5-Day Satsang Intensive


Welcome to the Awakening Intensive Lisbon

Your ticket

You will need to bring this ticket with you when you check-in at Aula Magna on Wednesday to receive your wristband. You can print the ticket or bring it on your smartphone.
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Download your ticket here.


Essential Information

to review before you travel to Lisbon


Please check in at the earliest time that you can from the opening hours provided.



Only small bags are allowed at the Aula Magna.



Please read this information carefully to insure you will be able to access the translation.


Entry to the Satsang Hall will be prioritised depending on your wristband colour.



A reminder that this is a non-residential event so you need to arrange your own meals and accommodation.


April can sometimes be rainy in Portugal, so we recommend you pack an umbrella



Check in at Aula Magna

Before the first Satsang, everyone must check-in for this event at the entrance of the Aula Magna on Wednesday, 3 April. You will receive a wristband when you check in, which is required to enter the venue.

To collect your wristband you will need your ticket, printed or on your smartphone, which you can find at the top of the page in the form of a QR code.

Check in opening hours:

Wednesday, 3 April
9:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00
(Lisbon time)

Aula Magna, Edifício da Reitoria,
Alameda da Universidade
1649-004 Lisbon, Portugal

xxx Please check in at the earliest time that you can from the opening hours provided. xxx

xxx Satsang Hall

xxx The venue is a theatre with fixed padded chairs. Therefore do not pack extra floor seats or floor cushions.

xxx General Etiquette

• Switch off electronic devices during Satsang

• Do not take photos or videos inside the hall

• No food may be consumed in the hall, but a bottle of water is recommended

• The use of intoxicants or recreational drugs is strictly prohibited for the duration of this intensive

xxx Bag Sizes

xxx Only handbags and small backpacks are allowed at the venue. Please leave bigger bags and luggage in your accommodation or at a luggage storage service. There are no lockers or places to store bigger bags at the venue.

xxx There will be a security check at the entrance to the venue.

xxx The Mooji Sangha Shop will be on the upper floor of Aula Magna, where you can find Mooji’s books, photos, and contemplations as well as other items from the sangha such as music, hand-made bags, and malas.

About Translation

We are happy to offer live translation for this intensive in <your Language>.

Requirements to access:
Smartphone or tablet

Note our website and emails have been auto-translated, so the quality of the translation may vary. 

Please read this information below carefully before you travel to Lisbon, to insure you will be able to access translation successfully.


Wristband Entry Flow

At check in you will receive a coloured wristband which you need to show whenever you enter the venue. Entry to the Satsang Hall will be prioritised depending on wristband colour. This is to give everyone a chance to be first to enter the hall, and we also hope this will reduce the need for early queueing.

For the first Satsang on Wednesday, the doors open at 16:00 (4:00pm Lisbon time). There will be a free flow entry, with no wristband colour priority.

For all other Satsangs, doors open 1h15min to 45 min before Satsang, depending on your wristband colour.

At check-in you can make note of which sessions your colour will have priority entrance for, and the time of entry. It is your responsibility to be there on time and not to miss your priority entrance when it is your turn.


Being in Satsang at Aula Magna

Moojibaba will take questions, reports and testimonies from those attending the intensive physically in Lisbon. Please keep your question to the essence of what you would like to share, arising from the heart of your discovery in Satsang.

Know that it is not necessary to ask a question to make the full use of this time—when Moojibaba answers one questioner, he is answering everyone, as his guidance is universal.


Each participant is asked to follow these guidelines which are in full service to your awakening.


Approach the intensive with the understanding that it is not a casual event—it is for true and lasting self-discovery. Please attend every Satsang and stay until Mooji has left the space.


Move quietly with your attention resting in silent awareness, including before and after Satsang. Keep social interactions to a minimum.


Present questions to Mooji in a simple, open and honest way—as though this is your only opportunity for freedom.


The recordings from the Awakening Intensive Lisbon are found here.
The Live Sessions will be available here on the same day, some time after the session ends.


All of the Live Sessions from the intensive


These recordings are shared leading up to the intensive to prepare us to be in Satsang with Moojibaba


All times are in Lisbon time zone (UTC).

All times are in Lisbon time zone and the schedule is subject to change. Satsangs vary in length, typically running for 1.5 hours, and sometimes longer depending on the flow and needs of the intensive.

Please be seated at least 15 minutes before each session begins.

17:00Welcome and Opening SatsangLIVE

Lisbon timeTHURSDAY, 4 APRIL
10:30Live Satsang with MoojiLIVE
17:00Live Satsang with MoojiLIVE

Lisbon timeFRIDAY, 5 APRIL
10:30Live Satsang with MoojiLIVE
19:30Mooji Sangha Live ConcertLIVE

Lisbon timeSATURDAY, 6 APRIL
10:30Live Satsang with MoojiLIVE
Live Satsang with MoojiLIVE

Lisbon timeSUNDAY, 7 APRIL
10:30Live Satsang with MoojiLIVE

Making the most of this opportunity

This Satsang Intensive is more than just the scheduled Satsangs. It is highly recommended that you arrange quiet, contemplative time and space for yourself whenever possible. This greatly supports you making the most of your opportunity.

Travel and Accommodation


As this is a non-residential retreat, you will need to arrange your own food and accommodation. There is a range of housing options for all kinds of budgets in the neighbourhoods near to the venue, such as Campo Grande, Alvalade, Palma de Baixo. In addition, most other areas of Lisbon are accessible by public transit within 20-30 minutes.

We created a Facebook Event for this Intensive, for participants to communicate with each other about housing and travels.

There are also various cafés and restaurants close to the venue. No food may be consumed in the Satsang Hall, but a bottle of water is recommended.


Coming to Lisbon

By Plane
Lisbon Airport (LIS), also known as ‘Lisbon Portela Airport’ or ‘Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport’ is just 6km from the Aula Magna, and 7km from the centre of Lisbon. The airport is very well connected by Metro, bus and taxi.

By Train 
The main station is Gare do Oriente (also known as Lisboa-Oriente). Two other major stations are Entrecampos (the closest station to the venue) and Sete Rios. All the stations have direct bus and Metro connections to the city centre. For more information please visit Comboios de Portugal.

getting to the aula magna

The closest Metro station is Cidade Universitária (on the yellow line). It is a 1 minute walk to the Aula Magna.

Buses that stop at Cidade Universitaria, the closest stop to the Aula Magna, are 731, 735, 738, 755.

getting around lisbon

Lisbon Metro runs from approximately 6:30am to 1am. To use the Metro you will need to purchase a VIVA card (0,50€) when you make your first trip and top it up as you go. Find out more about this on Metropolitano de Lisboa.

xxx Many of the closest restaurants to the venue are along the yellow line, at Metro stops such as Campo Pequeno and Saldhana.

Taxis in Lisbon are quite good value for travelling around the city and are convenient for tired travellers or late night arrivals. All taxis charge a €1,60 fee for luggage in the boot.  

Taxis de Lisboa: (+351) 218 119 000
Lisbon Taxi: (+351) 916 053 420  

You can also use Uber or Bolt in Lisbon.

xxx Buses are also available day and night. Please visit Carris Transportes Lisboa. Buses accept VIVA card, and cash. xxx

xxx There is also a variety of paid parking located around the Aula Magna.

“Be where seeing arises from, where even the function of seeing is seen. Remain rooted in this unseen place. This is your Self and your home.” ~ Mooji


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