Sangha Testimonies

Experiences and Insights from Satsang with Mooji and life at Monte Sahaja in Portugal

Hello Sahaja!

We would like to introduce some of the team who support the worldwide sharing of Satsang with Moojibaba. This would not be possible without the spirit of selfless service that flows so generously from their hearts, and which continues to inspire, refine and uplift the spirit and life of the worldwide Sangha. Those seen here are among the many who through Satsang have changed in deep and profound ways. We rarely have the opportunity to hear from all, as many of them serve behind the scenes. We hope you enjoy and resonate with these few words from them. Welcome to Hello Sahaja!

Sangha Reflections from the AV Team

In this interview, the Monte Sahaja Audio Video Team reflects on how the current wave of satsangs, especially the exercise 'A Commitment to Self-Discovery', has been for them. The team shares some inspiring reflections which we are very happy to share with the wider sangha.


In this very dynamic interview, Nirmal speaks about his experience of discovering Mooji’s teachings and coming to his first retreat, the impact Mooji’s pointings have had in his life, and about singing bhajans. Nirmal shares this exchange with Mooji which was particularly meaningful for him: “I said to [Mooji], ‘Father, I’m discovering something and I don’t want to lose it, because I have a habit of being distracted. So can you give me a blessing or any guidance?’ “And he said to me, ‘The best thing I can say to you — may your ground always be the unchanging place, the place of awareness. Because awareness is the only thing that isn’t a function. Your feelings, your emotions, all the things that happen in front of you are functions.’ And he said one very powerful thing to me, he said, ‘Even your spirituality is a function.’ That got me.” You can listen to one of Nirmal’s beautiful songs here:


Amara shares how a lifelong seeking finally brought her to Mooji’s teachings, and how her spiritual journey has matured with Mooji’s guidance. “What could I want more than just to be here and know the truth of myself? What I was looking for, I’ve found it now, and it’s so, so precious. I’ve heard Guruji describe it as a precious gem, and that’s what it feels like.” Amara also reflects on experiencing loss in her life, and how the passing of several family members and our dear sangha sister, Claire, have brought profound insights and a deep shift in her relationship with death and dying. “Every moment is so precious. If someone is with you, and you have a chance to be with them, you feel like now is really the moment to really be with them. And if something practical is waiting, don’t choose that over this moment.”

Mukti Ziegler

In this wonderful interview, Mukti talks about the path that brought her to satsang, shares her insights about Mooji’s way of teaching, and speaks about how satsang has impacted her life and relationships. When asked what is important for her, Mukti answers: “To use my life in the highest way. We don’t know when we’re going to be out of this body… where is my attention at, where am I putting my focus? Where is God in this situation, where is He not? After the first retreat I did with Guruji, I was saying thank you to him, and he said, ‘What is the highest way someone could thank me? Would be to not fall back — to not fall back into delusion.’”


In this interview, Namdev speaks beautifully about his path to satsang and what it’s like to meet Mooji. Namdev tells us how The Invitation has been a very powerful aspect of Mooji’s teaching for him, and shares also how satsang has changed his relationship to his work. “I have to use my mind for what I do, but it’s really different [from before]. There’s a flow in it, and not a strong identification on what the outcomes have to be. Then the outcomes are just whatever they are, they come naturally, sometimes just as good, just as bad — in the end, it’s all in the harmony in the happiness of life. I feel that is the biggest change. That doesn’t mean there are no struggles, there are — but they are seen with different eyes, much more lighter, and even playful.”


“Up until I met Mooji, everything I knew about God, everything I felt, was always about something else… a longing for God, or trying to feel the presence of God. But since I met Guruji, what has changed most profoundly — he has given me the tools, the instruments to find this presence of God inside my own heart.” Bholenath’s interview takes us into the heart of Mooji’s teachings and way, as Bholenath shares the essence of his understanding of satsang, the joy and power of bhajans, and the importance of learning to observe with detachment. “Everything can play, everything can come — every expression, every feeling, even feelings of discomfort, they can come. But to be able to confirm and acknowledge that that space from where I am observing these things is not touched by them — that is a very huge discovery for me. It keeps revealing more and more depth inside.”


In this candid talk, Mooji is interviewed by some of his students. Many who have had the opportunity to work with Mooji, especially at Monte Sahaja in Portugal, feel him to be an integral part of their team, and we are delighted to include this interview on the Hello Sahaja! page. He is asked questions like ‘How did Monte Sahaja come about?’, ‘What is a good student?’, ‘How do you experience yourself?’ and ‘What is this life all about?’ Moojibaba responds with humour and insight to speak about Monte Sahaja, discipleship, the paradox of self-realisation, and our true and essential nature. ‘My Self is just like a vast expanse of emptiness that is with this body right now. Without doing anything, I’m not trying to enjoy, but I can’t help but enjoy. My life is just joy and peace. That’s the foundation, that is the background and the foreground also. My life is like that.’


