In this very dynamic interview, Nirmal speaks about his experience of discovering Mooji’s teachings and coming to his first retreat, the impact Mooji’s pointings have had in his life, and about singing bhajans. Nirmal shares this exchange with Mooji which was particularly meaningful for him:

“I said to [Mooji], ‘Father, I’m discovering something and I don’t want to lose it, because I have a habit of being distracted. So can you give me a blessing or any guidance?’

“And he said to me, ‘The best thing I can say to you — may your ground always be the unchanging place, the place of awareness. Because awareness is the only thing that isn’t a function. Your feelings, your emotions, all the things that happen in front of you are functions.’ And he said one very powerful thing to me, he said, ‘Even your spirituality is a function.’ That got me.”

You can listen to one of Nirmal’s beautiful songs here: