Sangha Groups

Listed below are the Mooji Sangha Groups around the world that meet regularly to watch Satsang together. These groups keep the fire of Satsang alive in their towns.

For any questions regarding the groups, or if your town is not listed, contact .

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Bermuda | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Brasil | Canada | Chile | Costa Rica | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Guyana | Hong Kong | Hungary | Iceland | India | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Kazakhstan | Kenya | Kyrgyzstan | Latvia | Lebanon | Luxembourg | Macedonia | Malaysia | Mauritius | Mexico | Moldova | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Serbia | Singapore | Slovakia | Slovenia | South Africa | Spain | St. Vincent & The Granadines | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | Ukraine | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | Uruguay | USA | Venezuela

Buenos Aires
Contact name: Mahima
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Argentina Facebook
Cordoba NEW
Location: Please contact for information
Por favor escribir para pedir información
Contact name: Omji
Email Contact:

Bega Valley NEW
Time: 2nd Sunday of the month 2pm
Location: Wyndham
Contact name: Tree
Email Contact:
Gold Coast/Queensland NEW
Location: Carrara / Gold Coast
Contact name: Lucia Lagana
Email Contact:
Dates:   Last Sunday of each month
Time: 10:30am
Location: Blackburn, Melbourne
Contact name: Pennie
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 9894-8747 or 0424-013-477
Web Site:   Mooji Melbourne Facebook
Mullumbimby / Byron Bay Shire
Contact name: Daisy & Vedika
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha - Byron Bay Shire Facebook
Dates:   Usually the first Sunday of the month, event posted on Facebook prior.
Time: 10:00am
Location: Belmont, New South Wales
Contact name: Diane
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0402 010 060
NSW, Bundagen
Dates:   Usually Tuesday nights
Time: 5.30pm
Location: Bundagen, NSW
Contact name: Clare
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0467534150
NSW, Emerald Beach
Dates:   Announced by email
Contact name: Amari
Email Contact:
NSW, Sydney
Location: Bondi Beach
Contact name: John Sweeny
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +61419111310
Perth/Fremantle, WA

Contact name: Kedarnath, Shanti Ma, Karen and Donald
Email Contact:
Sunshine Coast NEW
Location: Maleny
Contact name: Shravaka Woods
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 07 54358758

Contact name: Samira Lyel & Vera Atlantia
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 06506229310

Antwerp NEW
Dates:   Normally every sunday Satsang that is broadcasted
Location: Zoersel
Contact name: Kristin Nitya
Email Contact:
Bastogne NEW
Location: Hollange
Contact name: Sylviane
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Belgique - en français Facebook
Dates:   Sunday Satsangs
Location: Alsemberg ( 15 min by car from center of Brussels )
Contact name: Gaël Martinez Y Tarin
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +32 484 635 126
Ghent NEW
Dates:   Announced by email.
Location: Ghent Dampoort (9000)
Contact name: Riet
Email Contact:

Devonshire NEW
Location: Spirit House Retreat Centre
Contact name: Shanell Vaughn
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +1441-7039644

Sarajevo NEW
Location: Novi Grad
Contact name: Stela
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +387 603036079
Web Site:   Mooji - BiH Sarajevo - Banja Luka Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Balkan Facebook

