

My job in this life here with you is to remind you of this–to come to the place of the ‘I am’, the consciousness, which is not mixed up in all these things. It’s your time to wake up.

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Podcast: Wherever You Are the Spirit of God Is There

“Wherever you are the spirit of God is there. Just allow it to do its thing. To push would be to go into your human thing. This is one thing that I want that we all come to gauge. Sometimes the energy can feel a bit flat, and we have no energy for some things, […]

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Podcast: There’s Only the Wholeness

“Prayer, surrender, inquiry, all are good. It’s important to put your attention inward. Ultimately you must merge your sense of separateness into the whole, There’s only the wholeness.” Sri Mooji points to help us see that the small roles or parts we think we play in life are just fractured ideas, he says “This position […]

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Podcast: How Does God See the World?

If God is love, why is there so much hate and selfishness in the world? Love has to start with you. Why be so afraid? Peace is not enduring when it is written on paper as a kind of treaty. It has to start from within. Your peace will touch the world a lot more […]

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Podcast: Look and See — Don’t Defend Your Ego

Recorded on 12 June 2016 In Monte Sahaja, Portugal Know immediately when the person is speaking. Only the person will feel these types of feelings like, “where do I belong”? The person who suffers this cannot be found. It does not exist. Keep looking, and each time you look, you will see it is never […]

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Podcast: You Are Your Higher Somewhere

Spontaneous talk recorded in Rishikesh, India 8th March 2016 “How are you spending the waking state? Where’s your attention living?” In this podcast Sri Mooji invites us in to contemplating these very profound questions. “Is it outward? How much time do we give to meditative states or holding the attention in stillness or neutrality of […]

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Be Put in the Soil of God

Recorded on 25 May 2016 in Zmar, Portugal In this beautiful short talk Sri Mooji points out how important it is to have the qualities of trust, faith and openness alive in you. “The seed of trust must be tender in you, whether you are conscious of it or not. So that when it’s put in […]

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