Dear Mooji,

Since 2016 I’ve been tuning into your guidance & Invitation. On July 11, 2018, I had a seizure & was taken to the hospital to find out that I had stage 2 brain cancer. Due to complications from surgery and a meningitis infection with sepsis, I fell into a coma for 3 weeks. 

These are the observations that I had during the ‘coma’ state & recovery.  The strongest sense I had was that ‘I am pure awareness’. Your words of truth echoed in my being & I felt so safe. There was no fear because this space I could recognize from your pointings & guidance. I could see how much suffering the physical body was going through at that moment, but it was so clear that ‘I’ was fine. I was so content there in that space, that I wanted to let the body pass. My daughter who was 11 at the time kept pulling at my heart. I also was very aware of my family, their feelings & the conversations going on in the room. I felt so at peace and wished they could feel what I felt.  I knew I could not stay there in that state of being, she needed me & I saw that’s what God wanted for me.

Coming back into to the physical body again. I was met with immense pain, suffocation & claustrophobic feelings. I was mentally alert, but my body was still on life support. I could not speak or move anything for a while. For the first time in 3 weeks I tried to speak, my brother heard me faintly whisper my first words: “Mooji”, then “You Tube”.  He played a video called: “Simply I am in this Moment of Presence”.  This gave me so much strength. 

Since the beginning I have trusted & listened to your words & guidance, the fruits have been revealing themselves. I’ve overcome 7 brain surgeries, 1 year of chemo & radiation on my brain, I’m now on the other side of these challenges, although my left side remains paralyzed. I became ok with the unknown & through complete surrender to this experience I found freedom & peace. The awareness that I was met with in that coma state is permeating this conscious state now. Your newest guidance has been like a laser beam for me. I’ve never had such consistency in my seeing and it brings me past all the mind clutter straight to stillness and awareness.

I love you and thank you so very much for having faith in me. You are my Joy, my Peace, My love, My Strength.

With love, 

Jessica S.