Silent Retreat – Zmar


Arriving to Zmar – 26 September

Flying to Portugal
You can fly into either Faro or Lisbon airports. We suggest you arrange your flight so it arrives latest before 12:00 on 26 September and departs after 18:00 on 3 October. Please make sure you are able to catch one of the trains mentioned below before booking your flight!

Train to Zmar
The best way to arrive at Zmar from Lisbon or Faro is by train. Tickets can be purchased here:

From Lisbon: Go to Lisboa-Oriente train station. You can take the metro from the airport to Lisboa-Oriente (3 stops) or a taxi for around €8-10.

From Faro: Go to Faro train station. You can take a taxi for around €12-15 or take a shuttle bus (outside the airport), which runs approximately once an hour. More information here.

Please choose one of the trains listed below and get off at Amoreiras-Odemira train station. Only the trains listed below will stop at Amoreiras-Odemira so it is advised not to catch any other train! From Amoreiras-Odemira we will have buses to take you to Zmar (included in the retreat price).

Important: Amoreiras-Odemira is only open for the Silent Retreat with Mooji so is not mentioned on any timetables. You cannot buy a ticket to this station. Instead, you will buy a ticket to Funcheira, the nearest station to Amoreiras-Odemira.

If you are coming from Lisbon: Amoreiras-Odemira is one station after Funcheira.
If you are coming from Faro: Amoreiras-Odemira is one station before Funcheira.

From Lisbon (Lisboa-Oriente train station)
Departure from
Arrival at

From Faro (Faro train station)
Departure from
Arrival at

Additional information
Zmar cannot receive participants after 20:00 so please arrange your transport to arrive well before this time.

You can use this Facebook page to connect with others to travel together.

Departing from Zmar – 3 October

At the end of the retreat, we will provide buses from Zmar back to Lisbon and Faro airports. These buses are complimentary but you need to book your seat online after you have registered for the retreat; Zmar will send you a confirmation email with another link to fill in. Please consider the following information carefully before booking your return flight. We recommend you book flights that leave after 18:00 on 3 October.

DestinationDeparting from ZmarApproximate arrival time
at Airport
Lisbon airport11:30
Faro airport12:3015:00

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