Throughout the year it is possible to be in Satsang with Mooji in various ways, all pointing us to the same timeless Truth. Below you will find the schedule of events and programs. Information about other ways to follow Mooji’s pointings can be found on our Satsang page.



There are no upcoming Satsang events currently scheduled in 2020


The music that emanates from Satsangs with Mooji is true soul food that fills the heart with freedom, light and joy. Musicians come together from all over the world to express their deep love and gratitude for the wisdom, grace and love that flows from Mooji's presence. Mooji Mala Music is a powerful reflection of the master's guidance home to our true nature as blissful awareness Self. Find out more about Mooji Mala Music.


There are no upcoming Music events currently scheduled.

Monte Sahaja

Monte Sahaja is a Center for Self-Realisation, a haven for seekers of Truth drawn towards spiritual awakening. For those who feel a deep connection with Mooji and have attended an event with him physically, it is usually possible to apply to visit Monte Sahaja through one of our Programs. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all visits and programs have been cancelled for the rest of 2020.


Sahaja Express

In addition to live offerings, you can also follow Mooji's latest teachings on Sahaja Express. This is a powerful self-realisation support for earnest and dedicated seekers of Truth.

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