Belo Horizonte / MG NEW

Dates:   1º domingo do mês
Time: 15 às 17 hs
Location: Lourdes / BH
Contact name: Eduardo Borges da Mota
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 31.99976 284
Brasilia NEW
Contact name: Ivone Lopes
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Brasília
Campinas NEW
Dates:   Mondays (todas às segundas-feiras)
Time: 19:30
Location: Espaço Hikari
Contact name: Satya Maharaj, Urja, Nilson
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Satya: +55 19 996528570
Urja: +55 19 32081009
Web Site:   Facebook, Mooji Sangha Campinas
Curitiba NEW
Location: Espaço Reiki Dhamma – bairro Bigorrilho
Contact name: Luiz Flávio Moreira Malucelli
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +55 41 999282802
Web Site:   Curitiba Mooji Sangha
Recife NEW
Dates:   Every Monday
Time: 19:00h to 20:30h
Location: Tamarineira
Contact name: Florina Mongiovi
Email Contact:
Rio de Janeiro
Dates:   Todo domingo
Time: A partir das 14:30 até 18:30. (às vezes mais)
Location: No bairro de Botafogo, zona sul da cidade.
Contact name: Gautama, Maria Inés e Camila Lobo
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 55 21 98582-9622 (Gautama)
55 21 99586-7119 (Maria)
55 21 99984-8223 (Camila)
Web Site:
Santos, São Paulo
Contact name: Gyan
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 13-991591717
Web Site:
Sao Lorenco NEW
Location: Centro
Contact name: Thyagi Das / Deusa Leonelli
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: (35) 3331-4817 (Dharma Yoga)
Sao Paulo NEW
Dates:   Encontros semanais às segundas feiras
Time: 19 horas
Contact name: Jahnu ( Deni Galdeano)
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 55 11 99224-2175
Dates:   Every tuesday
Time: 20:00 hrs
Contact name: Elaine
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 55 12 3835-1211 / 55 12 9 9774-4975
Web Site:

AB, Calgary NEW
Location: Calgary
Contact name: Raj
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Calgary Meetup
BC Salt Spring Island NEW
Dates:   We gather as sangha weekly, every Thursday
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Location: Please make contact for specific dates & place
Contact name: Cate
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Facebook: Salt Spring Island Mooji Sangha
BC, Kelowna NEW
Each group will open with a Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation.

Dates:   Every Thursday evening
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: 1317 Ethel Street, Kelowna BC Canada
Contact name: Maytawee & Bo
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 250-801-8157
BC, Vancouver NEW
Location: Point Grey Vancouver
Contact name: Lalita
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Vancouver, Canada Facebook
BC, Victoria
Contact name: David Bruneau
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 250-686-0196
ON, Peterborough
Email Contact: Rishi
ON, Toronto
Location: Downtown Toronto
Contact name: Ishana Mahima
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Toronto Facebook
ON, Vankleek Hill NEW
Contact name: Sharon and Joni
Email Contact:
QC, Montreal
Contact name: Lise-Anne
Email Contact:
More Information:   Space is limited: Please register in advance. Videos (DVDs) are in English.
QC, Sherbrooke
Location: North Hatley or Sherbrooke; exact location and directions to be given by email
Contact name: Debra and Rachel
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sherbrooke Sangha Facebook
More Information:   En français:
Lieu: North Hatley ou Sherbrooke (on vous fera parvenir l’adresse et les indications routières par courriel)
Contact: Debra et Rachel
Contact par courriel:
Contact par Facebook: Mooji Sherbrooke Sangha
QC, Val-David NEW
Contact name: Swarupa
Email Contact:

Santiago NEW
Contact name: Sandra & Angelica
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +56 956879108 Sandra
+56 998272707 Angelica

San Jose NEW
Location: Escazu and Heredia
Contact name: Uva Meiner
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 506 22682127 and 506 88331348

Zagreb NEW
Contact name: Gordana
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji - Croatia Facebook

Nicosia NEW
Contact name: Eleni
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Greek Facebook

Brno NEW
Contact name: Inka
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 420605204491

Contact name: Frederik Hinge
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 26426549
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Aarhus Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Denmark Facebook
Contact name: Karin Marding
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Denmark Facebook

Dates:   Every Sunday
Time: 17:00
Contact name: Mai-Liis Maasar
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Estonia Facebook

Contact name: Tiina/Eerik/Milja
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Helsinki Facebook
  Mooji Suomi (Finland)
More Information:   Facebook: Mooji Nordic
Turku NEW
Location: Itäharju
Contact name: Sanna Remes
Email Contact:

– France NEW
Contact name: Jean Marie and Barbara
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 06 61 10 80 49
Alpes Provence NEW
Contact name: Julie
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 06 35 27 40 02
Bordeaux Aquitaine NEW

Contact name: Françoise
Email Contact:
Bourgogne Sud
Contact name: Jaana
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 03 85 34 32 79
La Rochelle NEW
Contact name: Géraldine
Email Contact:
Lyon NEW
Location: Guillotière

Contact name: Linda Bruckert
Email Contact:

