River of Light

Shloka for Vishnu

Yaṁ Brahmā Varuṇendra-rudra martaḥ Stunvanti Divyaiḥ Stavaiḥ Vedaiḥ Sāṅgapadakramo-paniṣadair gāyanti Yaṁ Sāmagāḥ Dhyānāvasthita-tadgatena Manasā Paśyānti Yaṁ Yogino Yasyāntaṁ Na Viduḥ Surāsuragaṇāḥ Devāya Tasmai Namaḥ (English translation) I bow down to that Lord who is eurogized with divine panegyrics by Brahmā: the creator, Varuṇa: the God of water, Indra: the Lord of gods, Rudra: Śiva, Marutas: the airs, whose glories are sung by those who sing Sāmans (musical rendering of Vedic hymns), with Vedas their añgas (six auxiliary sciences), Pada and Krama (specificmanners of Vedic recitation), and Upaniṣads, who is ‘seen’ by the Yogins with a mind that is fixed on Him in meditation and whose limit is not known to gods and demons alike.

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