Quote of the Day
19 June 2018

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Becoming accustomed to identifying strongly with form,
and developing a deep sense of stability and security
from the belief, ‘I have a body, this is me,’
we rarely question if this is belief or assumption.
It is amongst the earliest of impressions
to embed itself in consciousness.
Therefore, in the beginning it may feel ungrounding to find
that the ultimate Self is not a thing, not an object.
Because all objects appear through thought,
belief, time and space;
they have a beginning and an end.
But the Source is timeless and formless.
You are the timeless appearing as time,
the formless appearing inside form,
the unmoving at the core of all movements,
the invisible within the visible.
The Self is closer than intimacy.
In fact, close is false,
because close means some distance
and the Self is distanceless.
In the beginning, we may feel a frustration
because we seek Truth with the conditioned mind,
and the mind only knows, compares or measures activity.
Mind interprets variety, change and objects.
It cannot find or recognise the formless Self,
though the Self alone is stable and real.
Give up trying to find it with the mind.
Be open and receptive.
It is being introduced to you.
Accept this grace.

~ Mooji