In this candid talk, Mooji is interviewed by some of his students. Many who have had the opportunity to work with Mooji, especially at Monte Sahaja in Portugal, feel him to be an integral part of their team, and we are delighted to include this interview on the Hello Sahaja! page.

He is asked questions like ‘How did Monte Sahaja come about?’, ‘What is a good student?’, ‘How do you experience yourself?’ and ‘What is this life all about?’

Moojibaba responds with humour and insight to speak about Monte Sahaja, discipleship, the paradox of self-realisation, and our true and essential nature.

‘My Self is just like a vast expanse of emptiness that is with this body right now. Without doing anything, I’m not trying to enjoy, but I can’t help but enjoy. My life is just joy and peace. That’s the foundation, that is the background and the foreground also. My life is like that.’