7-Day Silent Retreat with Mooji Baba

Zmar, Portugal

24 – 31 May, 2017

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When you made your booking and received a confirmation email but your payment did not go through, please do not book again. Zmar will be in contact with you for the payment.

Dear One,

We are happy to inform you that for this retreat the registration part will be done directly by Zmar Eco Resort via their online booking system. The retreat is organised by Associação Mooji Sangha. Please read all information carefully.


Please note that the houses are strictly based on same gender and we ask you to carefully choose the correct gender when registering. Otherwise we may have to decline your booking.

For the registration process you will need your passport number, credit/debit card and address.


For this retreat you will make one single payment to Zmar Eco Resort for both the Satsang Program and Accommodation in Euros (€). Please visit the Accommodation page for prices.

Before you register for this retreat we ask that you bring your attention inwards to confirm that your focus is genuinely on realising the Truth that Mooji Baba is pointing to.

If you feel you are ready to step into the fire of self-discovery with a big Yes inside your heart, we are fully in service for you and very much look forward to welcoming you to this retreat.

Credit Card

Please choose pay by credit card when making your booking. Only Portuguese debit cards are accepted. Please make sure to inform your bank that this online payment will be made, as some banks will not allow the payment in an attempt to protect you from online fraud.

Attending the Retreat with a Friend or Partner

The rooms are assigned randomly by our booking system and if you attend with a partner or a friend, please be aware you will be assigned different rooms. We encourage everyone to make the most of these seven days, and move and be by yourself during the retreat. Please read the guideline about attending the retreat with a partner or friend.

Please note that shared houses are strictly based on same gender. We cannot respond to general inquiries for couples or friends requesting to stay in the same room or house. If this is needed for medical reasons please contact

About the Meals

The retreat fee includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals offered each day. If a special diet is required for medical reasons only, an alternative may be provided. However, it is your responsibility to let us know one month in advance if you need a special diet and if it can be accommodated. For this please email us directly on

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