In this wonderful interview, Lakshmi speaks about her first meeting with Moojibaba, the early days of Monte Sahaja in Portugal, witnessing her own and the Sangha’s spiritual evolution, and how Moojibaba is in day-to-day life. Lakshmi gives us a unique and insightful look into the heart of Moojibaba and Monte Sahaja from a close devotee over the perspective of many years.  ‘[Meeting Mooji] was one of those events in your life that you know your life is going to change forever... and it really did, in the most profound, beautiful, Godly way.’ ‘What makes Sahaja so magical is that it’s been built by a living, awakened Master and those of us that have come to learn from him. The whole space has been built on our Satsang, with our Satsang. From the very beginning that relationship has been there—with the land as well—this deep respect and love for the land and the people that come.’


In this insightful and engaging interview, Siddhartha shares about his journey to Satsang after an awakening experience led to significant changes in his life. He goes on to speak about how it is to be in Monte Sahaja in Portugal, how Satsang has impacted and enriched his relationship with his wife, the changes he has seen in himself since meeting Mooji, and the inspiration he draws from seeing Moojibaba move in day to day life. ‘Mooji is just so open with everyone... it is like they are the center of his entire universe. And the real beauty in that is that he is not the center of his own universe. It is like they have become everything for him, and they feel it so deeply.  How can you give so much of yourself constantly to others? And in such a way that’s not contrived, but it just flows so genuinely from the heart—everything in his presence has this magnificent love behind it. I just pray that we can become like that; to me this is the real proof of everything he is pointing to.’


Mahima’s joy and wisdom shine through in this intimate interview. Mahima speaks about the blessing of working closely with Mooji, the vibration of Monte Sahaja and those who live there, the spiritual teaching of death, and the essence of Mooji’s teaching. ‘It’s the most natural vibe, you can say. It’s the most natural you. It’s you before ‘you.’ To be able to be guided by a living Master to that place in this lifetime is… full gratitude for this life! You could spend millions of lifetimes and not know this Truth.’

Sangha Sharings

In this collection of short videos, people whose lives have been enriched by Satsang share their experience of participating in events around the world, visiting Monte Sahaja in Portugal, and being and deepening in Satsang with Moojibaba.

Jyoti, Divya & Soham

Jyoti, Divya and Soham share their experience of the "Just Be" exercise and the recent Commitment to Self-Discovery. "Before, it felt like I'm going into the Presence—I'm doing this practice to go into the Presence. Now, it's clear, no, Presence is my place. Presence is what I am."

Ms. Chaitali

We are happy to share this powerful message which Ms. Chaitali recorded for Moojibaba. "I am terminally ill, diagnosed with advanced stage cancer. But honestly, I am not at all afraid, I am not at all scared. I am absolutely fine. Yes, body is suffering and in pain, but not me. I am free, totally free soul."


"I see that the persistence that Guruji speaks about is giving fruits. Even if the mind is still doing what it's doing, it's still racing, after twenty minutes, after half an hour, there is a peace here, behind it. My feeling of the guidance is that: once you rest here, the mind can go, but you're not concerned with it. At the end of the exercise, you feel a more grounded sense of stability and being."


Satyam shares some reflections and insights from his experience with the recent sitting exercise. "Any time you feel like you're under attack, or suffering, the reference point of what you feel you are has moved away from Presence. Just remembering this is enough to bring you back."


"I found a way to be happy—honestly, I found out that my real nature is happiness. That the things that are making me unhappy are not true. And there is a way to live without the things that make you unhappy."


A long-time devotee, Pradeep talks about meeting Moojibaba many years ago in Tiruvannamalai, and his conviction that satsang with Moojibaba can be of invaluable help for meditators and seekers who have been practising for a long time. “His pointings are very clear. He immediately takes us beyond mind and his focus is only on Self-Realisation. It is so simple and once we get this clue, we are free. Here when we come and ask questions, [we] get the clue to be free. He is here to give us all freedom.”Born in India, with his own religious and spiritual heritage, Pradeep describes the turn-around that took place within his own family who also became followers of Moojibaba. “I said I found my Master. And gradually, with my relatives, my parents, they saw change in me and they became also followers of Moojibaba.”


Krishna, who comes from a family that has always had a keen interest in spirituality, tells us in a light and joyful way, how he came to encounter Moojibaba's pointings and how they help him in daily life.“I grew up worshipping these saints but never understood anything of what they said. I just had respect for their teachings, their statues and all that. It was not hard work, it was more like an interest and the love for him and the love he has for me, both still carry me. Now I can’t say it’s sadhana—it’s effort. No. It’s just joy to follow his pointings.Krishna tells, of one particular pointing Moojibaba gave him, “When Master said these words, that gave me a huge relief in the day-to-day experience of life. I am very very grateful to him for all his precious pointings.” 


