7-Day Silent Retreat with Mooji Baba

Zmar, Portugal

24 – 31 May, 2017

In satsang we are exposing and discarding the unreal.
When the unreal is discarded,
you don’t have to go and search for the real.
The real alone remains. It is ever here.
You realise it never left.
It is always here as your own Self.
~ Mooji

Mooji Baba is unlike anyone else you are likely to meet. With profound clarity and directness, he points to the ever-present Truth that is our true nature, the source of lasting happiness and peace. His presence shines with an immediate and undeniable light, wisdom and love. He is the true Master. This silent retreat is Mooji Baba’s compelling invitation to everyone who is called by the inner voice of the Heart to come to the full recognition of their true Self. Satsang is a supportive and loving space where Mooji Baba answers and guides genuine seekers of freedom into the direct experience of the true Being, the Self.

This silent retreat offers the opportunity for beings to be immersed in the energy field of Satsang—of introspection and contemplation, and without the usual demands, pressures and distractions of daily life and social interaction. While silence means to keep quiet externally and refrain from contact with those around us, it also means to introvert our attention and rest it in being—in the heart. Although this may initially bring some resistance, when one persists beyond this, the mind is absorbed into presence.


This silent retreat at Zmar is offered by Mooji Baba as the opportunity for complete freedom. It is essential that this is the focus and intention held by those who come. This is not a casual event and everyone should use this auspicious time with the Master for true self-discovery and nothing less.
Upon discovering your infinite Self, you break free from the binding ropes
of time and separation
and shine as the indivisible
and timeless Being.
~ Mooji

Mooji Baba is also very happy to share this retreat online via live internet broadcast. For those who feel they would like to participate but cannot attend physically, this is their opportunity to be fully present and immersed in the spirit of Satsang.

You can find more details about the Online Retreat and how to register on

All satsang sessions will be recorded and available for participants to view for two months after the retreat. They will also be available in video and audio format to purchase from the online Satsang Shop.

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