Guest Stay

Monte Sahaja is both an ashram and Mooji’s home. This creates a unique place in this world where we can be fully in Satsang in the home of a living Master. Every aspect of Monte Sahaja is imbued with Moojibaba’s presence and love, and everything at Sahaja has arisen under his guidance. It is understandable and natural to come to Sahaja with the urge to be physically close to Moojibaba, however he moves in a very spontaneous way and may not always be physically present or offering Satsang regularly. The emphasis of being in Monte Sahaja is to be immersed in the energy field of a living ashram that supports our self-inquiry and Satsang.

Daily Life
Monte Sahaja is rich with sacred spaces and contemplative areas that are a compelling invitation to deepen in the pointings of Mooji. There are no Satsangs with Moojibaba scheduled at present, however spontaneous satsangs may occur. The daily program includes a range of activities that support Satsang, such as video satsangs, the Invitation, silent sitting, chanting, aarti and seva. 

Seva means ‘selfless service’ and refers to action done without the expectation of outcome. It is an opportunity to directly experience that all actions are an expression of consciousness. On your arrival you will be able to speak with our seva team to explore the current possibilities most suited to you.

Guest Stay ~ Staying in accommodation at Monte Sahaja
The accommodation at Monte Sahaja is comfortable, yet simple and modest. The options include small huts, single rooms, dormitories or tents, all without electricity or private toilets and showers.

Day Visits ~ Staying in accommodation in the surrounding area
It is possible to visit Monte Sahaja and participate fully in the daily program while staying in the surrounding area. If you are invited to visit Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area, you must arrange your accommodation before you come.

Monte Sahaja is located in a very beautiful, but remote and rural part of Portugal, and, as such, accommodation is limited. To find a place to stay in the area, please see This website also has information about nearby train stations, banks, cafes, etc. Free camping or ‘wild camping’ is strictly prohibited in this area. It is not allowed to camp on private or public property without permission. This includes parking of camper vans in public spaces and in the villages.

Upcoming Guest Stay and Day Visit Dates
20 - 28 May (applications open until 24 March)

Please note that it is not possible to visit Monte Sahaja without applying, so please do not make any travel arrangements unless you have received an invitation to come.

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