In this short video, recorded in the midst of family life in Rishikesh, Veetrag tells us about a total transformation of himself that took place through being in satsang with Moojibaba. His love for Moojibaba and firm faith in the power of his guidance shine through.“The person who comes here, and if he will listen to Moojibaba, definitely he will be transformed to another higher position. I suggest everyone who knows Mooji must come here and listen to him. It is a blessing to listen to him and to know the real Self. It’s my feeling, I am not advertising Moojibaba to anybody. I have totally changed. I am not that person who came here”


“Believe me, I have never been much happier in my life than I am today.”In his clear and simple way, Sanjay shares with us how his search for peace brought him to satsang with Moojibaba. He goes on to describe the profound difference in his experience of life then and now. “It changed my life completely...transforms me into a better human being. I view everything so positively today.My inspiration was Bhagavad Gita and I always used to tell myself that I wish I have a Master the way Arjun had a Master because it’s very rare you will get a living Master. Once you have a living Master, you can ask nothing more in this life. It’s above everything else."


“I spent maybe 20, 25 years searching. Everybody gave something, but that one last thing, where you really have no doubts—you are sinking into yourself without having to think about anything—is something that I feel happens here."Vinod’s happiness and gratitude are evident as he describes what it is like for him to deepen in satsang and to be in the company of Moojibaba and sangha during the Rishikesh season. He also describes how he came to see that years of accumulated knowledge are not needed in order to find one’s source.“Guruji himself is like a big light, and then that in turn shines through other people. That is not something that you will experience anywhere. It’s a very rare opportunity.”


In this video, we meet Gautami who describes how she came to meet Mooji and expresses candidly how it has changed her life. Gautami tells us of one particular pointing that struck her during the Zmar silent retreat with Mooji and why this impacted her in such a powerful way.“He has blessed my heart from within. Even in the darkest times in my life, he has always been like this light in my heart. He is the joy I feel, he is all the gifts of life, everything.“He said, ‘Stand in your own power.' It is very different from many other spiritual paths. Sometimes you have to attain something that is outside of yourself or you have to accomplish so many things before you are empowered. But here, he is showing us we have that power inside us.”


“There is nothing greater than our true nature and there is no greater joy in this world that we can search, than to search for our true selves. He switched on the light.”Sha describes her experience of the Zmar Silent Retreat and how it deepened her understanding of his pointings."Coming to everything that is here, to this whole sangha, I think that you submerge yourself in the energy field with everybody and all are here together with the same purpose, and it’s so powerful and it’s so strong. He explains something so profound and so deep in such an attainable way. It’s like somebody just switched on the light."


“What I have realised is really really simple, but also very very radical.”Lifen shares with us what he has discovered in satsang and describes a powerful insight that he experienced during the Zmar silent retreat with Mooji.“I let go of a lot of false image, attachments and habits that are not serving me. It’s really life-changing. It’s like my identity is being released and I become free—as I am. [...] From this retreat, I realise I don’t need to engage in staying as my Self. By understanding, by realising ‘I am the Self’, I can just relax and just be. It’s so effortless.”


“My gratitude is without borders. This is the biggest revelation in my life; that’s what I can share with any anybody who comes in contact with these pointings which are unimaginably precious.”Lily recounts how she was finally able to move beyond a theoretical understanding of spirituality, and come to experience the truth of herself through the guidance of Mooji. Lily also speaks of the great impact her discovery has on the way she interacts with her family.“The experience of it is tremendous. In the family, things changed. This calmness and presence are so powerful and so precious and frankly speaking, I cannot imagine my life without the experience [of] being introduced [to] the truth of who we really are.”


In a touching testimony, Christina describes how pain pushed her to seek for what is true. She tells us what she discovered at the Zmar retreat and how this has altered her experience of pain and of God.“I finally discovered my Self—the true, pure being inside me. I didn’t know it was there. Everyday I can feel that I am blessed. Even though I face the the pain, I don’t mind. For me, the pain makes me closer to the real, to the pure being. I always knew that God is inside my heart but I didn’t feel God. Now, I experience.”


The question, ‘Who am I?’ has been with James for many years. In this short clip, he tells us how the writings of Papaji and more recently, following The Invitation exercise of Mooji, brought him to a silent retreat. He expresses his gratitude for what was discovered.“It just ignites something, just reveals something naturally inside. Where is the end to it, where is the separation? I just can’t put any words to it. It’s not about observing phenomena, it’s about looking at the source, just naturally finding the source.”


In this interview, Sebata speaks about how his spiritual journey was triggered by a feeling that something was missing from life. Eventually this search brought him to Mooji’s videos and a profound spiritual awakening. “At some point, it felt like I don’t want anything anymore. I don’t know anything and I don’t have any desire of knowing anything. I’m okay, I don’t know what I am, but I am. And I don’t even worry about anything that the mind would say, because I know that I am not the mind. I feel the mind’s power going down, because I have discovered it, and all its lies. I am just here as nothing, with nothing. I don’t wish for anything…thank you.”