Phone Contact: 0472703467

Normandie (Caen) NEW
Contact name: Catherine
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0684210344
Contact name: Sonia and Vila Tou
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Paris Facebook
Saint Germain en Laye, Ile de France, Yvelines NEW
Dates:   Gatherings are organized around Mooji's live satsang schedule
Location: Life Space, 1 Place André Malraux 78100 ST GERMAIN EN LAYE
Contact name: Jeanne Wilmot
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Fecebook: Mooji France
Vaucluse NEW
Location: Avignon / Cavaillon
Contact name: Sabina Rochas
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 06 62 66 83 63

Contact name: Satvi, Dagmar & Thomas
Email Contact:
Bremen NEW
Location: Bremen-Nord (Lesum)
Contact name: Nitya
Email Contact:
Contact name: Anne
Email Contact:
Dortmund NEW
Location: Dortmund City, Nähe B1
Contact name: Petra Bischoff
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +4915201806098
Frankfurt NEW
Contact name: Ilona and Christine
Email Contact: frankfurt.mooji-sangha (at)
Phone Contact: +49-171-3228482
Lörrach NEW
Location: Black Forest
Contact name: Ingo
Email Contact:
More Information:   (Note that we are close to Switzerland)
Location: Munich/Solln
Contact name: Beatrice Bludau
Email Contact:

Georgetown NEW
Dates:   4th Sunday of each month
Contact name: Merlene Yearwood
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 5926641158

Hong Kong NEW
Contact name: Ganga Giri & Prabhjot
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Ganga Giri
6140 8761
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha HK Facebook


Contact name: Satyamayi and Serena
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Satyamayi +36302518054
Serena +36304775875
Web Site:   Facebook: Mooji Magyarország
Dates:   Every Saturday
Location: Budapest, district 7 (full address on request)
Contact name: Peter
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +36203212544
Web Site:
  Mooji Magyarország Facebook
Nyíregyháza NEW
Dates:   As announced on Facebook
Location: Nyíregyháza (full address on request)
Contact name: Zoli
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +36‎209155224
Web Site:
  Facebook: Mooji Magyarország

Hafnarfjörður, Reykjavik NEW
Location: Reykjavík area
Contact name: Kristján Hans Óskarsson
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +354 8672675
Web Site:   Facebook: Mooji Iceland

Contact name: Anandi & Amba
Email Contact:
Web Site:
  Sangha of Being Facebook
Contact name: Neetu
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +919592906466
Web Site:   Mooji Ramdas Sangha Chandigarh Facebook
Delhi NEW
Dates:   Every Tuesday
Time: 6:00 - 7.30 pm IST
Location: Green Park
Contact name: Vineet
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +91 9818245423
Kolkata NEW
Contact name: Pradeep
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +919830050423
Mumbai NEW
Dates:   Weekly satsangs on every Sunday. (Audio only)
Time: 10 to 12 Am
Location: Anand mangal hall, Kandivali -west, Mumbai.
Contact name: Deva
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 9819864470 (Deva)
New Delhi/Gurgaon
Dates:   Usually Saturdays
(announced by email and on Facebook)
Time: 5.30pm
Contact name: Rohini and Sujata
Email Contact: Rohini:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Delhi Facebook
Punjab NEW
Contact name: Puneet Sidhu
Email Contact:

Phone Contact: +91 7837494916
Location: Near Ram Jhula
Contact name: Haridas & Maheshwari
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Shri Mooji Satsang Bhavan Rishikesh Facebook
More Information:   There are two single residential spaces available to rent at the Bhavan, you must apply by email to be considered (include intended duration of stay and background about your connection with our Master Sri Mooji).

