7-Day Silent Retreat with Mooji

Zmar, Portugal

20 – 27 September 2017

Flying to Portugal

We suggest you arrange your flights to arrive before 12:00 – 12:30 on 20 September and depart after 17:00 on 27 September.


Make sure you are able to catch one of the trains mentioned below before booking your flight!

Arriving to Zmar on 20 September

Buses, included in the package, will be arranged on 20 September from Amoreiras-Odemira train station to Zmar. Amoreiras-Odemira station opens especially to welcome Mooji’s Retreat participants.


Only the special trains listed below will stop at Amoreiras-Odemira so it is not advised to catch any other train.
Amoreiras-Odemira is not mentioned on any timetables and you cannot buy a ticket to this station. Instead, you will buy a ticket to ‘Funcheira’, the nearest station to Amoreiras-Odemira.

Amoreiras-Odemira, the closest station to Zmar, is a 50-minute drive away. We are very happy to welcome you here.

If you are coming from Lisbon, Amoreiras-Odemira is one station after Funcheira.
If you are coming from Faro, Amoreiras-Odemira is one station before Funcheira.

From Lisbon (Lisboa-Oriente train station)
Departure from Lisboa-Oriente Arrival at Amoreiras-Odemira
10:02 11:59
14:02 15:56
From Faro (Faro train station)
Departure from Faro Arrival at Amoreiras-Odemira
13:54 15:20

Departing from Zmar on 27 September

At the end of the retreat, we will provide buses from Zmar back to Lisbon and Faro airports, which you would need to book upon arrival. Please consider the following information carefully before booking your flight. Again, we recommend you book flights that leave after 17:00 on 27 September.

Destination Departing from Zmar Arrival time at Airport (approx.)
Lisbon airport 11:30
Faro airport 12:30 15:00


Zmar cannot receive participants after 20:00 (8pm) so please arrange your transport to arrive before this time.

Please use the Zmar Facebook Event page to connect with others to travel together or to share a ride.

By Air

From Lisbon Airport
The train station closest to the airport is Lisboa-Oriente. There is a big shopping centre right next to the train station. The station is a short taxi ride away from the airport or you can take a metro or shuttle bus from the airport.
From Faro Airport
The train station in Faro is 5km away from the airport. You can take a taxi for around 10-13 € or take a shuttle bus, which runs approximately once an hour. The bus stand is just outside of the arrival terminal near the taxi stand. More information here.

By Train

The link to Portugal’s train information is

Train tickets can be bought at the station but we advise that you book a train online as it has happened that trains were fully-booked; you can choose a Turistica/2nd or Conforto/1st class ticket. Bookings can only be made two month in advance.

If for some reason you cannot take a train as listed in the Transport section, the train will NOT stop at Amoreiras-Odemira and you will have to leave the train at Funcheira station which is still 50 minutes away from Zmar. From Funcheira you would take a taxi.

Please see the taxi section for more information.

If you are unable to catch either of the two special trains mentioned above and you are coming from Lisbon, we advise that you book a public bus straight to Odemira. From Odemira you can take a taxi to the Zmar venue, this will be a shorter and less expensive taxi ride than from the train-station. Bus information is available below.

By Public Bus (Rede Expressos)

You can take a bus from Lisbon to Odemira. A one-way ticket costs approximately 16,00 euros (€). Buses leave at 15:00 and 17:30. You can buy an online ticket on the Rede Expressos website or at the bus station.

The bus station in Lisbon is “Terminal Rodoviário de Sete Rios” (Taxi from airport around 10 €). From Odemira to Zmar you will have to take a taxi. See the taxi section below for more information.

From Faro there are no public buses to Odemira.

Taxi Information

Taxis will not be available at night. Taxis are not waiting at the station; you will have to call to arrange a ride.
  • Satish: +351 932 825 355
  • Pedro: +351 964 220 621
  • Nelson: +351 960 049 312
  • Armando: +351 966 343 072
  • Taxi Point Odemira: +351 283 324 404

Car Information

From Faro or Lisbon:

From Faro airport: airauto car rental.

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