Sara speaks very beautifully about the impact of Satsang, the role of a spiritual master, and how Mooji’s presence and teachings can transform and impact us from within.  “It’s not just the words. When you sit in Mooji’s physical presence, you feel the transmission that he gives through his voice, his being, his silence… It does something here inside your heart. It is so familiar—you know it’s not something outside of me, it’s here inside. The most beautiful thing was to see and recognise again: I’m here and I’ve always been here, but I was away. The Truth was always here, but I was outside, searching for myself.” This interview was filmed during the closing day of the Zmar retreat.


When asked about his experience of the retreat, Michael speaks very insightfully about the essence of Satsang. Michael speaks about Mooji’s pointing: ‘Don’t take shape!’ —how he understands this and the impact it has had for him. “When your being is free of a shape, you are free again. You are in your natural, playful state. ‘Don’t take shape’ — three words, done! That for me resonates the most."


Tanya speaks about her experience of attending the silent retreat, sharing the insights and beautiful silence which she found. “I was able to see thoughts not as who I am, but just as clouds. I’ve really held onto that metaphor of, ‘I am the sky, and the thoughts are clouds.’ Honestly, every question I had was answered without me putting my hand up. It’s been the experience of a lifetime.” This interview was filmed during the closing day of the Zmar retreat.


Dave shares his experience of the Zmar silent retreat in a very clear and direct way. “Everything that is experienced is Grace. Everything that happens, even inside the mind that seems to be so destructive, is Grace… It reflects what I am not to reveal what I am.” This interview was filmed during the closing day of the Zmar retreat.


Anna speaks about how participating in the Zmar retreat allowed her to experience her inner silence, and how the universal transmission of Moojibaba’s pointings means that her questions were often answered through his exchanges with other participants of the retreat. “I was in the right place, at the right moment, hearing what I need to hear. It was a very transforming experience.” This interview was filmed during the closing day of the Zmar retreat.


Ivan beautifully shares the impact that Satsang has had on his life, and his experience of attending a silent retreat.  “What Moojibaba’s pointings led me to understand is that I am not the identity I am presenting or protecting… I am that which sees the whole thing. I am the one who perceives the whole story. For me, the highlight was the silence I experienced and still do. The silence is the highlight.” This interview was filmed during the closing day of the Zmar retreat.


Heli shares with directness and clarity how Satsang has sparked an inner transformation for her, and exposed the subtleties of the ego-mind.  “The simplicity of these teachings is incredible—it just went straight to the heart. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all! That’s the best pointing: you’re that, not that. Anybody can grasp that.” This interview was filmed during the closing day of the Zmar retreat.


In a pure, honest and powerful way, Chris shares his experience of first encountering Moojibaba’s teachings with his family and their journey since in Satsang. Chris speaks of how these pointings have been revealing themselves in him over this time and how they are manifesting in his daily life in truly positive ways. (Speaking about his daughter who has been in Sahaja for some time) “When she comes back to Switzerland for visits, we have completely different conversations. It’s not about ‘how do you feel,’ and ‘what are you eating’ and day to day things, and many times we can sit quietly… There’s a different energy there. It’s a wonderful thing. You play certain roles, and the roles have kind of disappeared. We’re learning from her… It’s very open. It’s a much easier atmosphere. Very smooth, very pleasant.”


After having already been on the spiritual path for over a decade, Chaitanya met Moojibaba during the Rishikesh season, and through Moojibaba, he was brought into the direct discovery of who he is. This profoundly transformed Chaitanya’s spiritual journey. “The teachings I experienced as a seeker up to this point…a lot of emphasis is placed on purification… That is a very long path because the mind itself is the one who is practicing purification of the mind. Guruji’s teaching is completely different: discover what you are. Discover the peace which is already there within your heart… His relationship is completely based on these teachings. How much we can digest is up to us, but the relationship is totally impersonal and the teachings are lived every moment.”


Sonja openly shares her experience of being in Sahaja, having visited over the past 6 years, and the freedom she experiences through Moojibaba’s pointings. "To be here (in Sahaja) is like being home. I feel very welcomed by the people here. They feel like my family. There is so much love…and its really like healing from inside."


‘My God, such a simple pointing and guidance! It was even playful the way he put it — what a revolution inside myself.’ Govinda was the kitchen manager in Monte Sahaja for many years and is a beloved member of the sangha. Here, he speaks in a very clear and straightforward way about how he first came to Satsang, and what his experience has been of Mooji’s satsangs and living in Monte Sahaja. He reflects on how Mooji’s very simple pointings have had such an immediate and liberating power for him. He also speaks about getting a spiritual name, and what this meant for him. Govinda ends his interview with a poignant story about encountering the idea of infinity as a child, and reflects on how this early seed of awakening eventually led him to Satsang.


