Lisbon Satsang Intensive

Aula Magna, Portugal

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The most important thing in life
is to wake up to who you truly are.
You are not merely a personal being.
You are the living spirit of Truth.
You are the light of consciousness revealing all.
You are the perceiving presence
devoid of desire and attachment.
You are the wisdom and love
that shines from the source of existence.
You are unborn Awareness.


This Satsang Intensive with Mooji is a powerful non-residential retreat in the heart of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It offers the opportunity to be immersed in the energy field of Satsang—of genuine introspection and contemplation, while still moving in your worldly activities. These five days are a compelling invitation to everyone who is called by the inner voice of the Heart to come to the full recognition of their true Self.

Mooji introduces Satsang as the most effective aid for true and lasting self-discovery. His presence, guidance and words encourage, challenge and never fail to illuminate. Satsang will take place twice each day, offering a supportive and loving space where Mooji answers and guides genuine seekers of peace and freedom into the direct recognition of the timeless Truth. 

Participants arrange their own food and accommodation, however silence is encouraged to support the deep introspection offered in Satsang. While silence means to keep quiet externally and refrain from contact with those around us as much as possible, it also means to introvert our attention and rest it in Being.

5-day on-sit at Aula Magna, Lisbon


Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read and make sure you understand the below Terms and Conditions before registering for this event. If you have any questions, please contact us

General Liability

I agree that Associação Mooji Sangha, and any of their partners (Mooji—Mr. Anthony Paul Moo-Young, Mooji Foundation Ltd, Mooji Media Ltd, Jai Sahaja—Alojamento e Comercio de Productos Basicos, LDA), their directors, officers, helpers and agents, herein referred to as the Organization or us/we/our, shall not be liable for any adverse physical, emotional or psychological effects arising from any of Mooji’s teachings during this event and/or my visit/staying at the Event venue and/or, if different and if the case arises, at Monte Sahaja ashram and cannot monitor my physical, emotional and psychological state. I understand that I am attending and/or watching a Satsang gathering with Mooji that may activate a physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction. I take full responsibility for assessing and deciding to accept any risks I may incur as a result of my participation/watching of Satsang as well as any risks deriving from my visit/staying at the Event venue and/or, if different, at Monte Sahaja ashram. I agree to fully take the liability for any injuries or damages I might experience arising out of my participation in and/or watching a Satsang gathering and/or from my visit/staying at the Event venue and/or, if different and if the case arises, at Monte Sahaja ashram.

I understand that all Satsangs and instructions will be in English, and I take full responsibility for the understanding of all the instructions, especially if English is not my first language.

I understand that I am responsible for having all necessary traveling documents including valid passport and any necessary visas allowing me to visit/stay at the Event venue and/or, if different and if the case arises, at Monte Sahaja ashram.

We encourage you to have an appropriate travel insurance.

Use of Photography, Recordings and Broadcasting

I understand and agree that any and all recordings of Satsang gatherings, for example voice recordings, images, photos or written words of Mooji are copyright of Mooji Media Ltd. and cannot be used for any purpose without prior written permission from Mooji Media Ltd. I understand and agree that I may be photographed or the subject of video, audio, video-audio recordings, musical composition/performance or visuals of any kind, (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Material”), taken during my attendance to the Satsang gathering and/or during my visit/stay at the Event venue and/or, if different and if the case arises, at Monte Sahaja ashram, and that Mooji Media Ltd. is the sole owner of all copyright on the above mentioned Material.

I waive all of my rights to this Material, and consent that it may be used without compensation to me of any kind, for an unlimited period of time. I understand my image, voice, dialogue or musical composition may be used in the sharing and promotion of Satsang, or other educational and informational purposes.

I agree to use any Satsang related Material shared with me with integrity and respect for Mooji, the Satsang, the Satsang participants and the Organisation, and only for personal and non-commercial purpose. I agree that I will not take any photographs, audio, video or audio-video recordings of any kind while I am attending any Satsang gathering, and/or during my visit/stay at the Event venue and/or, if different and if the case arises, at Monte Sahaja ashram. All Material related to Satsang with Mooji remains under the sole copyright of Mooji Media Ltd.

In the unlikely situation that in spite of the aforementioned provisions, I will take photos, recordings of any kind, audio, video, audio-video of Mooji, of the Event venue and/or of Monte Sahaja ashram, or Satsang related, I agree that they shall become as well the ownership of Mooji Media Ltd. free of charge, for an unlimited period of time, so that, Mooji Media Ltd. is entitled to ask me with no limitation for any/all of the following actions: to delete and/or destroy the envisaged material, to share it with Mooji Media Ltd. free of charge for an unlimited period of time, or to refrain from using the Material without Mooji Media Ltd’s written consent.

