Monte Sahaja Day Visit

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Our Self is like the Polar Star—silent and unmoving,
while the ever changing world of mind and matter
dances around it.

~ Mooji

Mooji invites all those who participate in the Satsang Intensive in Lisbon to spend a day at Monte Sahaja.

This sacred land is imbued with the presence of the awakened Self and is a most auspicious place for one to deepen in the natural silence of Being. Here, all can immerse themselves in the humble yet powerful atmosphere of a living Ashram.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful contemplative areas that are to be found on the land and the invitation is to move in silence throughout the entire day, with your attention resting in silent awareness.

Some practical information about the Day Visit and Monte Sahaja

  • Buses will be provided for all Day Visit participants departing from and returning to Lisbon (Estufa Fria) on the Wednesday of the Day Visit. Please note that it is not possible to stay at Monte Sahaja after the Day Visit.
  • Leave all your luggage in Lisbon and travel light, only with a daypack or hand bag. One must be reasonably fit to move around Monte Sahaja. The land is very hilly and the distances between places can be long.
  • From the main road where the buses stop, we will walk for 20 – 30 minutes to reach Monte Sahaja. It is a lovely shady walk with some hills through cork oak trees. Transportation will be available only for those who cannot walk this distance.
  • Water is a very precious resource for us at Monte Sahaja. We conserve water wherever we can and we ask you to be mindful of your water use. You will find we save water in many ways, including toilets that are a dry-composting system where the ‘flush’ is a handful of sawdust. They are easy to use and have seats like normal Western toilets.
  • In case you have booked to stay longer in the area, you will be asked to travel with our buses to the nearby village (São Martinho das Amoreiras, 2km from Monte Sahaja) and arrange your pick up or ride from there at the end of the visit. To find a place to stay in the area, please see

Day Visit Program – 3 May 2017

07:30 Meeting at Estufa Fria parking area and start loading
08:00 Buses leave Lisbon
11:00 Arrival at Sahaja
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
18:00 Departure from Sahaja
21:00 Arrival in Lisbon (at Estufa Fria parking area)

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