Zero Baby!

Music Single


Zero Baby! is a funky, fun, 80’s style pop song with surprising depth that is inspired by Mooji’s pointings to the place of ‘zero’. It arose over the holiday season, in a time when the Monte Sahaja sangha were expressing their playful and creative sides

“Only by returning to zero can we see
that all this investment in the dream called ‘I-me’
is just a distraction from the glory of the Truth we are.”

“Sometimes it’s the mind that’s saying,
‘But the mind is so strong. I want to get rid of my mind.’
When actually you are already out of it.

Zero baby, only zero works, okay?
No compromise, nothing—zero.
If I say zero, is it enough? Zero means what?
It’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.
And right there it finishes.”

“Only the one who is zero,
who has discovered the fullness of nothing,
knows it is also everything.”

~ Mooji


01 Zero Baby!
Shivali, Mooji, Sadhu Om, Omraj
(Lyrics) 2:33

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