Belfast NEW
Location: Hillsborough, Northern Ireland
Contact name: Michelle Bailly
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Facebook: Mooji Sangha Northern Ireland
Clonegal, North Wexford NEW
Dates:   Announced by email
Contact name: Andreana
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 085 850 7174
Web Site:   Mooji Ireland Facebook
More Information:   Please send us your email address to be included in email announcement.
County Sligo NEW
Location: Near Collooney
Contact name: Melanie
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 086 1652999
Dublin NEW
Location: Dun Laoghaire
Contact name: Amba
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0838102212 (Amba)
Galway NEW
Location: Newcastle, Galway (close to the university campus)
Contact name: Gurdeep and Ananda
Email Contact:
Shannon NEW
Dates:   Weekly
Video Satsang, Sunday Satsang Broadcast
Contact name: Willy Hannan
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 00353864406203
Web Site:   Facebook, Mooji Sangha Shannon
Westport, County Mayo NEW
Contact name: Declan
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +353 (0)87 9726528

Mitzpe Ramon NEW
Contact name: Alon
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 054-7841611 or +972547841611
Tel Aviv NEW
Location: Florentine
Contact name: Boaz, Haim & Or
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Israel Facebook

Perugia/Assisi NEW
Location: Between Perugia and Assisi
Contact name: Cristiano Zauli
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 340-9899209
Rome NEW
Dates:   Monday
Time: 19.00/20.30
Location: Soulnest Ass.Cult. Via Francesco Negri 49, 00154 Roma -Ostiense Metro : Piramide/ Garbatella
Contact name: Barbara Ottaviani
Email Contact:

Phone Contact: +393355781789
Contact name: Nirmayi and Kamran
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 347.3839261
Web Site:   Mooji Italia Facebook

Contact name: Naima, Dina & Jayani
Email Contact:

Nairobi NEW
Contact name: benson sereria
Email Contact:

Bishkek NEW
Contact name: Elnura Matraimova (Akashi), Tatyana Shin (Tusian)
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +996 558 12 05 78
Web Site:   Facebook, Mooji Sangha Bishkek

Riga NEW
Location: Miera ielas republika
Contact name: Ansis
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 29213238
Web Site:   Mooji sangha: Latvija

Beirut NEW
Contact name: Fawaz Mourad
Email Contact:

Luxembourg NEW
Location: Luxembourg-Howald
Contact name: Willka, Thomas, Sam
Email Contact:

Location: Demir Hisar
Contact name: Mony Valo
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +38978570554
Web Site:   Facebook: Mooji Macedonia

Kuala Lumpur
Contact name: Sredharan
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Facebook

Mauritius NEW
Location: Black River, Tamarin
Contact name: Bhavnath
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +230 5774 3673
Web Site:   Mooji Mauritius Sangha

Los Cabos
Dates:   Sunday Satsang Broadcasts
Location: San José del Cabo
Contact name: Maheshwari
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha México Facebook
Mexico City
Contact name: Amita
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha México Facebook
Oaxaca NEW
Dates:   Sunday Satsang Broadcasts
Online retreats
Location: Puerto Escondido
Contact name: Neelam
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +52 954 118 60 70
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha México
More Information:   Offers accommodation and contemplation area, close to the beach

Contact name: SadhuOm
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +37360681361
Web Site:   Mooji Moldova Facebook

‘s-Gravenzande / Westland NEW
Contact name: Petra
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +31641472955
Contact name: Marianne Smit
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Nederland Facebook
Eindhoven NEW
Dates:   Twice a month
Time: 14.00 - 17.00
Location: Tongelre
Contact name: Ingrid Gya
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +31653182698
Haarlem NEW
Dates:   Wednesday nights in uneven week numbers
Time: 19:30 (7:30 pm)
Contact name: Danielle
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +31626774697
Heerlen NEW
Dates:   Everybody is welcome on sundays in the uneven weekends, from 2pm.
Location: Heerlen
Contact name: Klazina Oosterveen
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: phone, +31621954813
Rotterdam NEW
Contact name: Linda
Email Contact:
The Hague NEW

Dates:   Every 4th Sunday of the month. Please email to confirm.
Time: 14.00 (time can change sometimes)
Location: Heesterbuurt
Contact name: Anneke
Email Contact:
Utrecht NEW
Location: Zeist
Contact name: Deborah Welborn
Email Contact:

Auckland NEW
Dates:   Tuesday evenings
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Blockhouse Bay
Contact name: Jen Laing
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 021 2400049

Oslo NEW
Contact name: Kristin Berling
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 004790832385

Katowice NEW
Contact name: Anna
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 730860356
Krakow NEW
Dates:   Every Sunday
Location: Cafe Młynek, Plac Wolnica 7

