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Chant Sahaja ~ Peace & Well-being Concert

Join us for a special live music broadcast in recognition of all those affected by the pandemic, especially our brothers and sisters in India who are currently in the midst of a very challenging time. We are also very much aware of the conflict unfolding in the middle east and our hearts and prayers are […]

Message for Indian Sangha from Mooji

Moojibaba has been following the Covid events in India and is deeply moved by the unfolding situation that is affecting thousands and thousands of people, including many of our Indian sangha. It arose in his heart to share these words in this challenging time and also two beautiful and practical guidances. We offer all our […]

In Loving Memory of Anuj Jain

22 May 1974 – 1 May 2021 Our beloved sangha brother, Anuj, sadly left the body early morning on 1 May in Delhi, India. He passed away in the presence of his son, Kartik, and his wife, Pooja, nearby. Anuj had contracted Covid a few weeks ago.  Anuj was a radiant light in this sangha, […]

Mooji & Monte Sahaja Team on Retreat in April

Those who have known Moojibaba for some time have heard him say that he feels a period of silence and solitude is calling. Many years before the sharing of Satsang began, quite unexpectedly, he found himself sitting alone in quiet contentment in his little room in the flat he shared with his younger sister. It […]

Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar Mahasamadhi

Today is the Mahasamadhi of the great sage, Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar, also known as the ‘Divine Beggar’ and the God-child of Arunachala. We love, recognise and honour Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar, one of the most revered sages of India, whose spirit touched thousands of people, and whose grace continues to shower blessings upon all.  Moojibaba met […]

In honour and celebration of the life of Satya Sophie Dagnachew

15 July, 1976 – 12 February, 2021 Our dearest beloved Satya, We honour your purity of heart and the loving kindness and peace that has always radiated from you. Thank you for uplifting the Sangha with your kindness, grace, humour,  joy and loving service for so many years. Your courage, strength, opennessand steadfastness to Truth are […]


Beloved Gurudev, Today we honour the day you came into this physical form. What a beautiful paradox that we are joyfully celebrating the birth of the Unborn! We are eternally grateful that you came to us in this life to guide us, to bring us to Light.  Nothing could express how fortunate and blessed we are […]

Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti

30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950 Salutations and boundless gratitude, love and veneration to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala, on the occasion of his Jayanti (birthday). ‘All seekers of the Truth should turn their heads and hearts towards Sri Ramana Maharshi on this very day and leave them there. For it is he, as a […]

Online Weekend Retreat ~ 22-24 January 2021

This 3-day Online Retreat with Mooji is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the energy-field of Satsang through the guidance and presence of a great spiritual Master. In this online-only format, participants join via live broadcast on Mooji TV and have the opportunity to bring forward their burning questions by writing letters and engaging […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Friends, May this holiday season refresh your spirit and fill your heart and home with true joy and peace. Thank you for the friendship and loving kindness of this wonderful community.May it continue to grow and shine even more brightly. Highest blessings of peace, good healthand lasting happiness for the coming year.God bless you. […]

Live Guided Meditation on Christmas Day

In honour and celebration of the universal message and presence of Christ, we are very happy to share that a Guided Meditation with Mooji was broadcast live this Christmas Day. Friday, 25 December at 9.30am (Lisbon time)Live Broadcast on Mooji TV *** The recording of this live broadcast is now available~This is the Peace of […]