Emergency Contact

I understand and agree that I must disclose an emergency contact name, phone number and/or email address, in case I register to the event, contact that shall be used in the unlikely situation when my physical, mental health and/or safety, or that of others, is in jeopardy. I confirm that I have the emergency contact person’s consent to disclose their data for this reason. I understand and agree that the assessment of the gravity of a situation shall be at the discretion of the Organisation.

Force Majeure

Means any unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our normal control, which the consequences of could not have been avoided even when exercising all due care. Such circumstances or events include, but are not limited to, war, or threat of war, riot, civil unrest, industrial disputes or strikes, unavoidable technical problems with the visa, transport, or closure or congestion of airports, terrorist activity, natural disasters, industrial disasters, fire, theft, flooding and adverse weather conditions. In the event of any of the above refunds or compensation payments cannot be made.

Thus, in the unlikely situation of a Force Majeure event, before and/or during attending the Event and/or, if the case arises, during your visit/stay at Monte Sahaja ashram, we reserve the right to stop the Event and/or ask you to leave the Event venue and/or, if the case, Monte Sahaja ashram without the possibility to be held liable for any damages you may encounter out of this Force Majeure event happening.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your participation in the Event for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply:

  • If you cancel up to 31 days before the event you will receive a 75% refund.
  • If you cancel 30 days to 15 days before the event you will receive a 25% refund.
  • If you cancel 14 days to 0 days before the event you will not receive any refund.

The refund may be requested for medical reason until 14 days after the Event has ended. After this date expires, we reserve our right to refuse any refund.

The above days are calendar days, not including the day on which the Event starts.

Please note that tickets are non-transferable, and as such it is not possible to sell, give or otherwise transfer your ticket to another person.

Changes to our Terms and Condition

Any changes we may make to our Terms and Condition in the future will be posted on our main page and, where appropriate, notified to you by email.

These Terms and Conditions apply equally for the events and activities organised by the Organisation.


This Satsang Intensive with Mooji is for those who are genuinely drawn to Self-discovery. This environment is not for the merely curious, but for those with a sincere commitment to participating fully and a willingness to adhere to the following guidelines, which are in full support of Satsang. 

By attending this event you agree to: 

• Approach the retreat with the understanding that it is not a casual event—it is for true and lasting self-discovery. 
• Attend every day and every Satsang of the Intensive; and to stay in the Satsang Hall until Mooji has exited the space. 
• Present questions to Mooji in an open and honest way. Please also understand and respect that it is during Satsang that Mooji invites questions—he will not receive questions afterwards.
• Move in silence before, during and after the satsang sessions. Keep your interactions with others to a minimum so as to be immersed fully in the Satsang. Take all necessary interactions outside the building.
• Switch off mobile phones or tablets completely during Satsang. Even a muted phone can interfere with the sound.
• Do not take photos or videos inside the Satsang Hall. We have designated photographers and we will post photos on the website.
• Wear modest clothing throughout the retreat, avoiding tight, revealing or transparent clothes. Women are asked to cover their shoulders; sleeveless T-shirts with wide straps are okay. Men are asked to avoid sleeveless tops altogether. Knee-length shorts are okay for both men and women.
• Have your image and voice recorded and possibly used for the sharing of Satsang on DVD, mp3 and on the Internet. All recorded material will be used to serve satsang only. Images of all individuals will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.
• Check with a healthcare practitioner whether attending the Intensive is suitable for you if you are currently receiving any medical treatment or therapy for issues related to mental health. This Satsang Intensive is not intended as a replacement for any therapy or other medical treatment. 
• The use of intoxicants or recreational drugs is strictly prohibited for the duration of this Intensive.
• Watch this important video before registering to attend this event: An Invitation to Freedom.


The Aula Magna is located in the Rectory of the University of Lisbon. This impressive amphitheatre-style concert hall stages the concerts of many international performing artists, thanks to its excellent acoustics and accessibility. This spacious and comfortable environment is ideal for the full immersive experience of being in Satsang.

Situated conveniently at the heart of the University of Lisbon, the Aula Magna has ample parking and is easily accessed through the Lisbon Metro station, Cidade Universitária. 

Aula Magna 
Alameda da Universidade
1649-004 Lisboa 


Live Translations are available and lovingly offered by a team of devoted, non-professional interpreters. It is very helpful for some participants to listen to Satsang in their native language, however please be aware that there is always the possibility that some of Mooji’s words or meaning is missing or not translated perfectly. Naturally, Mooji’s own, unfiltered words are the highest and most powerful transmission, but many have benefitted deeply from listening to the live translation and we are pleased to offer the following languages: 

Português; Français; Español; русский, Italiano; Română. 

Smartphone or tablet
Compatible headphones
Installation of VLC player App for Android or iOS 

Please ensure you tick the appropriate box when you register to request a translation and you will receive information about the translation service by email. 

