7-Day Silent Retreat with Mooji

Zmar, Portugal

20 – 27 September 2017

There will come a point when you find
an ocean of peace inside you that will never leave you.
Noise will come, but it will come inside your peace.
Noise will go, but peace will not go.
Once you discover this peace,
you won’t buy any of the mind’s promises.

Guidelines for the Silent Retreat with Mooji

  • All retreat participants agree to respect and abide by the code of silence for the full duration of the retreat. Moojibaba honours and serves our true desire and determination for complete Self-discovery.
  • It is absolutely necessary to approach this retreat with the attitude and understanding that you have come for Truth. It is not a casual event. As such, and out of respect to our great Master, you agree to not leave the Satsang Hall before Mooji does unless absolutely necessary.
  • Satsang offers the opportunity to present our questions, doubts, testimonies and observations to Mooji. We are encouraged to be open, honest and natural with him.
  • Satsang sessions can vary in duration and can be as long as three hours.
  • Please move quietly with your attention resting in silent awareness. It is required that there be strictly no socialising, no physical or eye contact, talking, singing, dancing, reading, writing or use of phones or the internet during the retreat. This is to ensure that the attention is not pulled outwardly but remains in the heart’s energy field. In this way, you make the most of your opportunity during these days and also honour the retreat of other participants.
  • brushstroke_blue
    Watch the tendency to get distracted by how you imagine
    or how it may appear ‘others’ are doing on the retreat.
    Believing others are struggling
    or are in need of personal or social contact
    is perhaps more your desire and delusion than theirs.
    Everything is already in place.
    Simply, mind your own business.
    Keep quiet.

  • If you are attending the retreat with a partner or friend, you agree to not communicate with each other during the retreat. Respect the Satsang of your loved ones and other retreat participants.
  • You are required to abstain from taking alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants except for medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • By admission to this retreat with Mooji you agree to have your voice and image recorded which may be used for the sharing of Satsang on DVD, mp3 and the Internet. All recorded material is used to serve and share Satsang only; images of all individuals are treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.
  • All participants are required to complete the entire retreat. No exceptions.
  • The retreat is not a replacement for any medical treatment or therapy you may be receiving for mental health. If you are currently receiving treatment please check with your mental health care practitioner before registering to establish whether or not this retreat is suitable for you at this time.
  • It is required that those wishing to register for this retreat watch these two videos before processing their application: A Simple and Profound Introduction to Self-Inquiry and A Most Important Video on Enlightenment.

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