With a quiet joy and presence, Shivam reflects on the core of Moojibaba’s pointings and what they’ve revealed inside his heart.  “I was suddenly feeling so happy and everything dropped away. In this moment, I knew who Guruji is and I knew that’s what I am inside truly.” Video of 'I-watching' can be found here


In this reflection, Rohini shares about the grace of her first meeting with Mooji, how his pointings have resonated inside her and the beauty and living truth that is Monte Sahaja.  “He tells you it’s possible today. This is the essential pointing which made me feel, Yes now the journey is over, I can just stop here. That’s the grace of a living master. When you stop, you stop in restfulness. Sahaja is a manifestation of his pointings. He’s telling you about love and freedom, but you come here and you see, it’s alive here.”


Nirmala describes how being in Satsang has greatly benefited the relationship with her family and has transformed the way she experiences life.   “I kept remembering Mooji’s words, that if you can perceive it, it’s not you, and this space opened up. So much love and peace came into my life. I didn’t know this peace and love was possible and that it’s inside me, where Moojibaba points us to.”


In this touching sharing, Nikki talks about her connection with Moojibaba and how all of the challenges in her life have served as an opportunity to come home to her true self.  “I just felt in my heart a closeness to Mooji and a deep place of gratitude. My heart said, I’m home. That’s what this life has been for, to come home. That was the invitation."

Meera & Anand

This is a beautiful interview where both Meera and her son Anand speak from the heart about Satsang with Moojibaba. Meera shares the profound seeing that has taken place through following his pointings and the recognition that life takes care of life.  In speaking of how Satsang has helped him, Anand shares, “It’s simple. Once you make a discovery that everyone is the one Self, then everything becomes so much easier.”


Shruti reflects on what it’s like to be at Monte Sahaja and of her inner experience in following Moojibaba’s pointings.  “I can’t describe it in words but it’s a gentle form of love. And there’s such silence. You feel it vibrationally. For me, it’s heaven. Things have just become so effortless. There’s a real sense of stillness; I feel very content.”


“This life has changed incredibly since I crossed paths with Moojibaba. There is a deep joy, and love and appreciation for myself, gratitude for life that just springs naturally from the grace of his sharing and the following of his pointings and guidance. I have never in my life met another human being whose guidance and words have landed with such profound clarity and deep trust.”


Char shares how she journeyed on the spiritual path and her experience when she encountered Moojibaba and the Invitation. “…something combusted into spirit. All the theories, all the concepts became the living experience of my life. My life was not awful before. It was actually quite beautiful. But compared to now, there’s no comparison.”


“I couldn’t believe how clear Mooji’s voice was and how still his presence was...I couldn’t believe there was this man who was so effortlessly focused. He helps us to see something that is undeniably there. He asks not for belief, not for something that is ‘later on’. It is something you verify as your Self. We are studying the reality of our Self, and we are investigating all of our ideas about who we are. We are suffering from something that we take ourselves to be but we are not. The spiritual process is to uncover and come into this place where you really are. It is to discover yourself without conflict.”


With simplicity, honesty and openness, Jesse speaks about his relationship with Mooji, the impact of satsang in his life and the inexplicable gratitude that naturally arises when one comes to the discovery that Mooji points us to. "These satsangs speak on behalf of you. It’s a shared truth and knowledge that Mooji is sharing…It’s your birthright to be free and know your self beyond the conditioned mind." Jesse refers to the satsang video "Are you the Seer or the Seen?" which can be viewed here.


In this interview, Dr. Sanjay shares about his experience from his time at Monte Sahaja. “It’s inclusive of everything, this is the best thing about this place. It’s a very open place.”


In this delightful encounter, we hear Amar speak about the early days of Satsang with Mooji and his life around Monte Sahaja and the local village.  Amar also describes what it has been like to witness the ashram evolve over time: “It’s a total transformation, there’s nothing on this planet like this... it’s pretty amazing.”


Thor reflects on how Satsang has deeply changed him and shares about a powerful and touching encounter with Moojibaba that has stayed with him ever since. "A lot of peace and a natural sense of contentment has expressed itself in my heart.”


Sudeep describes his experience of meeting and spending time with Moojibaba and how his understanding inside deepened when he came to Satsang.   “You see that living truth in Baba (Mooji), which I love because it’s so rare. He’s living that Truth. It doesn’t matter if he’s in front of 3,000 people or just in front of me - he’s the same beautiful nothingness, emptiness and beauty… that unconditional love.”


Ravi talks about how he has been reading the scriptures for a long time, but with Moojibaba's pointings these words have become experience and have transformed him and his family’s life.   “Mooji has given me the greatest gift anyone could give. He has gifted me to me.”


This beautiful sharing takes place on the banks of the Ganga. Lorana expresses how true healing has come as she has learned to discover her place as the observing presence.  “When you are the observer, life takes care of itself.”


Murali shares in such a simple and direct way how applying Moojibaba’s pointings has benefited his day to day life. “Guruji’s guidance and pointings are making such difference in our lives.”


