Shiva Shankar

‘I felt like I had a thirst for a long time, and for the first time in my life, it was quenched.’

Shiva Shankar was part of the Safety and Guidance team for some years and is a beloved member of the sangha. In this simple yet profound interview, he speaks of a strong experience that first brought him to meet Mooji, how his team and way of working at Monte Sahaja, Portugal, are so unlike previous work experiences, and the powerful event that led him to receive his new name. 

Shiva Shankar also reflects on what it’s like to move so closely with Mooji and speaks about how everything he does is permeated with a love for Truth and Satsang. 

‘He is not a master for Satsang, he is a master 24 hours a day. He always takes care of everybody in the most loving way… the care for everybody is always in his mind first. When you’re close to him you see that he’s not teaching you a theory, his being is teaching you, his way of being with people… This love and great peace is always with him.’