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Nothing Happens To You Ever

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja The person is always late because its tendency is to keep linking to the past. It does not adapt to the freshness of now. Whenever you look into the mirror it never shows you a face of the past. The consciousness is just like that, it is always […]

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Love Is the Climate of Your Presence

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja The consciousness in this form has tremendous capacity. We can function on so many different levels but when it begins to function on a level where love, joy, peace and wisdom are the climate of your presence, then you are in the realm of God. 

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You Have To Do It

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in Zmar Do not use the enquiry merely as a pain killer. The one who feels free from pain will again experience pain at another moment. Go deeper than that and find the one who has had enough of suffering and the one who is thankful for being free from suffering. […]

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Inside The Unmoving

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja “When the sense of personhood comes, let it come and watch it from consciousness and see what happens to it.”

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A Dead Man’s Night Out

You want to have a nice mind, a spiritual mind. You want you and your mind to walk to heaven together. Well, it might not happen. You might have to leave him. You are going to come to this place where it doesn’t matter what the mind says. Until we know that the mind is […]

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God Is Love

Prayer is not some kind of poetry or art; it is the most beautiful contemplation. There is nothing you can say that could offend God. The love of God is so great, it gives you the freedom to be nothing. Only the one who has met God has the confidence and the joy to be […]

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The Sky Of Your Own Being

All experiences are emerging from within the Joy of Being. Even anxiousness, tiredness, pain – everything becomes bearable because it is arising and seen from this place. Like all clouds are a movement against the background of the vast sky, all experiences arise on the sky of your own being. Everything is passing and has […]

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The Beauty of Self-Recognition

“What is the question, ‘Who am I?’ driving at? If this question cannot give me what I am, then what is the purpose of this question?” It’s not a mantra or a mental method. The purpose of this question is to find out what arises as ‘I’. Everyone assumes ‘I’ to be the person, and […]

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Fall Fully Apart

You have be struck by lightening and fall fully apart. You must have this much courage for freedom. Something much more then cleverness is required, something much more profound than intellectual understanding. There is no time to plan for this. You must be ready to offer yourself up for whatever it will be it will […]

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Moving From Person to Presence

One person reports to Mooji over a Skype phone call that through her inquiry, she has realized that many concepts and ideas she has believed in — including the idea of who she thought she was — are not true. She says that she does not really understand what is happening right now and sometimes […]

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