Upcoming Online Awakening Intensive with Mooji — 27 – 29 October, 2023

29 Sep, 2023 | 02:55

Online Awakening Intensive — 27 – 29 October

This 3-day Online Awakening Intensive is a fresh calling from Moojibaba into the heart of true seeing. Moojibaba recently shared a very focused and impactful guidance with the sangha called A Commitment to Self-Discovery. This condensed and potent instruction invites us to dedicate time each day to sit in pure uninvolved witnessing, bringing us to the profound recognition of universal consciousness.

Now many in the Sangha are taking great leaps in their seeing through the pure grace and simplicity of the exercise. We invite you full-heartedly into this auspicious time through the opportunity of this retreat with Moojibaba.

Find out more:

Pre-Retreat Program begins on Monday, 23 October
Registration closes on 24 October

We will have a four day Pre-Retreat Program based on A Commitment to Self-Discovery. We highly recommend registering before it begins on 23 October.

–The intensive will offer five Satsangs over the course of the three days. In addition to the Live Satsangs with Moojibaba, there will be various contemplations and Satsang recordings offered, as well as an online contemplative space. Everyone will be invited to join two of the Live Satsangs on Zoom, where there is the opportunity to bring forward burning questions regarding the discovery of Truth.

For those in whose hearts this urge for Truth is alive and pressing—this intensive is for you!