Monte Sahaja


We didn’t come to Monte Sahaja to ‘live green’.
We didn’t come here to start any new ideology.
We came here for Freedom.
~ Mooji

Sri Mooji fully embraces all those who come to him in search of Truth. Whether you have met him in Satsang around the world, or through the podcasts and videos offered online, he welcomes all beings coming to Monte Sahaja for liberation and encourages each one to make full use of their time on this holy land.

Monte Sahaja is an ashram and retreat centre, where those who are drawn to real spiritual awakening may replenish and merge themselves with the spirit of Truth. Sahaja is an oasis for spiritual introspection where beings from all around the world can land, fully immerse themselves in Satsang and enter their own inner journey of self-discovery.

Monte Sahaja is also the home of advaita master, Sri Mooji. Mooji Baba moved here several years ago with the vision to establish a space that would be a spiritual haven for genuine seekers of Truth. It is a rare place in this world as it is entirely dedicated to the complete realisation of the Self. Through the power and grace of Mooji Baba’s direct pointings, each one is compelled to use their time at Monte Sahaja to contemplate and confirm their true nature as unchanging Awareness. Monte Sahaja totally supports this inner exploration, as each one coming here is regarded as a genuine aspirant who is responding to the inner calling from the Self to be free in this lifetime.

In Monte Sahaja, silence and inner focus is the prevailing climate—words are used only to bring Satsang questions to the Master or to address practical matters. Everyone at Monte Sahaja participates in seva, or selfless service, which is a beautiful opportunity to be fully immersed in ashram life.

Regarding seva, the Master says, ‘Seva is action done without selfish motives or actions performed free from self-centeredness. Work done in this way, with this attitude of selfless service, is an authentic path leading to the realisation of the Self.’

Throughout the day there is also time and space for silent sittings, chanting, guided meditations, and other group activities such as laughing yoga or bhajans.

Occasionally, spontaneous Satsangs are offered by Mooji Baba, and we all come together for this sacred time. However, Satsang is imbibed through our seva, and the vibrant and potent energy field that permeates all of Sahaja.


About the Terrain

Monte Sahaja is situated in the hilly region of Alentejo in southern Portugal. Its varied landscape offers many beautiful spaces to explore, such as small ponds, hidden paths and quiet places for contemplation. Sahaja has many steep hills and valleys, which can be quite demanding on the body. Also, Alentejo can become very hot during the summer and we endeavour to conserve water wherever we can. In order to be able to move comfortably around the land, it is important that you are reasonably fit, steady on your feet, and have a positive, flexible attitude.

General Ashram Timetable

06:00 – 06:30 Mantra Chanting

06:30 – 07:00 Silent Sitting

07:00 – 07:45 Breakfast

08:00 – 08:15 Lord Aarti

09:00 – 12:00 Seva Desk Open for those wishing to help

12:30 – 13:15 Lunch

14:30 – 17:30 Seva Desk Open for those wishing to help

15:30 – 16:30 Guided meditation or other activity

19:00 – 20:00 Dinner

20:00 – 20:15 Guru Aarti

20:15 – 22:00 Evening program (Video Satsang, Papaji Night or Bhajans)

22:00 Lights Out

Seva at Monte Sahaja

If you feel called to offer Seva on the team at Monte Sahaja, please visit the seva page.

International Sangha Groups

If you have a longing to be connected with people following Mooji Baba’s pointings, we encourage you to be in touch with the Sangha in your area. Sangha groups are a wonderful way to connect with the energy field of Satsang throughout the world. Please see the Sangha Groups page for more information.


Practicalities of Visiting Monte Sahaja

Please be aware that Monte Sahaja is not a drop-in centre, with the exception of Sunday Satsang. We cannot accommodate casual visitors. It is the same with the few guesthouses in this area.

Accommodation in the area

If you are planning to stay in the area to attend the Sunday Satsang, you must arrange your accommodation before you come. Monte Sahaja is located in a very beautiful, but remote and rural part of Portugal, and, as such, accommodation is limited.

To find a place to stay in the area, please see This website also has information about nearby train stations, banks, cafes, etc.

Free camping or ‘wild camping’ is strictly prohibited in this area. The local community is quite traditional and does not welcome people camping on private or public property without permission.

Winter Closing


After a rich and profound season of retreats and satsangs with Mooji Baba, it is time for a period of rest and deep meditation and introspection for our beloved Master and the Sangha team serving at Monte Sahaja.

In light of this, Monte Sahaja will close for the winter from Monday, 31st October (after the last Sunday Satsang of the year) and reopen in the spring of 2017.

This time is also to provide the opportunity for each one of us to evaluate the strength and fruits of our own inquiry, as we are compelled by our own desire to directly digest and assimilate the Master’s pointings.

During this winter period, we will also continue to upload new material on Mooji TV and Sahaja Express.

Mooji Baba shares this with you, ‘I am always with you internally; I cannot always be with you physically. Now I should be able to speak with you in a more mature way as you yourself can listen with more maturity. If you have been walking with me, you should now be strong enough to be by yourself as conscious presence. I am very happy to see that flourishing take place in you. My face will always turn towards the ones who are flowering through my guidance and teachings. I will water them and look after them. The energy of life will always go to nurture the earnest seeker. A simple, yet consistent, maturing in the recognition of your real position and nature is all that needs to take place inside of you.’

May each one shine with the pure light of Self-recognition and inspire the search for the highest in all beings they encounter.

More Information

For more information about visiting Monte Sahaja, please contact Reception via email at or call +351 934 569 608.