A long-time devotee, Pradeep talks about meeting Moojibaba many years ago in Tiruvannamalai, and his conviction that satsang with Moojibaba can be of invaluable help for meditators and seekers who have been practising for a long time. 

“His pointings are very clear. He immediately takes us beyond mind and his focus is only on Self-Realisation. It is so simple and once we get this clue, we are free. Here when we come and ask questions, [we] get the clue to be free. He is here to give us all freedom.”

Born in India, with his own religious and spiritual heritage, Pradeep describes the turn-around that took place within his own family who also became followers of Moojibaba. 

“I said I found my Master. And gradually, with my relatives, my parents, they saw change in me and they became also followers of Moojibaba.”