“Up until I met Mooji, everything I knew about God, everything I felt, was always about something else… a longing for God, or trying to feel the presence of God. But since I met Guruji, what has changed most profoundly — he has given me the tools, the instruments to find this presence of God inside my own heart.”

Bholenath’s interview takes us into the heart of Mooji’s teachings and way, as Bholenath shares the essence of his understanding of satsang, the joy and power of bhajans, and the importance of learning to observe with detachment.

“Everything can play, everything can come — every expression, every feeling, even feelings of discomfort, they can come. But to be able to confirm and acknowledge that that space from where I am observing these things is not touched by them — that is a very huge discovery for me. It keeps revealing more and more depth inside.”