Contact name: Agata & Elzbieta
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0048 502302902
Contact name: Nitya & Joanna
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Polska Facebook

Contact name: Shankari
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Mestre Amado Portugal Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Lisboa
Sao Martinho das Amoreiras – MSB
Dates:   Daily program- announced by email
Time: 3.30pm
Contact name: Mahasri and Mahadev
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +351-938643773
Sao Martinho das Amoreiras, VdV
Contact name: Val da Vinha Team
Email Contact:
Web Site:
  Vale da Vinha
Sintra NEW
Location: almocageme
Contact name: michael fidelman
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 910466225

Dates:   Usually on Sundays
Contact name: Samiya, Nirmal and Teo
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Samiya
+40 744 278 167
Web Site:   Mooji Romania Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Romania
Contact name: Stefan
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +40-744-639388
Web Site:   Mooji Romania Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Romania
Contact name: Marius & Nicole
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Romania Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Romania
Contact name: Shanti
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +40720337722
Web Site:   Mooji Romania
  Mooji Sangha Timisoara

Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji group in russian on social network
  Mooji group in russian on Facebook
Email Contact:
Web Site:
  Mooji group in russian on Facebook
St. Petersburg
Email Contact:
Web Site:
  Mooji group in russian on Facebook

Contact name: Alaa
Email Contact:

Contact name: Dragana
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +381649009363
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Srbija

Contact name: Jesmine & Alexander
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 65-90523234 or 65-67587580
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Singapore

Contact name: Denis & Dalibor
Email Contact:
Web Site:

Location: Usually Ljubljana or Dragovšek (near Litija)
Contact name: Prija
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +386 40 843 691
Web Site:   Mooji Slovenia

Cape Town
Dates:   Most Fridays (Bhajans) and Sundays (Live Satsang)
Location: Hout Bay or southern suburbs venue Cape Town
Contact name: Jayani
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 071 351 3044
Contact name: Parvati
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Johannesburg

Alicante NEW
Contact name: Devi & Rishi
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +34 657 181 391
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Costa Blanca
Location: Lucainena de las Torres
Contact name: Lola
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Juan +34 696 498 365
Lola +34 644 610 106
Arenas de San Pedro NEW
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Mohan (Spanish): 677152097
Harmony (English): 647824770
Web Site:   Nayana Yoga
Catalonia, Barcelona NEW
Contact name: Swarupa
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Swarupa 0034654138385
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Catalonia
  Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Figueres NEW
Location: Figueres
Contact name: Miquel Colón
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 972673379
Web Site:   Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Osona NEW
Dates:   Sunday Satsang
Contact name: Mar y Wajo
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0034 666259071
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Catalonia
  Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Sant Cugat NEW
Dates:   Sunday Satsangs
Contact name: Magda
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 0034 677469669
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Catalonia
  Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Tarragona NEW
Dates:   Sunday Satsangs
Location: Area de St Carles de la Ràpita. Delta del Ebro. Poble Nou del Delta
Contact name: Sonia
Email Contact:

Phone Contact: 0034 658781626
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Catalonia / Amics de Mooji
  Amics de Mooji
Huelva NEW
Dates:   Sunday Satsang Broadcasts
Contact name: Miranda Bungey
Email Contact:
Madrid NEW
Contact name: Pilar & Rosa
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Madrid
Orgiva, Granada
Location: La Fuentecilla, house of Orgiva Consciente, for directions please look at the website. It s a Space for Meditation and Satsang.
Contact name: Bhavani, Meera
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Bhavani
+34 642 024281
Web Site:

Bequia, Friendship NEW
Contact name: Andrea
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +17845282525 also what's app

Angsbacka NEW
Contact name: Helen & Sri Devi
Email Contact:
Web Site:
Contact name: Ewa
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sanga Göteborg
Sodervidinge (near Lund) NEW
Contact name: Manuela
Email Contact:
Contact name: Parmita (Katta)
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Stockholm

Basel NEW
Location: Lörrach
Contact name: Ingo
Email Contact:
More Information:   Please note that there is no group in the city of Basel. The group is in Lörrach, Germany on the border with Switzerland; around 30-50 minutes away from Basel via train or car.
Geneva NEW
Location: Plan-Les-Ouates
Contact name: Sandrine
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 078 653 7712
Grimisuat NEW
Location: Grimisuat, next to Sion-Valais
Contact name: Sophie Cartier
Email Contact:
Contact name: Jayasri
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 079 249 05 11

