The Team

A collection of insightful talks with the team from Monte Sahaja

We would like to introduce some of the team that supports the sharing of Satsang with Mooji with all those worldwide who are called by this same voice to discover their true nature. This sharing of Satsang would not be possible without the spirit of selfless service that infuses so many in Monte Sahaja and around the world—their invaluable contributions continue to support in countless ways. Many who are in service in this way have themselves changed in deep and profound ways, and are a powerful inspiration to all those following Mooji’s guidance. Yet, as the team moves about in this spirit of selfless service, we have rarely had the opportunity to hear from them—until now. Welcome to Hello Sahaja!


In this engaging talk, Shree speaks about her journey from software engineer in New Jersey, USA, to Satsang with Mooji in Tiruvannamalai, India. She shares about the joy of first discovering Satsang, how it was to come from the city to rural Monte Sahaja, and how it is to work closely with Mooji and the rest of the team. 

We are very much looking forward to introducing more of the team soon! Stay tuned...

True happiness, lasting joy, peace, wisdom and love are the fragrance of our true nature.