Throughout the year it is possible to be in Satsang with Mooji in various ways, all pointing us to the same timeless Truth. Below you will find the schedule of events and programs. Information about other ways to follow Mooji’s pointings can be found on our Satsang page.



5-Day Satsang Intensive

Aula Magna, Lisbon

The intention is to offer a Silent Retreat at Zmar in June, and a second Zmar retreat later in the year. Once this is confirmed we will post more info here.

Intensivo de Satsang de 5 dias

Aula Magna, Lisboa

Temos a intenção de oferecer um Retiro de Silêncio no Zmar em Junho, e um segundo retiro no Zmar mais para o final do ano. Uma vez que estiverem confirmados, poderá encontrar mais informações aqui.

Monte Sahaja

Monte Sahaja is a living ashram, a haven for seekers of Truth drawn towards spiritual awakening. For those who feel a deep connection with Mooji and have attended an event with him physically, it is possible to apply to visit Monte Sahaja through one of our Sahaja Programs. Please know that it is required to have come for a Guest Stay before applying for an Extended Stay.



Extended Stay

Monte Sahaja, Portugal

More information in April/May


Guest Stay

Monte Sahaja, Portugal

More information in April/May