Istanbul NEW
Dates:   Sunday Satsang Broadcast
Contact name: Hu Divya
Email Contact:

Odessa NEW
Contact name: Nitya and Gala
Email Contact:

Location: DIFC
Contact name: Swaraj
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +971556041158

Basingstoke NEW
Contact name: Kevin Batcheler
Email Contact:
Brighton, East Sussex
Contact name: Nirvana
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +447717747068
Edinburgh NEW
Dates:   Please email for information
Contact name: Johanna Kovrig
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Facebook: Mooji Sangha Edingurgh
Glasgow NEW
Contact name: Ehab Hamarneh
Email Contact:
Hull, East Yorkshire
Dates:   Sundays once a month: announced by email
Location: Hull
Contact name: Vanessa
Email Contact:
Kilmarnock, Scotland NEW

Contact name: Lesley Hart
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Mobile no-07805032541
Location: London Satsang Bhavan
Contact name: Satyadevi
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Meetup
Margate NEW
Dates:   Mondays
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Location: Lady Tesla's Loose Leaves and Mud, 9 King Street, Old Town Margate, Kent CT9 1DD.
Contact name: David Wright
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Facebook, Space to be- Mooji Sangha Margate
Merseyside NEW
Location: Liverpool, including Wirral peninsular ( county of Merseyside)
Contact name: Ramdas & Laura
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 07940239750
Northampton NEW
Dates:   Fridays
Time: 7.00pm
Contact name: Debbie Botterill
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 078281395832
Perranporth NEW
Dates:   Announced by email
Time: Day time
Location: Perranporth
Contact name: Ruth Allen
Email Contact:
Perranporth NEW
Dates:   Announced by Email
Contact name: Shivani Ruth Allen
Email Contact:
Suffolk NEW
Location: Bury St Edmunds
Contact name: Satya Savitri
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 07708083736
Wales NEW
Dates:   Sundays
Time: TBA
Location: Just off the end of the M4 - (J49 Pont Abraham)
Contact name: Jacqui Brooks
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 07879780022
West Cornwall, England
Dates:   Most Tuesday mornings
Time: 10:30am
Contact name: Orange
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 07786330284
Web Site:   Mooji video satsang Cornwall

Canelones NEW
Dates:   Monthly: 2nd Sunday
Time: 9:30 to 12:00 am
Location: Solymar (Canelones)
Contact name: Carina
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 598 94 276858

