It’s a strange thing when one truly sets out to transcend this sleep of ego and identity. There doesn’t seem to be much space in the world for those. One very quickly runs out of people to talk to in any helpful way. Who is there around who can actually help you remember your original Oneness? Who has that power and authority?

When the Master appeared in my life I never looked back. The day that I felt the directness, simplicity and truth of his words sink into my being, I stopped wasting time with anything else. Here is one who tells the Truth, the highest Truth, and by the Grace and miraculousness of God, somehow has the ability to guide others. And he doesn’t boast about it. He never asked to be followed, but he is good to those who do. He doesn’t need to listen to every seeker’s individual drama, yet he does, with great patience and all-embracing Love. His heart is full with the Truth, and so are his pointings, for they come from there alone. Where, in all of that, is there space for anything but integrity? Is that blind devotion? No, because the core of this relationship with my Guru is his teachings, not his person. I follow him because the only thing he has ever told me was to look inside and see. And be.