A member of the Delhi sangha reads a truly moving poem, honouring the life and work of Moojibaba. “How has this land come to be?It is the intent of our Master that we all walk freeIt’s an end to the drama and to the strife,O what a sacred, blessed life.”

Written Testimonials

A collection of written sharings from people around the world who have been touched by Satsang with Moojibaba.


Dear Mooji, Since 2016 I’ve been tuning into your guidance & Invitation. On July 11, 2018, I had a seizure & was taken to the hospital to find out that I had stage 2 brain cancer. Due to complications from surgery and a meningitis infection with sepsis, I fell into a coma for 3 weeks.  These are the observations that I had during the ‘coma’ state & recovery.  The strongest sense I had was that ‘I am pure awareness’. Your words of truth echoed in my being & I felt so safe. There was no fear because this space I could recognize from your pointings & guidance. I could see how much suffering the physical body was going through at that moment, but it was so clear that ‘I’ was fine. I was so content there in that space, that I wanted to let the body pass. My daughter who was 11 at the time kept pulling at my heart. I also was very aware of my family, their feelings & the conversations going on in the room. I felt so at peace and wished they could feel what I felt.  I knew I could not stay there in that state of being, she needed me & I saw that’s what God wanted for me. Coming back into to the physical body again. I was met with immense pain, suffocation & claustrophobic feelings. I was mentally alert, but my body was still on life support. I could not speak or move anything for a while. For the first time in 3 weeks I tried to speak, my brother heard me faintly whisper my first words: “Mooji”, then “You Tube”.  He played a video called: “Simply I am in this Moment of Presence”.  This gave me so much strength.  Since the beginning I have trusted & listened to your words & guidance, the fruits have been revealing themselves. I’ve overcome 7 brain surgeries, 1 year of chemo & radiation on my brain, I’m now on the other side of these challenges, although my left side remains paralyzed. I became ok with the unknown & through complete surrender to this experience I found freedom & peace. The awareness that I was met with in that coma state is permeating this conscious state now. Your newest guidance has been like a laser beam for me. I’ve never had such consistency in my seeing and it brings me past all the mind clutter straight to stillness and awareness. I love you and thank you so very much for having faith in me. You are my Joy, my Peace, My love, My Strength. With love,  Jessica S.


I had a nice life filled with happiness, good friends, travel, no hardship. However, there was always a dissatisfaction, a nagging sense that there must be more to this life than just the mere enjoyment of pleasures.Then I met Mooji and I finally found what I’d been looking for. When he first walked into the room, the honour and respect that was emanating from him was more than palpable. Something about his presence left me deeply touched and this feeling has never changed since. The humility and kindness that he brings to every action, every encounter, is simply extraordinary and I find him to be the best example I have ever met of how great a human being can be. To live and work with Mooji and his community in the last seven years has brought so much joy and tranquility, I can only begin to wonder why I could be so lucky to have such a good life. I particularly enjoy witnessing how many people from all walks of life come to meet Mooji and are transformed by following his guidance and through their experience of being with him. I hope as many people as possible get to discover the same joy and peace that Mooji shares with the world. Then, perhaps, we might all increase our own kindness and understanding and take care of each other and our planet in the most considerate way we can.


Thank you Moojibaba. Thank you for this incredibly vast love that has risen up within me.Thank you for this peace that never leaves meThank you for this joy that forever flows like GangaThank you for your words—they are setting me freeThank you for your unending patienceand your immeasurable compassionThank you for your pure, unswerving devotion anddedication to the Supreme and to all seekers of Truth Thank you for each day you give in service to all of usThank you for your holy love that embraces allThank you for being the living example of TruthThank you for all the miracles I witness dailyThank you for your healing presencethat transforms ignorance to wisdom, darkness to light Thank you for Monte Sahaja, this holy land of TruthThank you for our Sangha, who continues to receive your countless blessings and grow in your spirit, wisdom and loveThank you for this opportunity to awaken to our true natureThank you for pointing us so directly back to GodThank you for all you are! Thank you, Moojibaba, for this Grace-filled life


Moojibaba, you welcomed me into your home and Ashram Monte Sahaja about 2 years ago.  I could say my life has become more beautiful, more vibrant. That it flows spontaneously and that the need for planning and projections into the future or dwelling in the past have become almost non existent. That the turbulence of emotions and thoughts are recognised to be clouds passing, sometimes felt to be wild and strong but always they are observed, the involvement in them thinning away. But all this pales when my Heart rejoices in the greatest Gift your Grace has revealed inside me. It is not apart from me, it has not been given to me. It's perfume is this silent, unfading joy, a silence and peace inside my being. You have opened my eyes to God, my very own Self. He alone Is. For this Moojibaba I cannot thank you enough.


The retreat at Zmar was a wonderful experience. It was my first face-to-face retreat and I aspire to participate in others. I feel a lot thanks and love towards our teacher and the whole team that worked in the organization of the event. A special thanks to the team of translators.


