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Joy of Freedom ~ New Music Album by Mukti Bird

Joy of Freedom is a musical tapestry of the spirit, woven by Mukti Bird and friends in celebration of a life unfolding in Truth. These joyful songs blend together an eclectic mix of musicians and musical flavours – a divine playfulness dancing through each one. The album is imbued with a deep sense of peace […]

Chant Sahaja Now on Mooji TV and YouTube

Chant Sahaja, a weekly offering of authentic chants and bhajans from Monte Sahaja, is now available freely to all on Mooji TV and YouTube, with a new collection of individual songs and full-length sessions. Chant Sahaja is inspired by the spontaneous and heart-infused music from the villages and temples of India. Some years ago, while walking […]


We would like to let you know that our beloved sister, Nanda, left the body peacefully this morning in Alentejo, Portugal. Nanda was one of Moojibaba’s very close disciples and at the heart of the Monte Sahaja family for many years. Nanda was a member of the main construction team but was always ready to […]

Online Retreat with Mooji ~ 25-29 May

This 5-day Online Retreat with Mooji is for earnest seekers who have been in Satsang for some time and are familiar with An Invitation to Freedom and what it reveals in you. It offers a format of one Satsang daily that reflects Moojibaba’s wish to engage with dedicated students who are ready to apply the […]

Temple of Emptiness ~ New Guided Meditation

Temple of Emptiness is a call to be one with the true Self – perfect peace, stillness and timeless Being. Mooji’s direct guidance and immediate pointers in this meditation reveal the ever-present space of pure awareness. ‘I am consciousness,dancing inside my infinite stillness– to know this is freedom,to doubt it, bondage.  Now I am the […]

Wishing you all a happy & blessed Easter!

We are very happy to share these uplifting words that Moojibaba shared while out on a morning walk on Easter Monday this year—The Supreme Lord is Inside Your Heart. We send our love and blessing to the Sangha around the world and wish you all a very Happy Easter.

In Loving Memory of Helder

Helder Manuel Vilhena Rito 16 May 1960 – 19 February 2022 Dearest Helder, We honour, celebrate and are in deep gratitudefor your presence in our lives and hearts since the early days of Sahaja. Thank you for your quiet kindness and humility,your openness, willingness and boundless dedication,and your artistic sensitivity and joyful spirit. You shaped Monte Sahaja […]

Open Satsangs with India ~ 26 & 27 February

These two online Satsangs are free and open to all, and are a compelling invitation to those who are called to discovering and abiding as the timeless Truth. The live broadcast is being offered through Mooji TV, with those living in India having the opportunity to join the Satsang on Zoom. There is a rich […]

In Loving Memory of Neehar

Peter John Douglass 13 January, 1939 — 4 February, 2022 Our beloved sangha brother, Neehar, passed away today in Australia. Neehar is a deeply cherished member of this family who was at Moojibaba’s side from the very early days of Monte Sahaja, together with his partner, Amari. Through Neehar’s wisdom, Yes! attitude and contagious positivity, […]


This is a most precious and holy day for all of us, for your very existence declares that our lives are auspicious.  Through your infinite Heart, countless beings are awakening to Truth. Your care and wisdom elevate our being. Your presence is the light that reveals and illumines the God-Self within us. You show us […]

Guided Meditation In Honour of Thich Nhat Hanh

In Honour and Celebration of the life of Thich Nhat Hanh, Beloved and Revered Zen Master, 11 October 1926 – 22 January 2022 A most extraordinary spiritual teacher and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh touched and inspired millions of lives with his teachings and guidance. Known for his peaceful nature, tender compassion and bright wisdom, […]

Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti

30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950 Salutations and boundless gratitude, love and veneration to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala, on the occasion of his Jayanti (birthday). ‘All seekers of the Truth should turn their heads and hearts towards Sri Ramana Maharshi on this very day and leave them there. For it is he, as a […]