AL, Huntsville NEW

Dates:   First Monday of every Month
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Contact name: Sanjay Kapoor
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 256-604-8976
CA, Encinitas NEW
Dates:   First Thursday of every month
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Village Park
Contact name: Silja Bjorklund
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 760-828-2871
CA, Laguna Beach NEW
Contact name: James
Email Contact:
CA, Los Angeles
Please note that this is a meditation group, not only focused on Sri Mooji's teachings
Dates:   Announced by email
Location: Santa Monica
Contact name: Dean Sluyter (a.k.a. Pritam):
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: (908) 295-2811
CA, San Diego NEW
Location: Solana Beach
Contact name: Shara Eisen
Email Contact:
CA, San Francisco / Bay Area NEW
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Contact name: Diane & Ron
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha San Francisco Bay Area Facebook
CA, San Jose NEW
Location: North San Jose
Contact name: Aziza Azizova
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +1 669 2581572
CA, San Luis Obispo
Dates:   Announced by email
Location: San Luis Obispo, Central Coast
Contact name: Rhadika
Email Contact:
CA, Santa Monica NEW
Dates:   Every other Thursday (Email will be sent if there's a Special Event)
Time: Satsang starts at 6:30 (come early if you want!)
Location: Santa Monica
Contact name: Leslie
Email Contact:
CO, Denver
Dates:   Fridays
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm
Contact name: Jeff Mathias
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 7204364568
Web Site:   Facebook, Mooji Sangha Denver
CO, Louisville (Boulder)
Contact name: Yulia and Seemanta
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Colorado Facebook
CO, Nederland
Contact name: Nanda & Ashik
Email Contact:
GA, Atlanta NEW
Dates:   Announced by email
Contact name: Pragati
Email Contact:
HI, Honolulu
Location: Diamond Head area
Email Contact: Felix & Carmela
Phone Contact: Felix & Carmela:
HI, Maui
Contact name: Manuela, & Sabrina
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Phone Manuela: 808 283 8896
Web Site:   Mooji Hawaii Facebook
IA, Ames NEW
Dates:   Once a week (Wednesday nights)
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Bloomington Heights, Ames
Contact name: John Lomen
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 515-290-6773
ID, Sandpoint NEW
Contact name: Peter
Email Contact:
IL, Oak Park (near Chicago)
Dates:   4th Sunday of the month
Time: 1pm
Location: Oak Park, IL
Attendees please e-mail for exact location
Contact name: David
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 708-383-9154
MA, Boston NEW
Location: Massachusetts
Contact name: Raiyah
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Boston Facebook
MA, Worcester NEW
Dates:   4th Sunday of each month
Time: 1-3 pm
Location: 17 Navajo Rd. Worcester, MA 01606
Contact name: Satya Gasko
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 508 853-0046(h)
508 479-8741 (m)
MD, Cambridge NEW
Location: Cambridge, Maryland
Contact name: Connie Corson
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 1- 970 596-4836
MI, Plymouth
Dates:   Announced by email and on Facebook / Meetup
Location: Plymouth, MI
Attendees please email for exact location
Contact name: Nancy, Joan
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 734-431-1474
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha - Michigan Facebook
  Mooji Sangha Michigan Meetup
MN, Minneapolis NEW

Dates:   Weekends
Time: Morning or Afternoon
Location: Marcy Holmes
Contact name: Jonathan
Email Contact:
NJ, Bayonne NEW
Location: Bayonne
Contact name: Christine Vida
Email Contact:
Web Site:   Facebook: Mooji sangha - New Jersey
NM, Albuquerque NEW
Location: North East/Foot Hills
Contact name: Molly Tittle
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 214 502 2647
NY City
Dates:   Announced by email and Facebook group
Contact name: Joelle, Nihal, Noah
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Joelle 718 302 1156
Nihal 203 645 5151
Web Site:   Mooji New York Facebook
NY, Albany
Dates:   Meeting one day a month announced two months in advance via flyer and email
Time: Sundays at 1:00 - 2:30
Location: Unity Church, 21 King Avenue, Albany, New York
Contact name: Patricia and Carole
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: Patricia: 518 356 6530 or
Carole 518-487-9080
NY, Westchester County NEW
Location: Westchester
Contact name: Laura Malfa
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 914-441-2381
OR, Pacific Area NEW
Location: Portland, Oregon
Contact name: Ken Craig
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 360 932 7685
Web Site:   Pacific Sangha group Facebook
  Pacific Sangha community Facebook
PA / NJ, Philadelphia NEW
Location: Philadelphia
Contact name: Brooke
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 215 687 0716
Web Site:   Mooji Sangha Philadelphia Facebook
PA Orwigsburg NEW
Contact name: Anissa Martell
Email Contact:
TN, Nashville NEW
Location: Green Hills
Contact name: Malcon
Email Contact:
TX, Austin
Contact name: Brian
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 512 797 9426 (preferably sms message)
TX, Dallas and Denton
Dates:   Announced via Facebook group
Time: Announced via Facebook group
Contact name: Maria Bridges
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 214-587-5196
Web Site:   Facebook
TX, Houston, Lake Livingston, East Texas NEW
Location: Lake Livingston
Contact name: Michelle and Greg
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: 801.205.1955
Web Site:   Facebook, Mooji Sangha Houston
WA, DC area
Beloveds: The Washington DC area group is looking for a host. If you feel in your heart to be a contact for this area, please write to us at Om Shanti
Email Contact:
WA, Seattle NEW
Location: Kenmore
Contact name: Kenny
Email Contact:
WI, Madison NEW
Contact name: Charlene Stellamaris
Email Contact:

Caracas NEW
Location: Santa Eduvigis
Contact name: Silvia Itriago
Email Contact:
Phone Contact: +584141359911