I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you Moojibaba! No words to describe. My world has changed. So much love, so much joy, so much respect for all people. All your words I am carrying in my heart. Thank you also the wonderful Sangha team from Sahaja! You calm, peaceful and lovely beings are wonderful and have made my retreat experience in a wonderful art and kind. THANK YOU ALL.


I am so blessed that I found you in this lifetime! It was the most important thing in my life. Thank You.


I thank you all! My first time in a retreat, and I enjoyed every moment. It seems that everything was there to support the purpose for which we came.


I would like to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to Moojibaba and everyone involved in organising, helping and performing at Zmar. It was a very transformational and confirming experience for me. Every morning, whilst waiting in the lottery queue, I said a little prayer asking for help to stay focused and to be open to hearing whatever I needed to hear, so that all of my questions could be answered. They were, and I also received answers to questions that I didn't even know I had... such is the power of Satsang. I am taking what I have learned and putting it into practice now and every day. Knowing the Truth of who I am is the single most important thing and I won't give up until I KNOW the Truth... until I AM the Truth. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. With so, so much love and gratitude.


Just my blessings and deepest gratitude to all the amazing Sahaja Team. Thank you so, so much for your love and work, that through the Grace of God allows Moojibaba's beauty and Grace to be seen and felt by so many. I see the world from a different place - so very beautiful and peaceful. I know that the mind will come, but for me there is only now, and this now is pure brilliance, light and peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I only want my freedom now. I am so grateful that Moojiji with his sharp pointings gave me back the hope and feeling that I can get my freedom in this lifetime. I was working so hard and doing so much, walked many paths but without result and then at a certain point I said to myself: Again another lifetime is spoiled without waking up from this dream. But now with Moojiji"s help I feel I will make it. Lots of love and gratitude and thanks to him and his whole team. Love you all.


I have no words to express my gratitude. I've tried to write some letters to Mooji several times, but my feelings are unspeakable. This is the best thing that could happen to me ever in my life. Unspeakable. Thank you, my dear Mooji, thank you, Sangha!


Just so much gratitude to Moojibaba for his overwhelming love for us all and his generosity in wanting to share what he himself has discovered within. He is unsparing of himself in every way to point us to our own freedom. And also huge gratitude to the team from Sahaja whose own presence, gentleness and unassuming natures contributed so much to the space of being in the hall. Especially those daily closest to the Lord who are so humble and reverberate with his love.


Everything was there for us in the most beautiful way. I have never seen such care, such love in my life. Just thank you, thank you, thank you... You are the embodiment of Master's light and pointing.


I rejoice in the goodness of all those who made this retreat possible and felt so very grateful to be a part of this blessed gathering. I was particularly impressed with the love and "person-less peace" emanating from the Sahaja Sangha and felt this to be a strong affirmation of the efficacy of Moojibaba's pointings. Thank you for holding such a strong and loving container for clear seeing. I am looking forward to returning to Zmar very soon for the second retreat! Much gratitude, love and blessings to all.


It feels as though I have been on a Pilgrimage, with all the challenges and miracles that this person has faced. What a gift you all are to us, thank you! Mooji and the whole Sangha are the proof that God exists, and I give eternal thanks for knowing that, and having you in this life.


Infinite gratitude, boundless blessings and heartfelt love to all who made these two Zmar retreats unfold so beautifully. They were simply life-changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shall be back for more!

Ann Vanautgaerden

Visiting Monte Sahaja was a great experience. I can finally say "Yes" to my Self. Monte Sahaja is heaven on Earth. It brings people together in the Isness. I feel blessed and happy. The sangha is my new family and I hope that I can meet them once again soon. Thanks Mooji. You bring Life - Joy - Peace. What a gift!


This place is a blueprint of how to live in deep peace, beauty and harmony together with our nature and other sentient beings. The devoted guest service of the sangha is proving every single word Mooji is pointing at.

Julie Stevens

Well what can I say, it has been so wonderful again. I feel so much gratitude for Mooji and all the beautiful sangha and I feel so blessed to have come to this wonderful land so full of love. Everything moves so perfectly and nothing has been forgotten down to every tree, stone, dust -- all the details here are impeccable. Thank you. I love you all so much. Thank you Mooji, I love you!


Here, all is fitting right into his place at every moment. All is in harmony with my heart; the most practical ways of doing are delicately, exactly aligned with my heart. Thank you for showing me we can live that harmony in the phenomenal world.


Thanks! I am here only the last week, but I could feel great love from the Sangha team, which helped me to merge deep inside. This is my great chance to be here and enjoy every second of the presence of Guruji. My gratefulness to everybody for organising Open Satsang, to Guruji, to Existence! Thanks, thanks, thanks! Love is everywhere. Only Love.


Beloveds, All gratitude to the Supreme One, who arranged and manifested this season of Satsang in Rishikesh. He alone dances, moves and plays as each and every one. You, Beloved Sangha, are the embodiment of this dance, the pure and beautiful joy of God’s Heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Love you, love you, love you!


