In this insightful and engaging interview, Siddhartha shares about his journey to Satsang after an awakening experience led to significant changes in his life. He goes on to speak about how it is to be in Monte Sahaja in Portugal, how Satsang has impacted and enriched his relationship with his wife, the changes he has seen in himself since meeting Mooji, and the inspiration he draws from seeing Moojibaba move in day to day life.

‘Mooji is just so open with everyone... it is like they are the center of his entire universe. And the real beauty in that is that he is not the center of his own universe. It is like they have become everything for him, and they feel it so deeply. 

How can you give so much of yourself constantly to others? And in such a way that’s not contrived, but it just flows so genuinely from the heart—everything in his presence has this magnificent love behind it. I just pray that we can become like that; to me this is the real proof of everything he is pointing to.’