In this heart-opening interview with Drishti, we hear of her sincere quest for truth since childhood and how this brought her to Mooji. She shares with us how life has changed for her since this meeting and how she experiences having a Master like Moojibaba. 

“It’s just become quieter, simpler, more trusting, more love. It’s very auspicious to have a Master and to have a Master who is so loving, so open. Maybe in India we are very blessed to have this; gratitude to the one who has given his whole life, his everything.

“The simpliciity of his saying, ‘Many have come to this recognition over the centuries...why not you?’ What he’s saying is it’s not something later, as a possibility. What he is saying is true. It’s real, it’s here, it’s right now. And why not me? This invitation he gives to everybody. It’s not limited to a certain saint or sage or to a certain sect or religion. And it’s not something for future, it’s not something later and you don’t have to be anything special."

Drishti refers to the satsang video: Why not Us?