Such an amazing season. Thank you so much to the entire team for all you do to support and welcome us. Full love to you all, and of course to Babaji. I feel very grateful to be part of this beautiful family by the grace of God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Radha Ma

This is what Monte Sahaja is all about. It’s a sacred land of pure love and joy. It’s an ashram of peace and happiness, the home of a living Master who doesn’t turn his back on anyone who genuinely searches for the truth of them self.  I have lived in the area with my children for a year and a half now, and I have never been so happy in my life, despite a divorce and other challenges life has brought. I feel totally blessed to live close to my Master and for being part of his beautiful Sangha family, who support each other in all possible ways.  I love you timelessly Guruji, and I’m so grateful for showing me that home is in myself, in my Heart.


I met Mooji for the first time 4½ years ago at a silent retreat and that meeting has completely changed my life from that day onwards. When I saw Moojibaba that first time during the retreat, I recognised immediately in his eyes and his presence the same indefinable vastness that I had seen in myself so many years before. And I knew instantly that I had found my Master. I've come to discover that this emptiness inside is actually the source of myself, and the only place from where true love and happiness can spring from. How can you say thank you enough for that? I've never met or seen any human being with such amazing and unending compassion and love. That is the truth.I love you so much Guruji. You have completely saved my life.


Today I want to express my gratitude. I have been here in Monte Sahaja for nearly two years now. A place where kindness is the natural way of being and interacting with people. Where everyone lives like family. Where love, support, acceptance and selflessness are a way of living. Where judgment has no ground to grow. Where everyone is embraced, no matter their culture, race, background, age or religion. Where people see through conditioning and every obstacle is met with love and compassion. All that is genuinely expressed moment to moment. A place where people are sincere, honest, open, light hearted and truthful.  The beauty that I see and experience every day, I never even dreamt I could experience in this life. And the most beautiful things is that the physical place of Monte Sahaja, and Moojibaba’s pointings and guidance, showed me the beauty and peace that can never leave my being. I can only say, thank you, thank you, thank you, endlessly thank you to Mooji and the Sangha family all over the world for saving my life. And thank you to life that brought me to where I Am now.


This was the most intense, fulfilling sharing time with Guruji and the Sangha, and all beings in the stream of waking up! Really the feeling of Heaven on Earth, in the light of Truth. Heart knows it has a tremendous impact and influence for all here! Only gratitude and love for making this happen!  It’s a divine gift to this world! From the smallest created detail to the complete organisation of all, I can only feel love and peace within everything and all! My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy and love.


My deepest heartfelt gratitude to Sri Moojibaba for the direct, clear, loving pointings. And to the whole beautiful and caring team for such perfect organisation to 'handle' so many people in such a perfect, loving, caring and peaceful way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you… so so beautiful. Thank you!


From the first moment I listened to the Invitation at home in Ireland, I realised that I do not need to do anything in order to be who I truly am. I continue to recognise this joy and spaciousness as who I am and I am so grateful, coming to Satsang has helped me to stabilise in my true Self more and more. Beautiful. Thank you so much.


Eleven years in your Grace...   You uncover the Light of everyone you meet and shower Blessings over all the world.  What great fortune!  Endless Gratitude and Love


It’s a strange thing when one truly sets out to transcend this sleep of ego and identity. There doesn’t seem to be much space in the world for those. One very quickly runs out of people to talk to in any helpful way. Who is there around who can actually help you remember your original Oneness? Who has that power and authority? When the Master appeared in my life I never looked back. The day that I felt the directness, simplicity and truth of his words sink into my being, I stopped wasting time with anything else. Here is one who tells the Truth, the highest Truth, and by the Grace and miraculousness of God, somehow has the ability to guide others. And he doesn’t boast about it. He never asked to be followed, but he is good to those who do. He doesn’t need to listen to every seeker’s individual drama, yet he does, with great patience and all-embracing Love. His heart is full with the Truth, and so are his pointings, for they come from there alone. Where, in all of that, is there space for anything but integrity? Is that blind devotion? No, because the core of this relationship with my Guru is his teachings, not his person. I follow him because the only thing he has ever told me was to look inside and see. And be.


From the moment I first saw Moojibaba, felt his words and his immaculate presence, I knew that I was in the presence of a living Master, and that he was the one who could bring me home to myself. Now, having had the privilege of knowing and being in the presence of Moojibaba for a long time, I know him to be the absolute embodiment of purity, of Truth, of compassion, of unconditional love and care. I witness him always moving from selflessness and working tirelessly for those who yearn for Truth. I watch his students flower and become true lights in this world. Moojibaba has brought an ever shining light into my heart, immense joy, a peace that cannot be touched and a love that is so great that I sometimes don't understand how my body can contain it. He has brought me into the recognition that I could never be separate from God. Thank you Moojibaba, words fail in expressing my gratitude and love for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.