There are no dialogues in the world.
It is all a divine monologue.
For in reality there are not two.
There is only the single reality
in its appearance as many.
~ Mooji


Check-in for this event is at the entrance of the Aula Magna on Friday. You will receive a wristband when you check in, which is required to enter the venue. To ease the flow for the distribution of these wristbands, we have special opening hours during which you can check in and collect your wristband:

09:30 – 12:30 (9:30am – 12:30pm) 
14:00 – 17:00 (2pm – 5pm)

To collect your wristband you will need to present:
• Your ticket with barcode (printed or on your smartphone)
• Official ID: Accepted forms of ID are Passport, Driving License, National Identity Card

Doors will close 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for Satsang. Please be seated before Satsang begins. Late arrivals may not be granted entry into the Satsang Hall.

5-Day Satsang Intensive Schedule

Friday, 23 February
17:00 Doors Open
18:00 – 19:30 Satsang

Saturday, 24 February
9:00 Doors Open
10:00 – 11:30 Satsang Session 1
16:00 – 17:30 Satsang Session 2

Sunday, 25 February
9:00 Doors Open
10:00 – 11:30 Satsang Session 1
15:00 – 16:30 Satsang Session 2
19:00 – 20:30 Bhajans

Monday, 26 February
9:00 Doors Open
10:00 – 11:30 Satsang Session 1
16:00 – 17:30 Satsang Session 2

Tuesday, 27 February
8:15 Doors Open
9:00 – 10:30 Satsang Session 1
14:00 – 15:30 Satsang Session 2


As this is a non-residential retreat, we remind you that you will need to arrange your own accommodation. You will find a range of housing options suitable for all kinds of budgets around the venue area. The venue is situated close to the following areas: Campo Grande, Alvalade, Palma de Baixo

Food is not included as part of this event, so it is up to each participant to arrange their own snacks and meals. There is a range of cafés and restaurants close the venue to choose from. No food is to be consumed in the Satsang Hall, but a bottle of water is recommended.


Coming by Plane
Lisbon Airport (LIS), also known as ‘Lisbon Portela Airport’ or ‘Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport’ is just 6km from the Aula Magna, and 7km from the centre of Lisbon. The airport is very well connected by Metro, bus and taxi. 

Coming by Train 
Many national and international trains arrive in Lisbon every day. The main station is Gare do Oriente (also known as Lisboa-Oriente), however another major station is Entrecampos, and the terminal station is Santa Apolónia. All the stations have direct bus and underground connections to the city centre. For more information on trains in Portugal please visit Comboios de Portugal.

Getting to the Aula Magna
The closest Metro station is Cidade Universitária (on the yellow line). It is a 1 minute walk from Cidade Universitária to the Aula Magna. 

Bus routes
Buses that stop at the Aula Magna are 731, 735, 738, 755, 764, 768
The stop is Cidade Universitaria. It takes around 20 minutes from the airport to the venue by bus. 
Directions to the Aula Magna can be found on the map below:

Getting around Lisbon 
Lisbon Metro begins service at 06:30 and closes shortly after midnight. You can find out more about this on Metropolitano de Lisboa. To use the Metro you will need to purchase a VIVA card when you make your first trip. It costs 0,50€ and you can top it up as you go.

Buses are also available day and night. Please visit Carris — Transportes-Lisboa. Buses accept VIVA card (see above) and cash.

Taxis in Lisbon are quite good value for travelling around the city and are convenient for tired tourists or late night arrivals. All taxis charge a €1,60 fee for luggage in the boot.  Taxis de Lisboa: (+351) 21 936 21 13 

Lisbon Taxi: (+351) 302 099 910  
You can also use Uber or Cabify in Lisbon.

Ways to Join

There are two ways to participate in the Satsang Intensive. You can come to Lisbon to be in Mooji’s physical presence at the Aula Magna, or you can join the Live Internet Broadcast through Mooji TV. 

Attending physically at Aula Magna, Lisbon
Being in the physical presence of a living Master and fully immersing yourself in the energy field of Satsang is a rare and blessed opportunity. Mooji’s loving and unfathomable presence itself can trigger transformation in one who is ripe for awakening. Although the Aula Magna is a large venue, please be aware that places are limited so registering online in advance is essential.

After you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a link to your ticket and to a release form. You can either print this digital ticket and bring it along, or store it in your smart phone. Please be aware that the tickets for this event are non-transferable and cannot be passed on to be used by another person. If you do not receive a confirmation email after registering, please write to 

Watching online via Live Internet Broadcast
If you are unable to attend physically in Lisbon, joining via Live Internet Broadcast is an excellent alternative. You will have access to the daily Satsangs in real-time, as well as to the additional scheduled events such as Bhajans. For Moojji there is no separation, no distance to those joining online and he sees absolutely no hindrance or disadvantage to your awakening in attending in this way.

Registration is via Mooji TV and can take place right up to the start of the event. 

Regardless whether you attend in-person or online, an Intensive is more than just the scheduled events, and it is highly recommended that you arrange plenty of quiet, contemplative time and space for yourself. The time you spend prior to and after Satsang is of utmost importance to allow the pointings to settle deeply inside your heart.