Silent Retreat – Zmar

Nothing in existence can overcome you
when you know who you truly are.
This discovery begins unfolding
as your mind enters your heart.
Satsang is the discovering space.
Welcome to Satsang.

~ Mooji

This residential 7-day Silent Retreat with Mooji is a potent opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the energy field of Satsang in the presence of a great spiritual Master. The setting and services offered at the Zmar retreat centre in southern Portugal inspire and support this genuine introspection and contemplation by allowing you to fully turn your attention inwards without the usual daily demands and distractions.

Mooji introduces the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry and the Invitation, which is proving to be one of the most effective aids for true and lasting Self-discovery. Satsang takes place twice each day and in this auspicious time Mooji guides, challenges and responds to questioners with wisdom, love, humour and searing honesty. This powerful communication underpins the silence that is maintained throughout the 7 days. The quietude takes you deeper into what is being pointed and is an essential part of the retreat.

Through Mooji’s presence and direct pointings to Truth, the unfading love, joy and peace that so many are searching for are revealed to be our very nature and Self. Participating in a Silent Retreat with Mooji is a compelling invitation to all who are called to discovering this timeless Truth. Welcome!


This Silent Retreat with Mooji is for those who are genuinely drawn to Self-discovery. This environment is not for the merely curious, but for those with a sincere and wholehearted commitment to Self-discovery. It is essential that those who intend to join this Retreat watch these important videos: An Invitation to Freedom and A Simple and Profound Introduction to Self-Inquiry.

Each participant is required to adhere to the following guidelines which are in place to facilitate your awakening. Therefore, by attending this event you agree to:

  • Approach the retreat with the understanding that it is not a casual event—it is for those earnestly seeking Self-realisation in this life.
  • Complete the entire retreat and to attend each and every Satsang session without exception. Remain inside the Satsang Hall until Moojibaba has left the room. This is out of respect for what he is offering to all of us.
  • Respect and abide by the code of silence for the full duration of the retreat.
  • Move quietly with your attention resting in silent awareness. There is strictly no socialising, no physical or eye contact, talking, singing, dancing, reading, writing or use of phones, cameras, other mobile devices, or the internet during the retreat. This ensures that the attention is not pulled outward but remains in the heart’s energy field. In this way, you make the most of your opportunity and also honour the retreat of other participants.
  • If you are attending the retreat with a partner or friend, you agree to not communicate with each other during the retreat in any way. Please respect the Satsang of your loved ones and other retreat participants.
  • Present questions to Mooji in a simple, open and honest way. Avoid sharing personal stories, but come as though this is your only opportunity for freedom. Please understand and respect that it is only during Satsang that Mooji invites questions—he will not receive questions afterwards.
  • Refrain from using intoxicants or recreational drugs for the duration of this Retreat.
  • Wear modest clothing throughout the Retreat, avoiding tight, revealing or transparent clothes.
  • Silent Retreats are not a replacement for any therapy or other medical treatment or diagnosis. If you are currently receiving or have previously received any medical treatment or therapy for issues related to mental health, this Silent Retreat may not be suitable for you. Therefore, for those with a history of serious mental health conditions, it is not advisable to attend this Retreat without ensuring it is reasonably safe to do so. Please check with a specialist healthcare practitioner whether attending the Retreat is suitable for you at this time. More information can be found here.
  • By attending this event, you agree to have your image and voice recorded and possibly used for the sharing of Satsang on DVD, mp3 and on the Internet. All recorded material will be used to serve satsang only. Images of all individuals will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.


Our home for the retreat is Zmar Eco Experience. Situated on 81 hectares of land near Odemira on the Alentejo coast of western Portugal, it is fully equipped with modern lodging and is known for its ecological awareness. We are expecting some 850 participants for this retreat and the beautiful Zmar team will support our silence while full-heartedly taking care of our daily needs.

Zmar address
S. Salvador
7630 Odemira


Live translation in Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian will be available both at the event and for online participants, and is lovingly offered by a team of devoted, non-professional interpreters.

It is very helpful for some participants to listen to Satsang in their native language, however please be aware that there is always the possibility that some of Mooji’s words or meaning is missing or not translated perfectly. Naturally, Mooji’s own, unfiltered words are the highest and most powerful transmission, but many have benefitted deeply from listening to the live translation.

Please note that live translation is offered only for Satsang. All other communication and written information, such as the schedule, registration, travelling and so forth, will be available only in English.

Requirements to access the translation service:
Smartphone or tablet
Compatible headphones
Installation of VLC player App for Android or iOS.
Please ensure you tick the appropriate box when you register to request translation into Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish or Russian and you will receive information about the translation service by email.

There are no dialogues in the world.
It is all a divine monologue.
For in reality there are not two.
There is only the single reality
in its appearance as many.

~ Mooji

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