In this wonderful interview, Lakshmi speaks about her first meeting with Moojibaba, the early days of Monte Sahaja in Portugal, witnessing her own and the Sangha’s spiritual evolution, and how Moojibaba is in day-to-day life. Lakshmi gives us a unique and insightful look into the heart of Moojibaba and Monte Sahaja from a close devotee over the perspective of many years.

 ‘[Meeting Mooji] was one of those events in your life that you know your life is going to change forever... and it really did, in the most profound, beautiful, Godly way.’

‘What makes Sahaja so magical is that it’s been built by a living, awakened Master and those of us that have come to learn from him. The whole space has been built on our Satsang, with our Satsang. From the very beginning that relationship has been there—with the land as well—this deep respect and love for the land and the people that come.’