From the moment I first saw Moojibaba, felt his words and his immaculate presence, I knew that I was in the presence of a living Master, and that he was the one who could bring me home to myself.

Now, having had the privilege of knowing and being in the presence of Moojibaba for a long time, I know him to be the absolute embodiment of purity, of Truth, of compassion, of unconditional love and care. I witness him always moving from selflessness and working tirelessly for those who yearn for Truth. I watch his students flower and become true lights in this world.

Moojibaba has brought an ever shining light into my heart, immense joy, a peace that cannot be touched and a love that is so great that I sometimes don't understand how my body can contain it. He has brought me into the recognition that I could never be separate from God.

Thank you Moojibaba, words fail in expressing my gratitude and love for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.